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RUSH: Cedar Rapids and Ken. Great to have you, sir. I’m glad you called. How are you?

CALLER: Yeah. Doing good. Hey, Rush, when discussing the corruption in the FBI, I’m starting to get a little irritated with hearing conservative pundits. They always stop and they always emphasize and say, “We’re just talking about the top tier, not rank-and-file.” And so two thoughts come to mind. No. 1, how do they know that? And the second thought is I think… Frankly, I’m afraid that Lisa Page and Peter Strzok are not aberrations. They’re the norm. I’ve seen pictures of them. They look relatively young so, you gotta think, “Okay. What kind of culture did they go through? What kind of school system did they go through?” And note I said “school system.” We don’t have an educational system anymore. So I think it’s just wishful thinking to think that it’s just the top tier. I think it goes much deeper —

RUSH: I know what you mean. I think some of the people who say that say it hoping that it’s correct, that it’s not throughout the rank and file. Others actually know some people in the FBI. I know a lot of people in the FBI, formerly in the FBI, and they’re appalled by this. Jim Kallstrom’s one. He goes on television frequently to talk about how distressing this is. He loves the FBI. He has every bit of faith in it in the world. He just hates seeing this. But I’m like you; I think it’s probably more widespread than we want to believe. That’s just… I think people are covering their bases ’cause they don’t want to paint broadly with a big brush and be accused of identifying people as bad actors when they’re not.

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