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RUSH: Even more evidence here, folks, that liberals are worried about a backlash to this #MeToo movement.

On Tuesday the COO at Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, criticized “The Pence Rule.” She wants it amended to make it more fair.

Now, the Pence Rule made headlines last year after Vice President Pence told the Washington Post he doesn’t eat alone with women other than his wife. He doesn’t go to events where alcohol is served, unless his wife is there. It’s common practice among evangelicals but it infuriated the Drive-By Media.

A few days ago, the Washington Post revisited the Pence Rule and they reported that in the #MeToo era, businesses are beginning to adopt it. They’re limiting mixed-gender travel, and male employees are cancelling one-on-one meetings with female colleagues. Even friendly hugs are taboo.

Ms. Sandberg isn’t pleased. She says men avoiding these interactions represents a big setback for the babes. “Don’t want to have dinner alone with a female colleague? Fine,” she says. “But make access equal: No dinners alone with anyone. Breakfast or lunches for all or group dinners only. Nothing one-on-one,” she says. “Whatever you choose, treat women and men equally.”

Ms. Sandberg, if you want to implement the Sandberg Rule at Facebook, then do it. But the Pence Rule is what it is and you don’t get to change it.

How’s that for fairness? You live the way you want to and leave the rest of us alone!

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