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RUSH: Our buddy Louie Gohmert, Republican, Texas. Grab sound bite 2. He was on Fox this morning about 11:30 or 11:35. He was talking with Jon Scott about Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and this whole Russian investigation and the potential involvement of Obama and the DOJ to work against Trump using phony, false information, and this is what he said…

GOHMERT: I hope and pray we’ll reach a point where our Democratic friends will say, “You know what? This really is bad. This is terrible. We have got to clean house now. We have got to get our FBI-DOJ house in order to. It got too far out of order in the past,” and I hope they’ll join us and quit playing politics. This is just too serious. This is how you lose a country when the Department of Justice becomes “just us.”

RUSH: “When the Department of Justice becomes ‘just us.'” Meaning: When Strzok and Page and McCabe and Comey and anybody else there is doing what they are doing to protect themselves. I thought it was a great line.

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