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RUSH: I have to tell you. I’m gonna be honest.  I was happy.  I was happy when the Democrats sat and didn’t applaud and didn’t stand up.  I was happy.  I wanted the American people to see it.  I was happy when Pelosi had her sourpuss face, gumming like the dentures had slipped or the Polident wasn’t working or something.  I loved it when they looked at each other with confusion as if to say, “They’re applauding that?”  (interruption) You were…? (interruption)

Come on, don’t tell me you were sad. (interruption)  Yeeeeeah.  You were sad when you saw the Congressional Black…? (interruption)   What do you think these people…? (interruption) Snerdley is saying he was sad when the Congressional Black Caucus sat there as statues and did not react even positively to the great news of African-American unemployment. (interruption)  I understand. “If we can’t agree on that, if we can’t agree that that’s good, then what are we gonna agree on?”  Did you think they would applaud that? (interruption)  You see, none of the Democrat behavior last night surprised me.

Folks, and I’m not saying this because I want you to… (sigh) what, think of me as brilliant?  I’m telling you the truth.  I know these people.  I know what makes ’em tick.  I know what they hate.  I know what animates ’em and motivates ’em.  I know what scares them, I know what excites them, and good news for America as it was portrayed last night? It’s not good news to them.  Not just the Congressional Black Caucasians but the entire Democrat caucus.  The Congressional Black Caucasians…

There were two black families that Trump highlighted last night who had lost families to crime committed by illegal immigrant gangs, MS-13.  The Congressional Black Caucasians didn’t even stand for that!  There wasn’t a dry eye in the House, and the Democrats were unmoved by it! And yet we are told that it’s the Democrat Party that owns compassion. It’s the Democrats that care, the Democrats that care about the little people.  But most Democrats did not stand.  There were four grieving parents last night whose daughters were killed by MS-13.

Joy Reid on MSNBC said, “MS-13?  Nobody knows what MS-13 is! Nobody cares what MS-13 is.  That’s a Fox News thing.  Nobody knows what that is.”  She also says… Let me find the Joy Reid bite. At one time, Joy Reid and the Democrats that you saw on the floor of the House last night were the outliers. Thirty years ago, 25 years ago, they were there. But they were considered to be the wacko extreme of the Democrat Party. Mainstream Democrats had to accommodate ’em, but they didn’t define who the Democrat Party was.

Those people have taken over now and what used to be the mainstream of the Democrat Party is gone.  Here’s a Joy Reid tweet.  She’s an MSNBC hostette.  She was livid at Trump talking about patriotic things, including family.  Here’s her tweet:  “Church, family, police, military, the national anthem.  Trump trying to call on all of those tropes of 1950s-era nationalism.  The goal of this speech appears to be to force the normalization of Trump on the terms of the bygone era his supporters are nostalgic for.”

That era is when church and family, the national anthem, the military were respected, supported.  That’s a bygone era! And in her world, I’m telling you it is.  In Joy-Ann Reid’s world, family is not anything like it used to be.  Family is however people want organize.  Family in America has, you know, Katie has two fathers or Katie has two mothers, whatever your family is.  In fact, the ideal American family is a gay married to a transgender with a eunuch kid.  That’s a great average American family today, and they’ve gotta be victims of something.

The average American family is a victim.  It doesn’t have enough benefits, is mistreated by its corporations, doesn’t have health care, whatever.  That’s the average American family.  People victimized and in need.  “Church?  Eh, that’s just old-fashioned — and the police, of course, they’re nothing but a bunch of marauding murderers.”  I’m telling you, 25 years ago on this program we would laugh at this — and we did, constantly — thinking nobody could ever believe this.  But now this has come to define the Democrat Party.

Trump makes a simple statement of patriotism last night, numerous times, and in response to that — in response to standing for the greatest symbol of freedom the world’s ever known, the American flag, the Capitol… Do you know they couldn’t even applaud their own Capitol?  I have to admit to you, I was moved by that.  The president talking about the Capitol, particularly the statue atop the dome, as the light, as the symbol, as the gift to the American people, epitomizing freedom and so forth.  In response to that amazing dedication — in response to standing up for the greatest symbol of freedom the world has ever known — the Democrats looked sullen.

They looked angry and they remained seated.

Now, tell me how you negotiate with that.  How do you cross the aisle and negotiate with that?  How do you find common ground with people who cannot and will not respond to a basic call of patriotism, who believe that it is racist or bigoted or discriminatory or exclusionary?

Democrats, throughout this past year… Look at what happened: They organized themselves against the American flag. They organized themselves against a song paying tribute to an impossibly brave fight for freedom. That would be the national anthem. The Democrat Party organized and supported actions against the flag, against the anthem.

To me, it’s the same thing as organizing against freedom itself, organizing against the inherent good in trusting individual human beings to know how to best pursue life, liberty, and happiness for themselves. And the Democrats happily protest that. They happily organize against it. And that, my friends, is much of what liberalism is all about: organizing against the interests of free people.

If you could take a picture of that, it would be last night in the House chamber where one patriotic display after another or one expression of thanks, every expression of gratitude, every recitation of support the Democrat Party sat on its hands. And didn’t just sit; they looked angry, confused, befuddled.

Donald Trump did reach across the aisle. Donald Trump did attempt to unify. He gave the left an opportunity to stand for freedom. And the Democrats refused. They steadfastly refused to stand for freedom. They’ve got a different definition of it.

And the media last night? After the speech, so many of them “It was kind of a letdown, Juan.” “Yeah. Yeah, Chris, it was kind of a dud of a speech. We were told the president was gonna reach across the aisle and try to extend the hand of compromise and unity with the Democrats. We didn’t see it, did we?”

And it was left to Dana Perino, little Dana Perino, who’s a Never Trumper, or was. I mean, I don’t know where she is now, but she’s a Never Trumper and it was left Dana Perino to say (paraphrasing), “You know, excuse me, you guys, but I can kind of see where the White House is coming from on this. I mean, who wouldn’t unify around great unemployment news? Who wouldn’t want to unify around the great news of African-American unemployment being as low as it’s been? Who wouldn’t want to unify around all of this great economic, robust recovery, new wages, new bonuses, who wouldn’t want to unify around that?”

And she was right on the money. And there were people looking confused and stupefied that they had missed that. I mean, how do you miss the beauty of that presentation last night? How do you miss it? How do you look at that and say, “Well, I don’t think Trump hit the right notes at all. He just didn’t hit it there, Juan. It was kind of a, I don’t know, missed the mark a little bit.”

And Juan Williams thought it was just short of a disaster. But, again, in their world, compromise means letting the Democrats have their way and win. Compromise means letting the Democrats run it. Compromise in this instance would mean Trump admitting that he has been a buffoon and realizing he’s gotta grow up and include the Democrats in his agenda, let them run it, that would have been Trump unifying.

Here’s our montage. Audio sound bite number 2. Rather than put together a montage of oddball things that Democrats said or great things that Trump said, what we did, we decided to illustrate via issues every statement here that you hear Trump make is an issue the Democrats sat on their hands for and made faces. They were angry, they were sullen, they were confused. Every example here that you will hear is when the Democrats refuse to applaud, refuse to join, and simply sat there looking angry.

THE PRESIDENT: The state of our union is strong because our people are strong. Since the election, we have created 2.4 million new jobs, 200,000 new jobs in manufacturing, rising wages. Unemployment claims have hit a 45-year low. African-American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded. Hispanic-American unemployment has also reached the lowest levels in history. The stock market has smashed one record after another, gaining $8 trillion and more in value. 401(k), retirement pension and college savings accounts have gone through the roof.

Millions of Americans will have more take-home pay. Three million workers have already gotten tax cut bonuses. Apple has just announced it plans to invest a total of $350 billion in America. ExxonMobil announced a $50 billion investment. Chrysler is moving a major plant from Mexico to Michigan. Toyota and Mazda are opening up a plant in Alabama. Last year the FDA approved more new and generic drugs and medical devices than ever before in our country’s history.

We have sent thousands and thousands and thousands of MS-13 horrible people out of this country. The coalition to defeat ISIS has liberated very close to 100 percent of the territory just recently held by these killers. Freedom stands tall over one more monument: this one. This Capitol. This living monument. This is the monument to the American people.

RUSH: Not one, not a single one of those statements was applauded by the Democrats. They all sat. And when Trump celebrated gutting Obamacare by getting rid of the individual mandate, oh, you should have seen that, if you didn’t. And then when Trump scorched the NFL again and the anthem protesters — I was waiting for Trump to really jam ’em up on climate change, but he didn’t go there last night on that. But that would have been, you know, the final dot under the exclamation point.


RUSH: Last night I was watching this thing, and near the end of it, a Democrat rose — this is at the bottom of my TV screen — a Democrat rose in frustration. All I could see was the guy’s back, but you could tell he rose in anger. And he made his way to the aisle, which was not a very long walk and turned around and darted out of there, and one other member of Congress patted him on the back as though the guy were in great pain or needed some encouragement.

And today I found out what that was all about. That was Democrat Congressman Luis Gutiérrez storming out of the House chamber as the chant “USA, USA” began. Luis Gutiérrez stormed out of the State of the Union Address Tuesday night as “USA, USA” chants erupted on the House floor.

Towards the end of the speech Gutiérrez was spotted on camera getting up and leaving the chamber after Trump praised the monuments: the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the United States Capitol, Martin Luther King, memorials to the heroes of Yorktown and Saratoga, the young Americans who shed their blood on the shores of Normandy and the field beyond. And that’s when the chants of “USA, USA” began. And that’s when Luis Gutiérrez, Democrat, Illinois, could take it no longer and stood and stormed out in anger. And these people think they’re gonna win the House in 2018?


RUSH:  Over on PMSNBC, they went to Tom Brokaw after the State of the Union. “Say, Tom, what are your thoughts?”  He said, “You know what?  I think it’s time to end the State of the Union.  We don’t need these speeches anymore.” Can you imagine Tom Brokaw or any of these other clowns suggesting we need to end the State of the Union after a bravura performance by Barack Hussein O?  It would never happen.  “Yeah, we need to end these.  It is a waste of time.  They don’t accomplish anything.

“Besides, Trump was too good.  It really doesn’t help us.  Trump does not look anything like we have been characterizing him for people.”  There were five… In addition to our montage, there were five things the Democrats refused to applaud.  There are more than this, but here are the five of note: the national anthem, tax cuts, record-low black unemployment, veterans, in God we trust.  Trump mentioned that “in God we trust” is right there over the podium in the House chamber — and the Democrats would not applaud that, either.

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