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RUSH: Did you people hear what happened to Lester Holt at NBC? Now, NBC is over there and they’re gonna cover the Olympics in South Korea. So Lester Holt got permission to go do a story in North Korea, and he went to a ski resort in North Korea and thought they actually had one — and they do. They built the ski resort not long ago, but it is a ghost town. There’s nobody that ever goes there! Except Kim Jong-un brought in a bunch of people to pretend they live there and to pretend to be using the ski lifts and so forth.

And there’s Lester Holt reporting on what a great place North Korea is and how much fun the citizens have there — and they go on vacation like Americans do, and they go skiing! And the whole thing was a propaganda setup and Lester Holt fell for it. And they pulled him out of there, and I think they brought him back to New York, and everybody at NBC now is supposedly profoundly embarrassed over this.

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