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RUSH: At liberal New York University in liberal New York City they eat, sleep, and breathe political correctness. But sometimes, being politically correct doesn’t quite work out as planned.

Case in point: Some genius at NYU decided on a “special meal” to honor Black History Month. So a menu was planned to appeal to those who celebrate.

Sophomore Nia Harris showed up at the Weinstein Passport Dining Hall and saw the “special” menu items.

“This is what it’s like to be a black student at NYU,” she posted on social media. “I literally had to explain why displaying watermelon and Kool-Aid in celebration of Black History Month was not only racially insensitive but just ignorant.”

Now, Ms. Harris didn’t mention it, but the school also served collard greens, folks.

When she complained, Harris says she was bounced from person to person. She finally wrote a letter to the dean, suggesting that instead of patronizing minority students with watermelon, Kool-Aid, and ribs, that NYU should ask the students how they want to celebrate Black History Month.

Now, as the story hit the news, NYU President Andrew Hamilton apologized for the “inexcusably insensitive” meal. He blamed the school’s food contractor, and suspended the director of the dining hall.

Now the staff will be required to undergo “sensitivity training” at a liberal university, which is going to work about as well as CNN town halls do.

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