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RUSH: Scott, Jacksonville, Florida. Great to have you on the program, sir. What’s up.

CALLER: iPhone X mega dittos. Conservatives like myself, Rush, I mean, we voted for Republicans hoping to roll back all this government spending. And now I hear today that Congress, the Senate and the House, they’ve come to this agreement, everybody’s happy, and listen, I’m a Navy veteran. I’m glad for more military spending, but this is gonna add $300 billion to the deficit, so my question, Rush, is how do we as conservatives kind of justify this?

RUSH: You know, it’s a great question, and I was communicating with some friends before the program today on this, and I was telling them — I probably should not admit this, because it changes for me day to day. But I have to tell you, this whole budget thing, I think I’m immune to it now. I realized I’ve been caught up in this budget business for as long as I’ve been hosting this program, and I realized a couple things.

Spending never decreases. There’s one time in 30 years where the budget was balanced, in 1995, for one year, I think, yeah, ’95, ’96. Other than that, this is smoke and mirrors. The budget, we never spend less money than we spent the year before. We always spend more, no matter who we elect and no matter who’s in the White House and who runs Congress.

And then I got to realizing that I think one of the reasons so many Republicans are signing on to this is a silly reason, but in their world it makes sense. We’ve got, if this happens, a two-year budget deal, right? You know what that means? They don’t have to worry about being blamed for a government shutdown for two years! That alone is worth signing it, is it not? They’re probably gonna throw a party tonight because they’re not gonna be blamed for a government shutdown.

Every time we get an increase in military spending, there is no accompanying cutback anywhere else, despite the fact the news today: Food stamp enrollment drops by four million in one month. You think we’re gonna cut the food stamp program? Hell’s bells, no way. Whoever runs these budget departments doesn’t want less money than they had last year. We advertise for food stamp recipients when we begin to lose them. We gotta keep the budget.

I know I’m sounding kind of cynical here, but it’s not cynicism. It’s a realization that all the arguments, the budget fight every year is the best weapon the Democrats have to portray Republicans as racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes, of no compassion, who hate and want to starve kids. It never changes. Meanwhile, we’re told that the national debt’s gonna wipe us out, that the deficit’s gonna wipe us out. We’ve gotta get a handle on the deficit. It’s growing because the national debt is growing.

And I know theoretically all this is bad, but in the real world all of the apocalyptic warnings I grew up hearing have yet to happen. The national debt has not choked us. The national debt is not destroyed us. We may be living in the middle of the destruction and don’t see it yet, but for some reason I didn’t get caught up in it. I think one of the reasons why is I’m not personally affected by these never ending allegations of being responsible for a government shutdown.

That’s one of the most frustrating things to me that that has been allowed to succeed the way it has. And, Scott, I really think it’s the driving force in getting this thing signed. And you’ll notice, what about immigration? Pelosi, she does her eight-hour stupid little filibuster. Did you hear what she said during this filibuster? She said that one of her grandsons or nieces wishes he were darker skinned.

Now, what is that about? That’s simply the Democrats trying to continue to build their bridge to minorities and illegal immigrants and African-Americans and so forth, white privilege and white guilt. “Oh, my God, I feel so bad, my grandson wishes he were darker and there’s nothing I can do about it. I feel so bad.” That’s supposed to — I don’t know what it’s supposed to do. Frankly, folks, it’s just more than I can handle.

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