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RUSH: Jose in Chicago. Jose, thank you for calling, and I appreciate your patience. Hi.

CALLER: Yes. Hello. Man, I’ve been listening to you for four years, and man, you’re a genius. The reason why I called was when you played the students about how they’re so fearful, but yet nobody talks about how Chicago is, how there’s so much mass killing. And mind you, this is one of the most strict gun control cities in all America. Yet there’s more killing happening here than anywhere else. Really, what they’re doing is taking guns from good people, you know, like from people that can protect themselves. You know, I was born and raised in Chicago my whole life, and it’s… You know, like, it’s sad. But, you know, a lot of my friends I have died since I was 9, at least 30, and… (chuckles) Man, I can’t believe I’m on, so I’m nervous.

RUSH: Wait a minute. You have lost…? You have lost 30 friends?


RUSH: Thirty people you knew have died since you were nine years old?

CALLER: And I’m 26 right now.

RUSH: Wow. That’s more than the Clintons. No.

CALLER: About 30 people I grew up with and friends, you know. I mean, for me, it’s more like you get numb to it.

RUSH: You have to. Of course, but, see, Jose, here’s the thing. If anybody in this current argument were to bring up Chicago, it has been tried. They are shouted down. “You can’t compare those. Those two different things. Those are handguns in Chicago. This was an AR-15, this is one in Florida. You can’t compare the two.” They won’t let you because of course when you start comparing the two, Chicago’s much worse, where nobody is doing a damn thing about it. Right?

CALLER: Yeah, and that’s the thing. Like, people want to talk about other places, about what’s going on around the country. Let’s talk about Chicago and let’s talk about all the killing. And mind you, these are Hispanic and black neighborhoods. I mean, I don’t know, like, to me that’s like something, is there a reason why, like, oh, we shouldn’t care because of that? It’s just unbelievable.

And I also wanted to say, the mayor of this city, a majority of Chicagoans really hate the mayor. He really did a lot of awful things and a lot of things that people don’t really talk about. I’m sorry for getting off subject but, you know, like he closed about a hundred schools in the South side and west side of Chicago in poor neighborhoods. And this was about, like, I believe about three years ago. And I’m pretty sure, I’m pretty sure he’s not gonna become mayor anymore because the majority of people do not like him, and you don’t even know how many bad decisions and bad choices —

RUSH: Okay, what’d I miss something here? You transitioned. Does the mayor have something to do with the shootings or lack of action against them or something?

CALLER: It’s not that. It’s just basically he put blames on more people than actually dealing with the core itself. Chicago itself is very segregated, very segregated.

RUSH: Right. Oh, you’re saying he shut down the — I’m missing why the schools were shut down, but — oh, he was changing the subject on me. Oh! Okay. Okay. Oh, he changed subject to bash the mayor. Well, that’s perfectly fine here. I got no quarrel with that. Jose, thanks for the call. I appreciate it. I’m up against it on time. I just have an interesting stat. I very much enjoy pointing out things to expose the phoniness of people.

Now, what is it that the left, the Democrats, the media, let’s just say the media because they’re the face of this, what is the media trying to do with our emotions by hyping the students and their protests and the shooting in Florida, the high school, what are they really trying to do? What are they upset about? What do they want us to be upset about? What is it that is unacceptable about all this? And it is the death of the students, is it not? That’s the outrage.

All of the students who died and, by extension, others who are dying after being shot, except in certain places like Chicago where you can’t bring it up. So death is the thing that has everybody upset, right? Unnecessary, needless, wanton death. Is that the animating emotion here? I’m asking. Folks, I’m not making a point yet. I’m asking if I’ve got this right. Or is it hatred for guns that is animating the passion and the emotion here and the energy from the Drive-Bys?

I’ve got a reason for asking. It’s this. If it’s death, if the media — and by extension, the Democrats, the American left — if they are really, really just beyond the pale with grief and sorrow over the death of these kids, then why don’t we suggest banning the wheel? Do you know how many kids die in automobile accidents?

According to the FBI, knives kill far more people than rifles in America, and it’s not even close. Recent stats from 2016 show that knives kill five times as many people as rifles in 2016. According to the FBI, 1,600 people were killed by knives and cutting instruments, and 374 were killed by rifles in 2016. Where’s the sense of proportion here? Of course, that’s why this is politics. I mentioned this to illustrate how it is political. There is no knife control movement. And there is no serious movement to ban cars except in the global warming crowd.

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