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RUSH: There’s something else that has the Democrats livid, and this is something that I also only learned recently. (coughs) Excuse me. I could have hit the cough button there but that would have just wasted some time. TheHill.com has the story. “Trump Said He Didn’t Care About [the Congressional Black Caucasians] Demands During Tense Immigration Meeting.” President Trump told lawmakers that he didn’t care what the Congressional Black Caucasians wanted. This was in the Washington Post yesterday.

Here is what is relevant from the Washington Post: “Attendees who were alarmed by the racial undertones of Trump’s remarks were further disturbed when the topic of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) came up, these people said. At one point, [Dicky] Durbin told the president that members of that caucus,” which the Washington Post describes here as “an influential House group.” Can you give me a break? (laughing) An influential House group! I guess the Washington Post thinks their readers don’t know who the Congressional Black Caucasians are.

And all they are rather than a bunch of rabble-rousers is “an influential House group”? So here again, the Washington Post story: “At one point, [Dicky] Durbin told the president that members of that caucus — an influential House group — would be more likely to agree to a deal if certain countries were included in the proposed protections, according to people familiar with the meeting. Trump was curt and dismissive, saying he was not making immigration policy to cater to the [Congressional Black Caucasians] and did not particularly care about that bloc’s demands, according to people briefed on the meeting.

“‘You’ve got to be joking,’ one adviser said, describing Trump’s reaction.” That’s from the Washington Post. The Hill says, “Trump reportedly dismissed [Dicky Durbin] when he suggested that Trump consider the [Congressional Black Caucasians]’s demands, and that those lawmakers would be more amendable to an agreement if certain countries were given immigration protections. Trump replied by saying that he didn’t really care about the influential group’s wishes and that he would not create immigration policy to cater to them, according to The Post.

“‘You’ve got to be joking,’ one adviser said to describe Trump’s reaction. Trump made the comments about the CBC during the same [infamous] meeting that he allegedly referred to El Salvador, Haiti and African nations as…” You know, there’s two things here. I’m sure you’ve seen it, maybe heard it. There are a bunch of hand wringers — predominantly among the Never Trumpers, but there’s a lot of them out there on the left, too — who are just so distressed and just so disturbed over what Trump is doing to our culture and our society and the coarsening of our culture.

“Trump is so uncouth and he’s so misspoken! He’s so brusque. He’s so unsophisticated.” Have you heard that? “The coarsening of our culture! Donald Trump, they say is injecting a bunch of damaging influences.” Are you kidding me? The Democrats’ number one support group, the Hollywood left, has single-handedly done more to damage the American culture on purpose than anything Donald Trump could do in a meeting if he tried! The cultural debasement, the perversion, the promiscuity, the language that has now become mainstream in prime American TV alone!

And these people want to sit here and caterwaul and whine about Donald Trump supposedly using one word? And then we got the hand wringers on our side worrying about Trump. (sobbing) “He’s just doing great moral damage to our wonderful society!” Let me ask you something. Let’s, for the sake of this, just assume Trump used the word. Would any of us know about it if it weren’t for Democrats running around there echoing it and parroting it? CNN has used the word over 200 times now, and they’re not finished.

I mean, these people at CNN, they get more excited every time they get to utter the word or have it published on one of their chyrons. Nobody would know Donald Trump had uttered the word if they hadn’t blabbed about it! Just like nobody would know that LBJ burps and farts while telling his tailor to give him another inch below the nuts in there on a pair of pants. All this stuff happens behind closed doors, and when it’s the Democrats talking, nobody ever reports it! (interruption) Yeah, the bunghole, too, but I did want to draw the line somewhere.

My point is nobody would have even known about this if it weren’t for Dicky Durbin trying to make a big deal about it. His buddies at CNN pick it up 200 times, and the hand wringers on our side are worried about what Trump is doing — and this is where it really becomes important. So everywhere else we are pristine and we are proper, and we are very well spoken and properly tempered. Everywhere in America except for Donald Trump, and then it’s the worst of the worst.” I’m sorry, folks.

It doesn’t wash with me. The cultural debasement, the perversion, the stuff that comes into our homes every day and night by way of pop culture today? I mean, Trump can’t hold a candle to it at his best — or worst, depending on how you look at it. But again, the big point: Nobody would have the slightest idea he said anything like that if it weren’t for Dicky Durbin and then Chuck You Schumer and then CNN and all these other Drive-By news organizations who just can’t wait to utter the word every day.

So who’s really contributing to our cultural debasement? Harry Truman was one of the most profane presidents ever. Nixon had his share of salty language as well. There’s nothing new here. And, in fact, if Trump did use this word, it’s kind of mild. (impression) “What makes it supremely objectionable was that Trump was talking about specific countries that the Democrats love.” This is just one reaction. The other reaction to this… This is one of the greatest news stories I’ve ever encountered.

Trump told the Congressional Black Caucasians he didn’t give a whit what they want. You know, here come Dicky Durbin and here come Schumer, and they come in there, and they’ve got this meeting, and I am convinced that they don’t want a deal. By the way, once again, I think the last thing they want is a deal. And I’m also beginning to think — and this is a long shot too. But I’m also beginning to think they may not want a government shutdown. You know, Trump’s not playing ball with them the way Republicans do.

Trump’s not gonna accept the blame for the government shutdown and he’s turning it back right on them, which no Republican has ever done. But let’s paint the picture. So he had this big meeting after… You have to admit, this is after that big televised, peaceful, apparently very presidential meeting on immigration. Then they go to the private meeting, and Democrats and Lindsey Graham have a deal — and it is an absolute abomination, as far as Trump concerned.

There’s not one thing in the deal that Durbin and Graham brought him, and in the midst of the meeting… I guarantee you Durbin and the Democrats go in there with their air of superiority, because they tell themselves that Trump is an inferior. Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. Trump doesn’t belong. So they go into the meeting with this arrogant condescension that they carry around each and every day, and then they have the audacity to tell Trump that the Congressional Black Caucasians have some demands too.

The Congressional Black Caucasians really want immigration to be focused on these three countries. And Trump says, “I don’t care what they want.” Is that not just fabulous, folks? Another Democrat special interest group which everybody has bowed down to and kowtowed to, and they’re a bunch of ultra-leftwing radical leftists, and it’s Donald Trump who stands up to them. At one point Dicky Durbin told the president members of the Congressional Black Caucasians would be more likely to agree to a deal if certain countries were included.

Trump was curt and dismissive saying he was not making immigration policy to cater to the Congressional Black Caucasians and he didn’t care about their demands. Amen! This is exactly why he was elected. This is the kind of disruption, that when it happens you need to recognize it as another successful day, folks. Draining the swamp, busting it up, changing the direction of Washington, disrupting the place, however you want to characterize it, this is what Trump was elected to do.

All of these various left-wing senators and members of the House and their special interest groups like the Congressional Black Caucasians, who are they? Just because they exist, why did they automatically get what they want? Especially if it’s not what Trump wants. Trump was elected president. What’s Obama’s line? “I won. You lost.” I don’t care what their demands are. I’m not interested in their demands. Trump was quoted as saying, “You’ve gotta be joking” when Dicky Durbin told him of the demands of the Congressional Black Caucasians. “You’ve gotta be joking me.”

I’m convinced — well I’m partially convinced. I don’t know how convinced. I think it’s possible that after that televised meeting that they actually thought Trump had softened. I actually think the only way they’re going to get a deal is if it’s 110% what they want. I don’t think they want a deal. They want to run against Trump in 2018. They want to win the House back. They don’t want anything that will allow Trump to say he’s succeeded.


RUSH: In addition to Trump saying he didn’t care what the demands of the Congressional Black Caucasians were — you know how Durbin’s been running around? This is more evidence, by the way, that this guy is a snake. Remember when Durbin said (paraphrasing), “And I don’t think the president understands when he uses the term ‘chain migration,’ that is a scary and it’s an offensive term to African-Americans. Because the minute they hear ‘chain migration,’ it immediately conjures bad, horrible memories of being chained in the bottoms of slaves ships while they’re being brought to slave servitude in America.”

And don’t you know that Dick Durbin just loves reminding everybody that America was — parentheses, is still, end parentheses — a slave nation. Chain migration has been a term that even Dicky Durbin has used. Dick Durbin advocated ending chain migration in 2010 on the Senate floor. He advocated the end of it. He used the term “chain migration,” which is where naturalized citizens can then bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the U.S.

And now all of a sudden Dick Durbin acts like that term is exclusive to Trump and nobody uses that term, chain migration. The president needs to understand that it reminds African-Americans of being brought to America in chains on slave ships. What an absolute sleazeball, low ball thing to try to say when nobody thinks that, and he’s even used the term. And it is an accredited, actually defined term in immigration policy. This guy’s a sleaze bucket, folks, from the get-go. And he’s behind all of this usage of the word, allegedly said by Trump, but Dick Durbin is the reason you can’t avoid it when you watch the U.S. media now. Chain migration reminds blacks of coming to America in chains.

Dick Durbin, don’t forget, this is Politico, October 23rd, 2013. The number two Democrat in the Senate, Senator Dicky Durbin, said in a Facebook post that a House Republican leader told off President Obama during a negotiation meeting and that the GOP leaders are so disrespectful it’s practically impossible to have a conversation with ’em. Wednesday afternoon, the White House and the House speaker’s office denied his claims. Dick Durbin said that a Republican House leader told the president, “I cannot even stand to look at you.”

Durbin wrote that in a post on his Facebook page. The problem is, it never happened! Bear in mind that Dicky Durbin was claiming that John Boehner or another white Republican leader said that to Obama. So, once again, Dick Durbin, five years ago, making up a story in order to accuse his opponents of racism. So if we have a guy with experience, a history of making things up that were not said in the Oval Office, and if we have a guy who’s trying to claim now that chain migration is a racist term “because it reminds African-Americans of being chained to the bowels of slave ships as they were bound for America, a slave nation.” What a pathetic, indolent, simple-minded partisan.

And now Durbin’s out there saying that this whole meeting (paraphrasing), “We didn’t even talk about anything but race. We didn’t talk countries, we didn’t talk policy, we just talked race, skin color.” I wonder why that is. Who is it that lives and dies on that but Democrat Party? Who was it that for a full hour of Senate committee hearings today discussed whether or not the president uttered a word with the secretary of Homeland Security? Not a single question about policy, immigration or otherwise.

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