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RUSH: You know, I have to laugh. I had this yesterday, didn’t get to it. You know, Trump supposedly had this liaison with the stripper named Stormy Daniels, and there’s a controversy over whether Trump’s lawyer paid her to shut up and then CNN’s trying to say that the hush money is illegal. She’s supposedly a porn star. Fine and dandy. This is gonna be as effective as the Access Hollywood video was. It isn’t gonna matter. But there was a story in the New York Post. This babe has a gig, she has a routine, Stormy Daniels, and right now she’s playing in South Carolina. She’s playing at a topless South Carolina strip joint.

It’s called The Trophy Club. It’s in Greenville, South Carolina, and do you know what she calls it? (laughing) The “Making America Horny Again” tour, with Stormy Daniels. (laughing) Making America Horny Again! (laughing) Greenville, South Carolina, The Trophy Club. So if you want to make America horny again, you start in Greenville, South Carolina. Just the name. Of course the place is jam-packed every night, even before she was linked to Trump. I mean, somebody calls their act the “Making America Horny Again” tour. (interruption)

Dawn is… (interruption) What, you have a problem here because this involves Trump. (interruption) “If she got paid, why’s she stripping?” Snerdley, enough is never enough. (interruption) “If she got paid off, why is she still stripping?” That’s what they love to do, that’s what her expertise is, that’s what her passion is, stripping — and, apparently, Making America Horny Again. This the… (laughing) It’s like I had the Rush to Excellence Tour. Making America Horny Again. Here it is. It’s linked to Trump, and these people on the left, they’re going nuts again because they think, “This is going to be slam dunk! We’ll get rid of Trump.

“We’re gonna pull it off this time.”

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