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RUSH: Before Donald Trump assumed office, do you remember the global liberal freak-out? Once Trump became president, America would supposedly be isolated. We would lose our world leadership position.

But, as we saw at the recent Davos economic summit, the opposite happened. To the chagrin of the media, President Trump was treated like a rock star. Well, this week in France, something else poked holes in the Drive-By’s never-ending anti-Trump campaign.

The French minister of the interior presented details of President Emmanuel Macron’s new immigration plan, and they sound very familiar. Macron wants to put strict limits on the number of asylum seekers who can get into France. And he wants law enforcement to speed up deportations. He is also getting tough on illegal immigrants who commit crimes like using stolen identity papers to avoid deportation.

The minister of the interior explained that Macron’s immigration plan “works on two guiding principles: France must welcome refugees, but it cannot welcome all economic migrants.”

The Drive-By Media here and abroad are aghast! They’re accusing Macron of being “cruel” to immigrants. They say he is risking “his image as a humane globalist.” But French voters overwhelmingly approve. So, it turns out that President Trump isn’t despised overseas. He’s being copied. By the French no less! Is global warming exit next?

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