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RUSH: So last month Oakland, California, a sanctuary city, ordered city employees not to help federal immigration agents apprehend illegals. Democrat Mayor Libby Schaaf announced that she’d be willing to go to jail to protect illegal immigrants in her city.

Last Saturday, Mayor Schaaf issued a special alert on Twitter. She warned illegal immigrants that ICE was about to conduct operations in the Bay area. Raids could take place within 24 hours, she said.  “As Mayor of Oakland I am sharing this information publicly, not to panic our residents, but to protect them.”

Panic erupted anyway. Immigration advocates were flooded with calls, presumably from the large illegal immigrant community that calls Oakland home.

And, it’s true, under Trump, ICE has ramped up the number of sweeps targeting illegal immigrants. But ICE is targeting and deporting those with criminal histories, for crimes including rape, murder, domestic and child abuse, and human trafficking.

So in her zeal to prove her anti-Trump, pro-illegal-immigrant credentials, this Democrat mayor, sworn to uphold the law, warned criminals how to evade the law so they can continue to roam free in her city.

Mayor Libby Schaaf is a disgrace to her office. But make no mistake, to her fellow lawless Democrats, she is a hero.

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