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RUSH: Nancy Pelosi was in Phoenix this week still ranting about the Trump tax cuts. She tried to upgrade her rhetoric. Instead of calling the tax cuts “crumbs” and making fun of the people who appreciate them, she exploited a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King.

“God never intended one group of people to live in superfluous, inordinate wealth while others live in abject deadening poverty,” she told a town hall audience.

Immediately, something very unusual happened. A woman in the crowd called out two questions: “How much are you worth, Nancy? Are you in abject poverty?”

Instead of answering honestly, Pelosi snapped: “We’re not talking about that.” We’re not talking about me! She added that she can “talk louder than anybody else” – because she’s raised five kids.

Well, I, too, can quote famous personalities. James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, had the perfect response to Pelosi’s boast about talking louder than anybody.

In 1972, he released “Talkin’ Loud and Sayin’ Nothing.” At the time, James Brown said the song was aimed at “politicians who were running their mouths but had no knowledge of what life was about” for a lot of Americans. Politicians who tell people one thing, while manipulating their emotions for personal gain.

It fits Nancy and other Democrats to a tee. And by the way, her “inordinate wealth” comes in at about $100 million. So, no, she’s not in abject poverty by a long stretch.

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