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RUSH: I’m sure you have (chuckles) foreign countries that have asked for American ambassadors, have summoned them to come explain whether or not Trump was talking about their countries? (laughing) Oh! (laughing) “Is he talking about us? Does he think we’re…?” (laughing) Hey, this is why you have diplomats. (laughing) This is why you have ’em. (laughing) “Well, yeah, what are the qualifications here for being one of those things that he said? What do we have to do to avoid that or be one? What are they? Can you tell us, Mr. Ambassador?” (laughing)

RUSH: Elise in Victor, Montana. Great to have you on EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, and my husband, Sam, and I want to wish you a wonderful and happy birthday.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Well, I guess I better get to it. I want to remind the American people of the graciousness, the love, the kindness, the big heart of the Democratic Party. When Haiti had that horrible earthquake, what did they do? They sent them Bill and Hillary Clinton, and after Hillary and Bill got done with it, it is now a paradise on earth! And all of us know now that we all want to move there, don’t we? So for me, President Trump is magnificent, and I love his language. I want him to stand up and say these truths.

RUSH: You know, I told a bunch of people this morning, “You may not want to hear this, but there’s gonna be more people than you know who are gonna be applauding what Trump said for bringing some realism to the Oval Office. And there are gonna be people who say, ‘Isn’t it rather obvious that what he said is true?'” I mean, why do the Democrats want these people deported? What do they tell us? “These people can’t go back home. Why, they’re going back home to, uhh… Oops war-torn, poverty stricken, tyrannical dictatorships. We can’t send ’em back.”

Oh, you mean they’re really not paradises, huh? I mean, it’s the Democrats basically who’ve been saying that all these countries these people are from are rotten and horrible, so much so that we can’t send people back there, right? And then somebody said to me, “Rush, Trump even thought America was one of those. That’s why he ran. He thought America was a butthole, and that’s why he ran. He wanted to make America… De-butthole, America.” I mean, I’ve heard it from all quarters today.

And I’ve heard from, “Why did he…?” You know, Trump supporters, “Oh, my God. Why — why — why — why does he have to do it?” “Are you gonna abandon him?” “No, but why does he have to just…? Why does he have to make it so hard on us to defend him?” That’s a very selfish outlook. Why does he make it so hard on you or us to defend him? It’s not hard. Folks, there’s nobody that needs defending when they’re under assault by liberal Democrats. Get rid of this defensiveness. Stay on offense against the Democrats. You know what this happened? Look, I’m not…

Look, I don’t even want to get into whether it’s presidential or non-presidential, ’cause it happened; it was said. They presented Trump with an abomination. Who knows what Trump thought after this meeting this week. He might have thought that he had paved the way or laid the groundwork for having some cooperation. They presented him with an insulting idea, a genuinely insulting idea. They presented him a deal as though he was some dogcatcher from Oshkosh and they are running the country.

It was insulting what they presented him, ’cause they know what he wants and doesn’t want. They know what he will support and not. They send Durbin and these people up there, some of the most partisan clowns in the Democrat Party. And they hand him an insulting piece of paper. “Why in the world do you people want to continue to make a mess of this?” Anyway, as to the Clintons, the Clintons did end up getting a lot of money out of Haiti, right? They saw it as a moneymaking opportunity for their foundation. That’s right.

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