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RUSH: On Monday, the Supreme Court took up a case that could end one of America’s biggest money-laundering operations.

The plaintiff is a guy named Mark Janus. He’s an Illinois state worker who decided not to join the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Workers. It’s a government union. But he was still forced to pay union dues. He says this violates his First Amendment rights.

Now, this case is nearly identical to a case that ended in a 4-4 deadlock at the Supreme Court when Justice Scalia died suddenly. The newest member of the court, Neil Gorsuch, is expected to agree with Mr. Janus and cast the deciding vote to end forced-union dues.

The biggest loser would be the Democrat Party. Even though up to a third of union members vote Republican, the unions provide Democrats well over $100 million every election cycle. In 2016, the four biggest unions donated $166 million to Democrats. Dues-paying members and non-members have no say in how their dues are spent.

It’s a well-oiled money-laundering scheme. In return for millions in “campaign donations,” the Democrats grant unions big contracts paid for by the taxpayers.

Now for two weeks, liberals everywhere have been frothing at the mouth over the supposed influence of the NRA. The NRA is a piker! It took them 20 years to spend $200 million; the unions spend $166 million every year. 

But hopefully, it’s over, once the court makes its decision.

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