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RUSH: Last Thursday Nancy Pelosi was asked about the ongoing negotiations over the so-called DREAMers, the children of illegal immigrants who are also here illegally.

Pelosi told reporters she has a nickname for the group negotiating the deal. “The ‘Five White Guys’ I call them,” she said. She wondered if they’re “going to open a hamburger stand next, or what?”

Two of the “Five White Guys” Pelosi referenced are Republican leaders Kevin McCarthy and John Cornyn. The other two are Democrat leaders Dick Durbin and Pelosi’s second-in-command, Steny Hoyer. The fifth is John Kelly, the White House chief of staff.

Pelosi claimed a deal could have been done months ago. But “this week they’re saying, ‘Oh let’s get four white guys and General Kelly to come and do this.’”

Well, apparently Pelosi’s remarks did not go over well with her team. Republicans are so used to Democrats’ racist slams that they didn’t bother to respond. But her guy, Steny Hoyer, took aim at Pelosi’s racial remarks. He said, “That comment is offensive. I am committed to ensuring DREAMers are protected, and I will welcome everyone to the table who wants to get this done.”

Steny, chill out, my man. Give it time. You’ll get used to being ridiculed and attacked merely for being for a white guy. It’s bound to happen. I mean, what does the “content of your character” have to do with anything anymore anyway, Steny? As far as she’s concerned you’re a white guy and that makes you the enemy.

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