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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I have to admit something. When I was driving away from here yesterday, I don’t know how it happened. You know, I have satellite radio in my car, and I don’t know how it happened, but I ended up on MSNBC. This was about 20 minutes after the program ended. I had to dash outta here pretty quickly yesterday. (interruption) No, no, it’s not sabotage. If you must know, Sirius Satellite Radio now has an app that is usable with CarPlay, which is an Apple feature that turns your in-dash entertainment system into the iPhone.

You can use maps, the music, Siri, and all of that, and I was testing the SiriusXM app. Now, I’ve got satellite radio directly to the car, but this is just a backup to have. It’s pretty cool. I was finding favorite stations and all. Somehow I ended up on MSNBC, and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Well, I could believe it, but it just boggles my mind every time I hear it. So I asked Cookie to give me the sound bites, and let me set it up this way.

I don’t even know who the anchor was at MSNBC. Let me see if this thing… It was Chris Jansing. I thought it was a guy! See, I can’t tell voices. If I don’t know who’s speaking they all sound the same. It was Chris Jansing. I thought it was a guy interviewing the Democrat guest. And, as you know, there is this memo that has been written by Devin Nunes — that there are many, many rumors and leaks about — that every member of Congress has seen. And there is a clamor for this memo to be released.

The leaks that we’ve heard about this memo are pretty enticing, suggesting that Nunes has done a great job in detailing the nefarious and perhaps conspiratorial behavior and attitudes of high-ranking FBI people in pursuing this absurd Trump-stole-the-election-with-the-Russians-business. And apparently Twitter is blowing up with people demanding that the memo be released. Well, this has the left very concerned. The left is very upset, and that’s what (chuckling) this interview was about.

You have to hear this. I hope it strikes you as funny as it did me, ’cause I’m laughing out loud in the car. I am filled with mirth. I’m jocular. I’m also incredulous and just a slight bit — not upset, but — just of the mind, “Can you people come up with something else? Do you realize how stupid you sound?” while I’m laughing out loud at them. So here’s the setup. Yesterday afternoon on MSNBC, Chris Jansing was interviewing Roger McNamee. He’s the former mentor to Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, his mentee is the guest, Roger McNamee. And Chris Jansing asks if he is surprised… (laughing) If he’s surprised by reports that Russia may be trying to influence the Mueller investigation by using Twitter accounts that are using the hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo. In other words, Chris Jansing is asking, “Are you concerned the Russians are planting all of these hits on Twitter demanding that that memo be released and made public?”

MCNAMEE: No. I think this is exactly what we have feared. Facebook’s initial reaction was that this was a one-time event; it would never happen again. And our fear was that what the Russians were really doing was being just… They were using the tools at Facebook exactly as they are being designed to be used.

RUSH: (laughing)

MCNAMEE: And until somebody stops ’em they’re gonna keep doing it. And the issue we have is we have a perfect example you can see right in front of your eyes.

RUSH: (laughing)

MCNAMEE: It didn’t stop in 2016. It’s going on today, and it will continue through this election and all the future ones.

RUSH: (laughing) Folks, this… (laughing) I’m laughing at it, but is it not getting tiresome? You know the thing about America? I had a friend of mine point something out to me that really is relevant, and the Democrats are so caught up in this that I think they live in a total alternative universe where they remain in their own minds relevant, but they’re not. They lost and they’re really not relevant, and it’s what bothers them more than anything. They’re not relevant to what is going on. There is nothing happening in America that they can stop, there’s nothing happening in America good that they have anything to do with.

They really are irrelevant.

So all they can do is focus on why they lost and how they lost and how they were cheated. But most people after elections forget about all that and they simply start paying attention to what’s happening. Are their lives getting better? Did they elect the right guy or not? The Democrats are still focused on election process. This is just absurd. So what’s happening is that there are — and, by the way, Twitter analytics shows that the surge in demands that the Nunes memo be revealed is from accounts of Americans who want to know what the hell happened!

It’s not the Russians. It’s not a bunch of bots. It’s legit! Twitter is being slammed by people, by Americans who want that memo released. Now, the Democrats can’t admit that. That challenges their alternative universe, where they represent the majority of thinking, where the rest of the country is like them and hates Trump. They live in a universe where every American or most Americans regret their decision to vote for Trump, wish they had elected Hillary. This is the projection the Democrats engage in each and every day — the media as well.

They can’t accept that they lost, and so the Russians have to be the reason. They really believe this stuff, folks! This is the point. They believe all this. They talk themselves into these wild, unsupportable conspiracy theories. And they do it every day for so many days that it becomes their reality, and they can’t imagine being on the wrong side of popularity. Their arrogance will not permit them to admit that they are a minority — of opinion, of thought — on any given issue.

So when they see evidence on Twitter that gobs of Americans want that memo released, that can’t be! That doesn’t compute. “Most of Americans want Trump gone, not the memo released. Most Americans… (panting) Most Americans regret voting for Trump. They want Trump gone! They want Mueller to kick Trump out of Washington.” That’s the universe the Democrats live in. They simply can’t accept the fact that a majority of Americans really want that memo released. So it has to be what? The Russians’ fault again!

And so the question that this McNamee guy got: “Are you surprised by reports that Russia may be trying to influence the Mueller investigation by using Twitter accounts?” These are the people, by the way — this guy McNamee and all of the left-wing activist groups. These are the people who literally invented the bot to flood the zone, to create impressions that are not true. These are the people now being hoisted on their own petard.

These are the people that created the bot, the politically active bot to flood the zone and make people think that there are far many more of them than there really are. And now it’s coming back to bite ’em. So they of course chalk it up to, “Yes, it’s the Russians.” And how about this first line? “I know. I think this is exactly what we feared. (sigh) We have been worried about this ever since the election, Chris.

“We’ve been very, very worried the Russians would not stop at simply trying to affect the outcome of an election. Now the Russians are literally tampering with our precious democratic process. This is exactly what we feared!” When nothing of the sort is going on and nothing of the sort can be proved, and so they’re irrelevant. And, folks, this is the way to look at it. I know some of you say, “Rush, they’re not irrelevant. You gotta continue to take ’em seriously! They’re a major force. They can still undermine everything.”

Yeah, they can. But they’re irrelevant, folks, and they know it, and that’s why they’re behaving entirely irrationally, more so than usual. There’s another bite here where Chris Jansing said, “You know, over the weekend, #SchumerShutdown was a top trending hashtag promoted by the bots. How do you make sure that if you go after Point A that you don’t end up down the road with XYZ?” Does anybody know what that question means? Well, let me tell you what I think it means. The next thing he’s being asked about:

“Okay, a lot of people showed up at Schumer’s house to protest in Brooklyn,” which is true; they did. And Chris Chris Jansing is asking (paraphrased), “Could it be that the Russians are behind that, too? Could it be that a bunch of phony bots caused a bunch of people to go protest at Schumer’s and they don’t really know why they’re there. And they really don’t dislike Schumer, it’s just another trick over the weekend #SchumerShutdown top trending hashtag promoted by the bots.

“How do you know make sure that at Point A you don’t end up down the road with X, Y, and Z?” Schumer Shutdown also, you know, that was Mick Mulvaney’s term and they’re trying to establish that Twitter bots picked that up. That most people don’t consider it the Schumer Shutdown. That most people think the Democrats won the shutdown but is Twitter skewing us is basically her question to McNamee. Let’s see what he says.

MCNAMEE: This is a really hard problem. If you really want to fix this, you have to do two things. The first thing — which Twitter is doing but Facebook has refused to do — is to send emails and messages to everyone toughed by these things and explain that the Russians have manipulated the platform, Facebook and Twitter —

RUSH: (laughing)

MCNAMEE: — and in the process have manipulated the user. And give them all the examples that were sent and explain, “Hang on! We’re Americans. You may have liked the way the election turned out last time, but you might not like the next one or the one after that.”

So, again, these people cannot accept reality in any the direction. “Trump wins? Russia colluded with Trump to steal the election from Hillary!” Now Schumer and Durbin totally blow it, I mean, literally blow it to smithereens on the DACA deal with Trump — and it’s gotten even worse, by the way. The Democrats have caved even further on this! So, of course, that can’t be real. So it has to be that the Russians ginned up all of this Schumer Shutdown stuff via Twitter and Facebook.

And Facebook needs to send emails to all of its users telling them that the Russians are creating all of this fake news’ that it isn’t really real. These are the people, again, that created the entire premise of using bots to flood the zone with supposedly millions of people thinking alike politically who were opposed to conservatism, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, you name it. Now they’re claiming to be victims of all of this at the hands of the Russians.

And I get the biggest thrill — I really do — listening to these people flap their gums on this stuff. They’re so serious, and they’re so intellectual, and they are so concerned, and they wish us to be warned and realize that this is something that we’ve feared for a long time. And then you realize that every numskull watching MSNBC — which is, what, 500,000? They all believe it. They all believe it!

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