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RUSH: Last weekend, linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts Edwin Jackson was killed, along with his Uber driver, when Manuel Orrego-Savala — wonder where he’s from — plowed into their vehicle. The perp was drunk at the time, they say, and was in the country illegally though he had been deported twice.

On Tuesday, President Trump tweeted about it calling for tougher immigration enforcement and offered prayers and best wishes to Jackson’s family.

On Wednesday, the driver was charged with four felonies: Two for leaving the scene and two more for being intoxicated and causing the deaths of two men.

Now after charging the driver, the Marion County prosecutor — a Democrat — went off on Trump.

Terry Curry, the prosecutor, said he was “disheartened that ghoulish and inappropriate public commentary” had politicized the tragedy. Curry claimed the president failed to acknowledge that two people had lost their lives.

What Curry fails to acknowledge is that this tragedy and others like it are political, because one political party – his Democrat Party – gives sanctuary to perps like this, refuses to secure our borders, and gets in the way of people trying to enforce the law!

The president has every right to comment on these events. It’s appropriate, it’s necessary if we’re ever going to overcome Democrat obstruction on this.

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