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RUSH: We had a caller yesterday talking about strange weather, the really weird weather, the weather is really, really odd. I said, “There’s no such thing as odd weather. That’s a thing that’s used by people to politicize it. The weather is what it is. It isn’t odd or unusual.” Then I cited the 1911 heat wave. You remember all that.

I got a note from our official climatologist, Dr. Roy Spencer, University of Alabama Huntsville who said, “You’re right, you’re right, exactly right. There is no weather craziness. Except –” and then he gave me a stat. You ready for this? This is only the second time — this is gonna blow you away. This had not registered to me. This is only the second time in history since we’ve been keeping records with no deaths due to tornadoes in the months of May and June.

Have you seen any big tornado news this year? There hasn’t been any. And it’s unusual. There are always people dying from tornadoes. None. This is only the second time. The last time this happened was in 2005. And overall, there’s been a long-term decrease in strong tornadoes since the 1950’s. We’re currently near a record low for tornado activity so far this year. I wanted to mention that.

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