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RUSH: Wisconsin has so many job openings right now there aren’t enough people to fill them. So elected officials and businesses are hoping a new ad campaign will attract Millennials into the state to fill those jobs.

Ha! Millennials are going to work? Ha! The state is at full employment. The unemployment rate is only 3%. In the capital city of Madison, the unemployment number is less than 2%.

And that is before the arrival of a new plant from Taiwan. Foxconn is investing $10 billion to open up a 20 million-square-foot campus in Mount Pleasant where they’ll make liquid-crystal-display screens for use in smartphones, cars, and TVs. This one facility is expected to bring in another 13,000 jobs which have to be filled.

Not too long ago Millennials were in a funk. They were graduating from college with no jobs and huge student loans hanging over their heads. They were forced to move back in with mom and dad — and with the labor markets stagnant it looked like they’d be stuck living in the basement forever.

But today, there are opportunities galore. Businesses are running ads to entice these Millennials out of the basements  to stand on their own two feet and work.

I guess the “new normal” is that jobs and opportunity are back.

The question is: Do you think these Millennials know why this is happening? Do they really know?

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