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RUSH: Last week, a medal-some district judge in San Francisco inserted himself into American immigration policy with a temporary restraining order. Judge William Alsup told the Trump administration they have to keep Obama’s DACA program in place.

California is among a handful of states trying to stop Trump from using executive powers to get rid of DACA which Obama put place using executive powers. It’s really unconstitutional.

While appealing that ruling to the Ninth Circuit, the Trump Department of Justice is also going to the Supreme Court. They’re asking the high court to step in and overturn the district judge’s ruling.

Now, folks, it’s kind of interesting here because the judge helping DACA stay in force kind of takes away any time crunch for its expiration, meaning there’s no need to now hastily proceed toward extending it or changing it or getting rid of it.

If the Democrats wanted, they could just stop and let this judge’s ruling prevail while the courts take care of it.

Another thing to look at, if the Democrats really think they’re gonna win the House in 2018, why change anything right now? Just let it all happen as it does. Don’t agree to anything, and then when they win the House, do what they want to do then.

Let’s see how they behave this year. It’ll give us a heads-up on what they really think’s gonna happen in November.

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