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RUSH: The Fox Business Network is reporting that Trey Gowdy will not seek reelection next year as a member of Congress from South Carolina.  So that makes 11 or 12. A lot of committee chairmen have announced their retirements on the Republican side.  Now Gowdy is saying he’s not coming back.  Jason Chaffetz has left and has joined Fox News as a commentator-analyst.  I think Fox pays better than the United States government does. I have no idea what Trey Gowdy is gonna do, but I’ll tell you this. I’m just gonna tell you. What was I watching? It had to be yesterday. It couldn’t have been last night.

It was Fox & Friends yesterday morning. I’m watching and they had their set, their remote set. They were on a hotel rooftop across the street from the White House, and there was about five or six of them on there.  On the far right was Trey Gowdy, and he didn’t look like a guest.  He looked like a member of that panel.  I’m just talking about the image that I got as a viewer.  He was interacting with that panel like he was a member of that team and not a guest, and I’ll share with you I had a thought.  I said, “I wonder if…?”

Well, I shouldn’t complete the thought.  But I had it.  I wondered if it was an audition.  I wondered if something was up, ’cause he looked like a panelist. You can tell when people are guests and they’re acting as guests, and that means they’re temporary occupants and when the segment is over they split.  Trey Gowdy looked like he was on the set as a team yesterday, a member of the team.  Anyway, he’s leaving and he’s good. (interruption) What are you shaking your head at in there? (interruption)  Yeah, you’re sad about it.

Okay.  I thought you were getting mad at me for analyzing it the way I am. (interruption) Well, no, ’cause I’m used to everybody being mad at me at one time or another for things I think or do.  It’s been my life.  So when I say something and people are shaking their heads I say (chuckling), “Uh-oh. How did they hear that?”


RUSH: Okay. We’ve learned a little more about why Trey Gowdy is retiring from Congress. He says, “I will not be filing for reelection or seeking any other political elective office. Instead, I’ll be returning to the justice system. Whatever skills I may have are better utilized in a courtroom than in Congress. And I enjoy our justice system more than our political system.” Trey Gowdy. Going back to justice system. I wonder if that could mean — no, I better not speculate. I’ll just wait and see. I’ll put my guess on a piece of paper, fold it up, and give it to you later. We’ll see what happens. Yeah.

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