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RUSH: First Lady Melania Trump is at this moment, as we speak, visiting a child detention center in McAllen, Texas. Can I make another prediction?

Before the end of the day, some snarky liberal will tweet or some other way say something like, “I notice she didn’t take her son and leave him there. Big deal! So she goes to a detention center and then leaves. Big whoop! I didn’t see her leave her son there.” Mark my words. Somebody — some snarky, deranged leftist (and it may be somebody in the Drive-By Media) — will say something along those lines.


RUSH: Melania Trump. Didn’t they tell us not long ago she was wishing she could divorce Trump and get out of the White House and that’s why she hadn’t appeared anymore? Well, she’s down at a child detention center in McAllen, Texas. Sound bite 24. Here is a little bit of what she said there.

MELANIA: I’m here to learn about your facility in which I know you have children on a long-term basis. And I’d also like to ask you how I can help these children reunite your families as quickly as possible. So thank you, again, for all that you do. And thank you as well. Thank you for what you do. Thank you very much.

RUSH: Next up, she asks how often the kids are able to speak to family. Let’s see, now… Let’s just listen. I have enough time here to study it. Let us listen to this together and find out exactly what this is.

MELANIA: I heard you have 58 children here, and those children, how many times they speak with their relatives or families, per week, for example?

MAN: The children are allowed to communicate with the family twice a week.

MELANIA: Mmm-hmm.

MAN: They get a ten-minute phone call. First we have to ensure that the persons that they’re contacting in their families are indeed their family. So there is a process. We have to follow all of our policies and regulations and make sure that we identify — positively identify — that the persons that they’re communicating with are indeed their family. And that can lead to verification of birth certificates, photo identification. But they do communicate with their families.

RUSH: Were you able to understand that? I couldn’t. (interruption) Okay. If I had not had a transcript, I wouldn’t know what one word that guy said. But what he was saying is… ‘Cause a lot of people say, “What do you mean, twice a week? Why, that’s like the Nazis!” This guy said “No, we have to make sure it’s really family they’re talking to. We don’t know who their families are in many cases. We just have their word for it. We gotta find out what’s being said.” Look, this place is overrun with people with criminal intent. But that, of course, is another subtlety that we’re not allowed to factor in.


RUSH: Another prediction: Look for the story on Melania Trump visiting the detention center to be because she knows how bad they are and how mean they are, and she went down there to get a firsthand view of just how rotten Trump’s policy is. You wait.

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