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RUSH: “The Decade of Selfishness and Greed.” That’s what they ended up calling the Reagan years, and that’s what they’re gonna end up calling this year for the Trump administration when the tax cuts kick in. They’re not gonna be able to say that people are not benefiting. So they’re gonna have to criticize the fact that people are benefiting by calling it the Decade of Greed. People, in other words, elected Reagan ’cause they were greedy.

They wanted more of their own money, wanted to deprive government services! They wanted more of their money back so the homeless would suffer and the poor would suffer and the sick would suffer and the thirsty would suffer. That’s how did it. It became that. Don’t doubt me, folks. That’s how they dealt with it, and it’s coming. Mark my words. In fact, make a note. Here we are January 17, 2018. Let’s see how long it takes before Trumpism becomes a decade — or the year, whatever — of greed and selfishness.

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