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RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re gonna get to that. The missing five months’ worth of texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. They’re not “missing.” Anybody who believes they’re missing does not understand how backups happen, how fail-safes exist, and how the inspector general claims that he’s already received those emails. The guy who does the oversight of the FBI, he’s already got them, he says. Now, either he was told that he has them and doesn’t or he does have them and the FBI forgot that he has them when they announce that they’re gone.

I had so many people send me notes last night. “Have you seen this? It’s outrageous. The FBI has lost…” They haven’t lost anything. Folks, this is the establishment. They’re not just gonna sit back and roll over and die. They’re not just gonna stand aside and let Trump or any of the forces behind Trump take over the establishment. They’re simply not gonna let it happen. If they can rig the game, they’re gonna rig the game, like they rigged it for Hillary. We now know that the FBI and Loretta Lynch and Comey were on the same page.

We know because of texts from Peter Strzok to Lisa Page and back forth that they knew they were gonna exonerate Hillary Clinton. It was all part of the deal. It was prearranged. She was gonna be exonerated. She had to be exonerated because she had to win. She had to win! If Hillary didn’t win, all of the things they have been doing here to sabotage Trump ran the risk of being exposed. Hillary Clinton had to win for more than the obvious reasons, and she didn’t, and they have been in various levels or degrees of anger and panic ever since.

And if there are discriminating texts that prove, for example, the Trump-Russia story is entirely made up, do you think they’re not gonna destroy those? You think they’re gonna leave those hanging around for somebody to find? It ain’t gonna happen. The fact that they’re gone, that they announced they lost ’em ought to be all anybody needs, this on the heels of Lois Lerner losing all of her texts and all of her emails about the IRS scandal. It’s all baked in. Shouldn’t be anybody… There can be anger. You shouldn’t be surprised.

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