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RUSH: This is Joni in Kansas City, Missouri. Welcome. Great to have you on Open Line Friday.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’m so honored to be on your show.

RUSH: Thank you. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you. I am calling in from Kansas City, Missouri. I’m a 43-year-old former liberal. I started listening to your show back in the second term of Obama. Regrettably, I voted for Obama in the first term. But listening to you has educated me, totally swung me to the other side. (laughing) I voted for my first Republican when I voted for Trump.

RUSH: I think people would like to know, Joni, how did this happen? What was it? I mean, here you are. You start listening in the second term of Obama. You voted for Obama; you’re an avowed, committed liberal, and then all of a sudden start listening top of this program and you begin to moderate and change your mind. What was it that did it?

CALLER: The same thing pretty much everybody feels. It’s the same old thing where we’re not getting better. We’re only becoming worse with the country just not getting better. And I was fed up. So I was looking for a way to be educated on really what was going on. I couldn’t find it in the main news. So I start listening to you, which really opened my eyes and thank gosh it has. I listen to you every day.

RUSH: Well, you know, it’s superb you had an open mind to it. A lot of people do what you did but they get mad, and they start throwing things. They still listen, but they don’t convert. But you did. You were open to it. Somehow, you were reachable. Common sense and penetrating, undiluted, raw truth found its way to your soul. And today, here you are a happy member of the EIB crowd. That’s great. I thank you very much. It’s evidence that it happens and evidence that it can happen. What really brought it about?

She believed all this stuff, but nothing ever got better. She’s listening to Obama wax eloquent about, you know, the sea levels are gonna start receding and all this utopian stuff. We’re gonna get happier, and all she hears about is she can keep her insurance plan and her doctor. She doesn’t get to do that. And then she hears that the economy’s in a new state, sort of a moderate decline, and she’s gotta get used to that. It’s a new America. America’s best days are behind us.

We’re not necessarily empowered to say that bad guys like Iran or North Korea shouldn’t have nuclear weapons. And then she sees Obama deliver a pallet load of cash to the Iranians to release some American hostages and doing everything he can to further Iran getting a nuclear weapon, a nuclear infrastructure. And she says, “This isn’t making any sense,” and so she turned here for answers. Fortunately, she got them. I’m glad you’re out there, Joni. Thanks much.

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