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RUSH: Lynn in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It’s great to have you with us on Open Line Friday.

CALLER: Yes, hello, Rush, I just want to wish you a very, very happy birthday.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Rush, I was calling to talk about the Korea situation. It seems like a few weeks ago we were on the brink of World War III with buttongate going on and —

RUSH: Do you really think we were?

CALLER: Not particularly. I think the press was playing it that way. President Trump’s tough talk, though, seems to have struck a nerve with Kim the younger, and he opened up a dialogue with South Korea. And suddenly it disappears from the news, Rush, and I have to wonder if this had occurred during the prior administration, if this wouldn’t have had 24/7 coverage —

RUSH: Oh, yeah. And they would have been praising Obama to the hilt. Look at what all’s vanished from the news. Hillary’s gone from the news, her email server and all that garbage, gone. The Wolff book is gone. Instead we’re talking about bungholes and now we’re not talking about North Korea, we’re not talking about any of that. Exactly.

CALLER: Right. And I think that if the Obama standard is applied we should be talking about a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize bringing North Korea to the table.

RUSH: (laughing) Yeah. Good point. Good, good point. Of course, they will not give Trump any credit for that. Even if they were to say, “This Kim Jong-un guy, he knows what a lunatic Trump is and so, you know, Trump’s bragging about the size of his nuclear button, so Kim Jong-un, he knows he better fake talking to South Koreans just to –” that’s how the media would portray it, if they decided to give the story any time.

They would never say that Trump was instrumental in this as a good thing. They would credit Kim Jong-un. They would say Kim Jong-un realizes this megalomaniac, this insane, out of control little child that America has in the Oval Office, they would credit Kim Jong-un for this. So it’s a good observation.

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