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RUSH: Over the weekend, Politico ran a hit piece on Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly. Politico is trying to turn a White House staff-secretary’s resignation into a national security scandal, and trying to lay the blame on General Kelly for letting the guy work in the White House without a full security clearance.

According to Politico, that’s a big, big no-no. “Every person who has access to the most sensitive pieces of intelligence must be supremely trustworthy, capable of being kept in the highest cones of silence,” they say. “If they leak information, they potentially jeopardize lives of intelligence agents or sources in the field.”

Now maybe we could take these drive-by-media types seriously if we hadn’t just lived through eight years of Obama and Hillary.

None of these drive-by-media clowns were a bit concerned when classified material was on her server in her bathroom for all the world to pry into.

We didn’t see articles criticizing the highly classified material found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop — sent by his wife, Huma Weiner, because Hillary supposedly couldn’t figure out how to print it.

There was no concern over national security when people in sensitive positions were unmasked by Obama’s people conducting their politically motivated spy operations.

So, you know what? Nice try, Politico. But stuff it! Try a new angle. Too much hypocrisy here even for you people on the left.

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