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RUSH: So Dianne Feinstein releases in rogue fashion the transcript of that flake that runs Fusion GPS. She did it in violation of an agreement she had with the Republican chairman of the committee, Charles Grassley of Iowa, and she’s had I think three excuses now for why she did it.

Greetings friends, great to have you. El Rushbo here from behind the EIB microphone as we head on down the busy broadcast week.

Speaking of crazy excuses, her first example, her first reason was that she just did it on her own because she felt like it. I’m paraphrasing there. She said she just felt like it. She was getting a little frustrated out there at the lack of progress so she just did it. And then she said she was pressured into releasing the transcript. We don’t know by who or by what, but she was pressured and that didn’t work. That didn’t fly.

So finally she dredged up the NyQuil excuse. She said she didn’t tell Senator Grassley about any of this ’cause she had a cold. It’s the old NyQuil excuse. She was doped up on cold medicine out there. Meanwhile, the media continues to question Trump’s mental stability when we have doddering Dianne Feinstein trying to wind her way through a maze that she created.

I’ll tell you why she released the transcripts. She did it so she could give future witnesses a heads-up on what to say, based on what Simpson had said. And she did it to give other Fusion GPS witnesses and others that are gonna be talking to the media a heads up on what to say to keep stories straight. The bottom line is the dossier story is falling apart. And I’m telling you what we’re getting closer to. We’re getting closer and closer — and, you know what? I’m gonna change the order of the audio sound bites, Mister Broadcast Engineer. Go grab number 20 and 21.

Many of us have believed for I can’t tell you how long that that Trump dossier, the Steele dossier, whatever you call it, was in fact used by the Obama administration to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign and the Trump transition. Folks, if that is ever confirmed — we’ve got some people saying it’s gonna be confirmed next week, but these people have been dangling that carrot for a couple of weeks now, so we’ll have to wait and see. But if that is ever confirmed — and I frankly think it’s true. I don’t need confirmation.

My instincts guided by intelligence, I know what happened here, I know the players, I know Obama and Hillary. I know Clapper and Brennan and these clowns, and I know that the Democrats and their politics have corrupted all of these government institutions. I have no doubt that dossier was used. I mean, I think Brennan has pretty much admitted it when he said it forms the basis of their investigation.

But if it’s confirmed that a bought-and-paid-for bunch of political opposition research, which turns out to be false, untrue, and made up, if that was used to secure a warrant to spy on a presidential candidate of the opposing party, that’s gonna be a bigger scandal than any you can dredge up. It’s bigger than Watergate by a factor of 10. It’s bigger than Iran-Contra by a factor of 100. You would be hard-pressed to come up with a political scandal that even approaches this.

And it would have taken place with everybody in this loop knowing about it except maybe the judge. The FISA court judge, who would accept this application and the Trump dossier, may have been the only guy in the loop to have been duped. And if he wasn’t duped, if the judge was in on it, then that’s even worse. But they take a document, 36 pages, bought and paid for by the Clinton administration, they hire this former MI6 spy to go out and create opposition research on Trump, and it’s made to look like genuine, legitimate intelligence.

And then it’s presented, and it’s also been admitted here — get this — Fusion GPS admitted that they used John McCain to pass this dossier to the intelligence agencies in the Obama administration. The founders of Fusion GPS admitted that they helped the researcher hired to compile the dossier, that’s Christopher Steele, they helped him access John McCain to share the document with him.

The goal of providing the dossier to McCain, according to the Fusion GPS founders, was to pass the information contained in the document to the U.S. intelligence community under the Obama administration with credibility. Of course, to these people, McCain is unassailable. McCain is above reproach. McCain is the epitome of legitimacy, nonpartisanship and all of that.

So they dangled this carrot in front of McCain, and he sent an aide on an airplane to the United Kingdom to pick up a hard copy of this dossier and brought it back. They’re now admitting that they targeted McCain as one of the recipients in order to get it in front of the U.S. intelligence community, also because McCain is a Republican which makes it look like there’s no partisanship here.

In other words, you have a Republican, same party as the presidential nominee, Donald Trump, so concerned about what might be in this document that he eagerly assisted and provided access to it via the intelligence agency. What a scam this whole thing has been. Here’s Andy McCarthy who has really done an incredible amount of work researching this and presenting it in both factual and timeline form at National Review.

He was on Fox & Friends yesterday. I think it was yesterday. Maybe the day before. The last couple of days. And he was being interviewed by Brian Kilmeade. Kilmeade said, “I know you went through 300 pages of testimony. Aside from the fact that it’s been revealed that somebody got killed because of this dossier –” by the way, that’s another thing that turns out not to be factually correct. The dossier’s not responsible for somebody getting killed.

And also I’m told that Carlos Danger and Huma Weiner are not canceling their divorce, that that’s more fake news. That all they’re doing is settling it out of court to protect their kid, but that they are going ahead with the divorce. I can’t remember where I read that. I think it was some blog somewhere.

So Kilmeade says, “[W]hat sticks out for you with the Steele investigation?”

MCCARTHY: If you look, an important moment about six weeks or so before the election, what you find is that between Obama administration officials and Fusion GPS — which we know was working for the Clinton campaign — there was a full-court press to urge the allegations in the dossier — which was composed by Steele — on the media, on Congress, and — there’s very good reason to believe — on a federal court. What’s really problematic is that former FBI Director Comey testified in June of last year — so that’s 2017 — that the dossier was salacious and unverified. If it was unverified in the middle of June 2017, it had to be unverified in September of 2016 when they probably went to the FISA court and when they certainly briefed Congress on it.

RUSH: Okay. So Comey in 2017 says it’s “salacious” and “unverified” and shows it to Trump. But they applied for the FISA warrant in 2016 during the campaign. They knew it was bogus. Folks, they knew it was bogus because they created it. They commissioned it as a work of art, so to speak, like you would hire an artist to do a painting of some roses for you. Who knows? They commissioned this thing, and this guy duly performed, and I don’t know if when they commissioned it they told him to lie and create some of the most outlandish stuff or if they told him to get close or what have you.

But they knew that it was not true. I mean, they knew that all of this stuff… None of it has been verified. None of it’s been confirmed, but they yet present it to the judge at the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the FISA court? Does the judge know it or is he just being lied to by the people that applied for it and applied for the warrant? Steve Doocy then says, “You know, there’s so many moving parts to this story. You look at all of the investigations on Capitol Hill, the FBI, the special counsel, stuff like that. What does this advance? Where do we go from here, Andrew?”

MCCARTHY: The biggest thing right now is the fact that the House intelligence community (sic) has finally, after five months of stonewalling by the Justice Department and the FBI, gotten its hands on information it’s been asking for since August. What we really need to know, I think, at bottom is: Did the Obama administration use unverified, uncorroborated, basically rank rumor information in getting a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to conduct spying on the Trump campaign essentially based on information from the Clinton campaign? That’s what we need to know.

RUSH: Yeah. And based on some reporters that have been doing legwork on this story for months now, next week is supposed to be when the bombshell comes confirming this. So we will just have to patiently wait, as I say, using intelligence guided by experience. I want to remind you of something else. You remember when Trump in March of — I think it was last year — 2017 sends out this tweet that alludes to the fact that his “wires were tapped” at Trump Tower. Remember everybody laughed and made fun of him and said, “What, are you kidding?

“What do you mean, your ‘wires were tapped’? Are you trying to say that you were being spied on at Trump Tower?” Well, we do know that at some point Trump moved his transition office from Trump Tower to his golf course property in New Jersey after a visit from the director of the NSA at the time, Admiral Mike Rogers. So I think the president knows much more about this than he’s announcing. He had his press conference yesterday where he mentioned eight times that there was no collusion with Russia, that this whole thing is bogus.

The Drive-By Media is making fun of Trump for mentioning it eight times, and CNN specifically says, “You know, this is really crazy! He denies it eight times? This is weird. Why, just one time would suffice. Why do you gotta do it eight times?” Now they’re using the mentioning eight times to suggest that maybe Trump’s guilty and is nervous about it, covering up. My point is I think Trump knows whether… He certainly can know. He’s the president, runs the executive branch. He can find out what happened with that FISA application.

He may have, and he may know. And it may be why he’s sounding more and more adamant and confident about this, because he may know. He may know that it was used to secure a FISA warrant to spy on his campaign and on his transition. I’m just gonna say again, if it’s born out… Common sense right now (you know, intelligence guided by experience) tells us that that’s what the Obama team was using this thing for, that they were spying. Now, it raises a question, because this is also true. Everybody in the Democrat side thought there was no way Trump was gonna win. Right?

They all — everybody — believed that Hillary was gonna win and win big. So, given that, what are they doing spying on Trump? What would be the point? Well, for that we go to Peter Strzok of the FBI who said, “We need an insurance policy.” Remember his paramour, the FBI agent with whom he was having an illicit sexual affair? Heterosexual, so he’s not totally cool. If it was a gay affair, man, they’d love the guy. But it was a heterosexual affair. Remember they’re in McCabe’s office at the time he’s deputy attorney general.

And they’re speculating on the presidential race and apparently Lisa Page had sent a message to her paramour, Peter Strzok, that there’s no way Trump wins. There’s no way! I’ve looked at this every way from Sunday; there’s no way he wins. And Strzok replies, “I don’t know, Lisa. I hope you’re right, but we need an insurance policy.” An “insurance policy” for what? People been speculating, “What does that mean, ‘insurance policy’?” Well, an insurance policy case Trump wins. I mean, it’s possible.

So here we have all of this going on as perhaps the insurance policy for if Trump wins and now we’re watching the insurance policy — we have been watching it for over a year — being implemented. The insurance policy is the investigation. The insurance policy is the FISA warrant, secured with the use of the dossier. The dossier’s in the news each and every day. Trump is now suing… Trump’s lawyers are suing BuzzFeed for, what, defamation for publishing the thing. And that was another thing: BuzzFeed published this thing and they admitted when they published it that they couldn’t corroborate anything, that none of it was verified.

But it was so important that you, the American people, had to know. So we are gonna be keeping a sharp eye on this, ’cause I’m telling you one more time. You know, I try not to be too repetitive. But if indeed it is ever documented that all of this in that dossier was used to secure a warrant by the Obama administration — the Obama DOJ, the Obama intelligence communities — to spy, to surveil the Trump campaign and transition team, then man! Richard Nixon becomes a choirboy. This is absolutely huge, and this is gonna have people running for the hills and quaking in their boots.


RUSH: Now, remember, folks, that FISA warrant… The dossier is bogus. Nothing, nothing verified. If they use that to surveil the Trump administration for collusion with Russia, it means they had nothing! They had zilch, zero, nada evidence on Trump collusion with Russia! None! If they used the dossier to get a warrant — they’ve been using it anyway — they’ve got nothing, because the dossier is totally bogus!


RUSH: Now, stop and think of this, folks. “Trump collusion with Russia.” Think of how often you’ve heard that. Think of how many days in a row, how many months in a row — for a full over a year — you’ve heard that. It’s formed the basis of a special counsel investigation. There is this super-secret dossier that everybody wanted you to believe confirmed it. We know that know dossier’s bogus. There’s nothing in it that’s been verified. It’s nothing but a bunch of salacious lies about Trump, and it’s a bunch of factual assertions have been proven to be factually wrong and not even close. And after that, there’s nothing!

If that’s what they used to go get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign to try to confirm this collusion, they’ve got nothing! Now, we’ve known — you and I have known — that this was all made up. It was a Democrat plan. The plan to hatch it was presented in one of the books that did a postmortem on the Hillary Clinton campaign. We have been led down the primrose path for one of the biggest hoaxes and scams of our lifetimes here. And how many news stories and television stories have there been attempting to convince the American people that this election was rigged and that Trump did it with Vladimir Putin and the Russians and Hillary should have been elected?

Look at how hard they worked to cement that “fact” — loosely stated — in the minds of the American people. And we are learning that there is literally no substance behind that allegation, including the primary evidence used, apparently, to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump. And if that was used to get the FISA warrant, that means that’s the best they had, and that means they had nothing! They have absolutely no evidence! Now, this is not to say the Russians don’t try to tamper in our elections. But so do ChiComs and so do the Norks and so do the Cubans and so does everybody else, and we do the same thing in theirs.

Nobody’s naive here. Nobody’s saying the Russians don’t try, but this is not about that. This is about they’re trying to say that Trump actively undermined the American electoral system to get elected and did it with one of our mortal enemies — and, in the process, denied the most deserving, smartest woman in the world her shot to be president. And that’s just the added insult to injury. And it’s all bogus. And this is one of those things, you know, where I — again, intelligence guided by experience and my full-fledged knowledge of the left and those people — have known, suspected, whatever.

I’ve been confident this thing has been bogus from the get-go, as I have said. But I’ve only been able to present it to you as an opinion that’s rooted in ontological certitude nonetheless. But still, if demanded to prove it, I couldn’t have done that. I could just cite you know what we’re talking about here, and I could give you the bits of evidence that I’ve used to form my opinion such as the plan to do this was announced in the Hillary campaign 24 hours after they lost. Remember the first Fusion GPS effort to derail Trump, that first attempt they were hired by some Republican during the Republican primaries.

Hillary was not the first.

The Democrat National Committee was not the first bunch to hire first GPS. They were the second. A Republican or a series of them hired Fusion GPS to try to wipe Trump out during the primaries. Then the Hillary campaign hires Fusion GPS, who then goes and hires Steele to manufacture this cockamamie document. The bottom line is if that’s all they had, they have never had anything. There has not been a single, single factual reference on which to base this investigation. It’s just… It is phenomenal, and it demonstrates the lengths to which the swamp establishment will go to protect itself and to deny outsiders.


RUSH: Here’s Peter in Ontario, Canada. Great to have you, Peter? How are you doing?

CALLER: Hey, Rush, always an honor. This is sort of a left-wing, deep state criminal charge thing. We’re very fortunate up here because Truth Radio — you know, yourself, Hannity, (unintelligible) — we get it all in one station kind of thing. So constantly we’ve heard all this Strzok stuff, we hear of all this stuff, this corruption that the left has done, I mean, it comes out every day. My question to you is this. So, for instance, the judge that they got the application for the FISA warrant. He was probably duped into it, but he was sold. He was sold by Comey. He was sold by Strzok. When it…? For years and years the left could do anything they want, they completely got away with everything, Rush. What kind of charge would come out? Like, where would there ever be a charge happening?

RUSH: Well, I’m… A charge for what specifically?

CALLER: For crime. Like where…? An absolute crime? And what kind of…? What would it look like, Rush? Like what…? Do you think it’d be all…? It’d be everybody be taken out at once? Is Jeff Sessions been so quiet ’cause he’s building files huge and then, boom, it’s gonna happen?

RUSH: I need… It’s my hearing. I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. Are you asking me if they find out that this Twitter — I’m sorry — if the FISA warrant was granted on the basis of the fake dossier, are you asking would the judge be punished for granting it? Would Comey be punished? Would there be an investigation?

CALLER: Yes. Yes. The long and short, absolutely yet.

RUSH: Okay. We talked about the judge yesterday, and I don’t know. This is the one thing… We haven’t yet confirmed that the dossier was indeed used for the FISA warrant, but, man, there are people — Sara Carter, John Solomon, any number of journalists — who have been leading us in this direction for weeks now, and the latest from them is that something on this is going to happen next week. We talked about Andy McCarthy at National Review who has written about the likelihood of this.

But as we sit here today, it’s unconfirmed. Nobody knows. Although it can be learned. Donald Trump can find out today if he wants to. He runs the executive branch. Donald Trump may know. He can demand to see the application for the FISA warrant. So he can find out and then he can act like he doesn’t know and continue to pile on these people. He can act confident and assured if he knows that it was used and if it’s phony and fake and all this. Or he may not know. I don’t know.

The judge… That’s the question I had yesterday. Did the judge know that the Trump dossier was largely political opposition research, or did they keep that quiet? Did they fool the judge? Did they lie to the judge? If all of this happened… If a phony document that is nothing more than political opposition research bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and her campaign that was then doctored and made to look like legitimate intelligence gathered by legitimate intelligence agents? That’s fraud, among many other things, I would think. That is misrepresentation.

That is lying.

That is fraud.

That is the obtaining of a warrant under false premises. I mean, without being steeped in the legals of this, it would seem to me that massive violations… But here’s one other thing to consider. The granting of a FISA warrant requires many people to sign off on it. It’s not just James Comey and a couple of investigators that go to the FISA court and present the evidence. There has to be a lot of people, executive-level people at the FBI and anywhere else where there has been participation in the investigation. Those people all have to swear and sign off on the substance of what’s being presented to the judge, and it’s not a small number of people.

A lot of people, but particularly from the FBI because that’s DOJ, have to basically confirm and swear that what is in this application is legitimate. So it would seem that many face exposure here. But, remember, we’re talking about the swamp, and they would cover for each other. Your question about Sessions and would he look into this or is he looking into this, those are all good questions, and I wish I could tell you for sure.

I wish I could assure you that something like this would indeed be investigated and the perps exposed. Because if it happens the way we’re laying it out here, if it did happen, this is the biggest scandal, by far, in our lifetimes. And I’m telling you, it makes Watergate and Nixon look like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Nothing compared to this.

This is so far wide-ranging and sweeping, you would have a president of the United States, you would have his CIA director, you would have his Director of National Intelligence. So that would be Obama and James Clapper and John Brennan. And then you would have whoever in the Clinton campaign authorized this or commissioned it. You would have the guy who wrote the dossier, Steele. You’d have Fusion GPS. You would have any number of people at the FBI who would have known what this was and still used it as something that it wasn’t.

I mean, it’s huge what this is, if all of this pans out. And the reason that I think it’s gonna pan out is because we know the dossier’s fake. We know that the Clinton campaign paid for it. We know that it was not the result of the initiative and forward thinking of intelligence agencies. It wasn’t the CIA or the NSA or the DIA or the FBI sitting around and somebody brought to them a bit of news that made them think, “You know what? We better investigate this.”

This was the Clinton campaign hiring a former Wall Street Journal journalist named Glenn Simpson who runs a company called Fusion GPS to create an opposition research document on Donald Trump. Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS then go hire the former MI6 agent, Christopher Steele, who then pays the Russians as his sources. We also know that the FBI was going to continue to pay Steele after the dossier had been presented. They were going to continue to pay Steele to continue digging up dirt, until that was revealed and went public, at which time they cut him loose.

They were all-in on using this to get rid of Donald Trump. And if they used this to secure a warrant to spy on the candidacy, the campaign and the transition, and it was nothing more than typical Clinton war room oppo research and not legitimate intel — and again, not to be redundant, but we know it wasn’t legitimate intel. Whatever was presented to the FISA judge was the result of the Clinton campaign wanting some dirt on Trump and having it created. It was not the result of some informant some — oh! Oh! One other big point — I meant to mention this yesterday.

The testimony of this Simpson guy that DiFi released, Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPS, she releases all the transcripts, 330 pages of transcripts of his testimony without telling Grassley. The biggest bombshell in it turns out to be not true. The biggest bombshell in the transcript of Glenn Simpson’s testimony was the claim that the FBI had a confidential informant in the Trump campaign. Glenn Simpson testified under oath that the FBI had a source within the Trump campaign. This is to take heat off Fusion GPS, by the way.

Glenn Simpson said that Christopher Steele, the freelance spy paid by Fusion GPS to create all of this stuff — the golden showers and all the other things about Trump — Simpson said that Christopher Steele was told by an official of the FBI that they had a confidential informant in the Trump campaign. This, quote, “human source” from inside the Trump organization was acting in a, quote, “voluntary manner.”

Simpson said that somebody in the Trump campaign was ratting them out. It was someone who decided to pick up the phone and report something. Folks, this is key. Because they’re trying to make it look like the dossier was not the first thing that happened. That there was a confidential informant, somebody in the Trump campaign who didn’t like him, who thought he was a danger, who was informing the FBI. And then the dossier came.

This is to make it look like the dossier had a root of legitimacy to it. And that was the big headline when they went through Simpson’s testimony that was released. The problem is, it isn’t true. The FBI did not have an informant in the Trump campaign. There was nobody that volunteered from the Trump campaign to call the FBI and dish them dirt.

The Washington Post even had a headline: “Ex-spy behind Trump dossier was told FBI had source inside network, testimony reveals.” It wasn’t true. And that was the bombshell from the transcripts that were released yesterday. And again, this is in there. This lie is in there to take the heat off the dossier. This is to make it look like the dossier was written after somebody inside the Trump campaign was fishing dirt to the FBI. Not true. This is the biggest hoax. I can’t think of any that comes close to this.

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