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RUSH: Folks, we’re gonna head back to the Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites. This is Mr. Martin Mull from 1979.


I play gigs from Philadelphia to Spokane.
I’ve opened shows for Lawrence Welk and Tiny Tim.
And I admit I hit my bourbon and cocaine.
When I find out that the concert’s in a gym.
But I guess I’ll keep on picking ’cause it’s all that I know how.
If I took another job, I’d be a fake.
(Backup singers: It would all be a fake!)
And sometimes I feel like quitting.
And you’ve made that sometime now.
I swear I’ve played some (bleep) holes, boy, but this takes the cake.

See if we can get paid right now.
Come on, Peter!

Can’t you see it’s an artist up here playing?
Can’t you tell that there’s more than meets the ear?
Can’t you hear that it’s poetry that I’m saying?
Have you noticed, friends, that there’s a genius here?

Oh, you’re too intent on clapping out of rhythm.
Or on getting your date nude out by the lake.
Like that jerk in Row 11 and the jerk (bleep) that’s sitting with him,
I swear to God, I play some (bleep) holes, yes, but this takes the cake.

I tell you that I play some (bleep) holes, yes.
Yes, I played the (bleep) holes, yes.
I play some (bleep) holes, yes.
But this one, this one, this one takes —

I’m feeling it right now! I’m feeling it. I’m feeling it right now.
This one takes… This one takes —
Tell me the truth, Peter. What do you think?
Yep, you understand when I say, this one takes —

Can I get a witness?
Can I get a witness?
Can I go to the ending?
Can I do it? Can I do it?
This one has all the taste of a Betty Crocker cake!


RUSH: Martin Mull from 1979. “I played some (bleep) holes before, but this one takes the cake.” It’s from the LP Near Perfect. (interruption) Martin Mull! (interruption) You don’t remember Martin Mull? (interruption) You don’t remember…? (interruption) Martin Mull! (interruption) You don’t remember? When you see a picture of Martin Mull, you’ll recognize who he is. Fernwood 2 Night. He had one of the great parody late-night talk show ever on some network that was… I don’t remember the name of it off the top of my head. But Fernwood 2 Night was it, and it was just a classic parody. So I thought the song fit with the news of the day.

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