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RUSH: “New York Times: People Aren’t Having Kids Because They’re Afraid Of Climate Change.” Now, what’s driving this story is the U.S. birthrate is below replacement levels, and the American life expectancy is contracting. Did you know that? The life expectancy in America is getting shorter despite all the advances in health and prosperity. That is being chalked up to the opioid crisis.

But the birthrate replacement levels, the simple way to define that is the birthrate replacement level is enough babies are born every year to maintain your country’s population. The ideal is population growth. Population growth equals economic growth. If a large percentage of the newly born will end up working as adults rather than becoming dependents, which is what the Democrats want for newborns, hence they try to get hold of ’em as early as day care, kindergarten and all that and start conditioning them for their future role as dependent Democrat voters.

So what the New York Times has done, they see the birthrate replacement level is below normal. And they have fought to combine another issue with that fact to push that issue, and that is climate change. So what the New York Times wants you to believe is the U.S. birthrate replacement level is below normal because people are unwilling to bring children into the world because the world is soon gonna be destroyed or uninhabitable. And who, what responsible, compassionate adult would want to bring into the world that isn’t gonna be there in 20 years or 30 a child?

“The New York Times reports that some would-be parents are actively avoiding having children because they believe an ‘exploding’ human population is contributing to climate change — and they want no part of it.”

I don’t know about you, but my whole life I have heard people say, “I wouldn’t have kids today. I wouldn’t bring a kid into this world.” And then those people go out and have kids. I think it’s nothing unique to come across a generation which has in it a certain number of people who think that it would be silly to have kids because the world is so dangerous, in such rotten shape, the future is so bleak that it would be inhumane. Every generation has people that say this and think it, and yet they go out and they become parents.

Here’s some pull quotes from this piece. “A dozen interviews with nervous environmentalists, the NYT found that women are going on birth control and men are practicing celibacy –” Wait. Somebody needs to help me here. How does one practice celibacy? By not engaging in it. That’s how you practice? But what are you practicing for? Like Churchill was once asked, “How can you have a glass of champagne with breakfast every day?” He said, “Practice.”

So how do you practice — the Patriots, they practice football every day. How do you practice celibacy? You just don’t do it. Is there an expertise in it you have to achieve? Okay. So what they’re saying here, they’re not actually practicing it; they’re engaging in it, right? Okay. So the New York Times found that “women are going on birth control, and men are being celibate just so they don’t have to live with the guilt that they brought about environmental ruin.” And I firmly believe that there are a whole bunch of liberals that actually think this. And you should too. You should not doubt this.

Folks, they have been raised on this.  They’ve been taught this starting with Saturday Morning Cartoons all the way into preschool, into junior high school, middle class, high school. They have been preached to that humanity is what’s destroying the planet.  In the old Rush to Excellence Tours back in the late eighties and early nineties, this was a feature of every stage performance I did, to focus on some of the outrageous things the environmentalist wackos were saying about, “The way to save this planet is to get rid of the people!”

That humanity is the greatest threat the planet knows, as though the planet cannot survive with one of God’s creations: Human beings.  This has been something that the left, the environmentalist wackos have been drumming into young skulls full of mush for as long as I’ve been doing this radio program.  So it’s not a surprise to me that people who’ve heard this have now become adults and literally believe it and are living their lives accordingly.  This is the damage that liberalism does!

This is how this intricate web of deceit gets woven throughout the fabric of our society in unwitting — otherwise good, innocent — people end up believing a bunch of tripe that they have been taught day in and day out their whole lives.  And for them it’s become an article of faith and almost a matter of religion.  They are saving the planet.  This is how these people are recruited!  They’re first blamed as being humans. “Humans destroy the planet! Humans destroying plant life. Humans destroying animals. Humans this and that. Humans destroying the climate and the environment with pollution, SUVs,” and redemption is always offered.

You can always redeem yourself for these sins that you have committed, and the first way is subscribe to the climate change theory, then vote Democrat, then donate Democrat, then support Big Government, and then support all policies designed to punish people who don’t believe in it.  And that’s how this all happens.  And it happens on every issue they’ve got from feminism to environmentalism.  We’re seeing this same kind of belief the way they have drummed up this belief that Trump cheated with Russia on the election.

This is not just something that they started accusing Trump of… Well, they did just start accusing Trump of it. But the premise behind this is that Republicans and conservatives are illegitimate and cheat. This is stuff that has been poured into people’s heads in the education system for years so that when they need to use it, all they need to do is say, “Trump colluded with Putin,” and automatically a third of the country believes it!  Because they have been conditioned and taught their whole lives that Republicans/conservatives are evil and everything else that they teach about conservatives.

And this is how… This is why the left has deemed it so important to own pop culture, because this is where habits are formed.  This is where lifelong beliefs are imprinted, and they are imprinted daily on people’s lives from very young age, and they just grow up believing this stuff.  So now we’ve gotten to the point where a lot of people believe that they don’t want the guilt of having done anything that might make the planet uninhabitable.

And if they believe what they’ve been taught about Paul Ehrlich and The Population Bomb — which has been demonstrated to be wrong on every prediction it made. This is the thing that’s so frustrating for us, for me, is that everything they believe — everything! Everything they believe is a lie. Everything they believe is the result of a political-agenda campaign, and they buy it hook, line, and sinker.  And you can’t talk them out of it because it’s become an emotional, almost religious part of their lives.

“According to the [New York Times], the couples have varying approaches to their childlessness, but all believe that it’s best…” Get this. “According to the [New York Times], the couples” here who admit to not having kids to save the planet “believe that it’s best humanity end its run, so as to prevent rising tides and melting [north and south] poles — and the [New York Times] reporter nods approvingly” and writes approvingly of what these people say.

“[H]aving a child is one of the costliest actions they can take environmentally.”  It’s right there in the New York Times story.  “[H]aving a child is one of the costliest actions they can take environmentally.” The people interviewed by the New York Times believe it is best that humanity cease to exist.  Not an exaggeration.  “One woman, who is on birth control in order to speed the slow self-destruction of the human species…” Stop and think: Here’s a woman seeking redemption. She has accepted the guilt and the blame that the media and the left has accused her of for destroying the planet, destroying the climate.

She’s accepted that.

She’s now on her redemption path, and she’s now on birth control.  Her redemption, her attempt at being absolved of the sin is to go “on birth control in order to speed the slow self-destruction of the human species.” She has been told and she accepts it and she is contributing it. Therefore she’s considers her life to be meaningful, that she is helping bring about the end of the human species by being unable to have children.  But it’s worse than that.  This woman who’s being quoted here says children “are not ‘congruent with a stable society.'”

“[S]he fears any kids she might have would be doomed to wander the deserts of a Mad Max-style dystopia, where children fight in Thunderdomes for cans of food.”  She’s seen it in a movie. She’s been told this is where we’re headed by people that she trusts. So her contribution to saving the planet is to not have kids.  She said this, folks.  I’m not making this up.  And the New York Times proudly, happily printed it!  “There is even a group called ‘Conceivable Future’ which organizes childless house parties where deeply concerned environmentalists can share their dire predictions for a horrifying future, and where they can pat each other on the back for the ‘life-saving’ and ‘future altering’ decision to avoid” having kids.

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