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RUSH: Now, I found out it’s Fox Business. I don’t know who. It doesn’t matter. It’s Fox Business claiming that Putin ate Trump’s lunch in the joint presser because Trump didn’t push back on anything. Now, I know that on balance, the Fox Business Network is Trump friendly. At least they’re not Trump opposition like the rest of the Drive-Bys are. But, you know, folks, it amazes me. I don’t mean this to sound condescending in any way. It’s just genuinely surprising. How many years has Trump been on the public scene now as a candidate and as president?

It’s 3-1/2 years or longer? It was 2015. Yeah, 3-1/2 years. In fact, it’s almost three years — three years and a month, maybe — that Trump’s been on the scene. It’s a year and a half as president, and it’s kind of surprise to me how even many Trump supporters have not figured him out yet, particularly in light of the recent European Union and NATO thing and then the summit that he had in the U.K. with Theresa May. There is a Trump pattern, and it’s not hard to spot, and it is this.

That Trump in public, like in a joint press conference, is much different (we only learn this later, though) than the Trump in these private negotiations. Look at what happened with Theresa May in the U.K., for example. Apparently in the private negotiations, Trump was told her everything in the world she’s doing wrong on this Brexit business and offered her some assistance and some advice and some help on getting this done right, because Theresa May, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, is trying to get out of Brexit.

She’s part of the crowd that doesn’t think they ought leave the European Union, and she’s trying to arrange what’s called a “soft Brexit,” which means really no exit from the European Union at all. This is in utter defiance of the expressed will of the citizens of the U.K. by virtue of their votes. She’s in deep doo-doo even with some of her own cabinet over this, and Trump privately tried to advise her about it. That then produced that story in the U.K. Sun featuring all these details about how Trump disrespected her and Trump mocked her and Trump this and Trump that — and then Trump had the audacity to go sit in Winston Churchill’s easy chair!

Of course that’s somehow outrageously offensive, but Barack Obama sending the Churchill bust packing out of the Oval Office when he became president? That’s not a big deal. ” That’s understandable. Obama wouldn’t like Churchill. Obama doesn’t like colonialism, and that’s what the Brits did. Churchill is leading light, one of the leading figures, so get rid of the bust!” So here’s Trump sitting in the Churchill’s chair and they went bonkers. But then in the press conference that followed, Trump was as open, supportive, nice, sweet toward Theresa May as he could be.

Okay. So let’s move that forward to today where there was a much longer bilateral negotiation than was forecast. Originally, an hour had been set aside for deep talks between Trump, Putin, and their aides. Of course, the Drive-Bys in advance said, “This is really bad! Trump ought not go in there by himself. Trump doesn’t know what he’s gonna be doing. Trump is outclassed. Trump is gonna be eaten up and spit out. Trump is a disaster. Trump shouldn’t be sitting alone with this KGB officer! It’s a dumb thing to do. Trump’s an idiot. Oh, my God.

“We’re gonna get killed; we’re all gonna die,” whatever it was. Trump and Putin had their meeting, and they were not alone. They each had translators and aides and our ambassador, Jon Huntsman, was in there and so forth. Crimea and a bunch of other things comes up. We don’t know yet what happened. Haven’t been any leaks. We don’t know yet what happened in the private talks. But now we come to the joint press conference and, “Oh, look how nice Trump is and look how unoffensive Trump is.

“Look how Trump doesn’t want to say anything to offend Putin.” Look, folks. Trump behind the scenes is a much different person than the Trump we see in these joint pressers, and I think some of it is manners. I know that may be sophistry to many of you because… Well, not many of you, but many people don’t even think Trump has manners because they don’t think Trump has any class. But he does. He’s a perfect gentleman when he wants to be and can be. But look what he’s up against. He’s over here in Helsinki, and he has to give Putin the opportunity to shine.

I’m sure that Trump judged for whatever reason — and we don’t know yet — that it would be very advantageous for Putin to shine. Now, one of the aspects of that — and I know some of you are gonna laugh at this or maybe get offended, but it’s a factor. Putin is a short guy, and he does too compensate for it with a bunch of macho outward appearances like the shirtless look on the back of the horse and all that. But this is by no means over, and we know that Trump will get tough if he hasn’t already, like he did in England, like he did with the NATO people.

He was perfectly fine with Theresa May at that presser, but he laid her out on Brexit and trade in an interview that was reported later. Trump does not give up his objectives. He does not compromise his objectives. He’s not looking for idolatry from Vladimir Putin. The press would like you to believe that Trump is totally impressed by Putin, that he’s taken by him. In fact, he looks at Putin with star-struck eyes. The media believed this themselves. I’m convinced they do. They think that Trump looks at Putin and sees the guy he wishes he was.

That Trump wants to be Putin, that Trump wants to be an oligarch-autocrat, that Trump wants to have that kind of power that Putin’s got, that he’s envious of Putin. So, therefore, he kisses up to Putin, and he goes soft on Putin. They recall believe this. But Trump is about one thing: Making America great, restoring America, having America win. That’s Trump’s objective, overall. How he gets there is not that hard to decipher, and yet people refuse to learn it. People refuse to see it, when it’s a pattern that you can deduce after every such meeting that Trump has.

So let’s just wait and find out what went on behind closed doors in the two-hour meeting that was only supposed to be one, and don’t… By the way, don’t get distracted by all of this talk of whether Trump confronted Putin on them meddling. Do you realize when these two get together, what a minor point that is? None of this… Even if it were as bad and as real as theme want to believe, it’s not gonna be solved in a meeting like this. You’re not gonna have Putin come out and say (impression), “You know what?

“President Trump was very insistent that we stop spying and I like President Trump and he really told me the way it is, so we are going to stop meddling in your elections.” That’s not gonna happen, and Trump’s not gonna sit there… Like Obama didn’t tell Putin to “cut it out.” He just said that he did. Can you actually see these people in the meeting Putin and Obama in a meeting and Trump says (impression), “Look, you know what? I’ve had it with you and our election. Cut it out!” It didn’t happen!

It doesn’t happen between leaders at this level. It is a minor point compared to everything else going on. But to the media it’s the only thing that matters because that’s how they’re gonna get rid of Trump, which they still haven’t decided to give up on. So to them the only thing that matters is what happened over Russian meddling, and did Trump call Putin out or did he not? Because if they can report that Trump didn’t call Putin out, then they can report that Trump may be in on it, or that Putin might have blackmailable material on Trump.

That’s why they have lost all respect. It’s why they become a laughingstock. They’re singularly focused on something for which there is no evidence. They’re all invested in nothing but hope that magic is gonna happen and something is going to appear that will prove all of these baseless, mindless allegations of two years, when the real, to me, continuing frustrating thing of this is that there were crimes of collusion that happened, on the Hillary side!

That entire Steele dossier, that entire thing which was used to secure a FISA warrant was nothing ever but opposition research manufactured to look like legitimate intel, but it was never intel. It was all made up! And yet it forms one of the two bases, or three, for this worthless, unnecessary, ongoing investigation which is to cover up the criminal activity of the Democrats and the Clintons. Pure and simple.

That’s what’s so mind-boggling about this. And yet the media, which means the Democrat Party, is so hell-bent still on getting rid of Trump that to them the only thing that matters is the Trump-Putin relationship that they have constructed that says Trump is a Putin ally, that Trump is a Putin asset, that Trump is a Putin spy, that Trump has been secretly working to implement Putin’s sabotage of the United States since 1987. That’s all they can see.

Whatever question they have. If they ask a question about Crimea, if they ask a question about Ukraine in general, if they ask a question about anything, it all is gonna come down in their warped minds to the relationship between Trump and Putin where Trump is a Russian spy, essentially, because Putin has compromising information on him. That’s all that matters to them. That’s why they’re a laughingstock. That’s why they miss the real substance of these summits and these meetings and what’s going on.

Newt Gingrich has a book out that’s chronicling all of the massively positive, great changes that have occurred just in the last year and a half. And just a summary. It’s a striking, striking list of solid achievements and advances, great advances for the people of this country. You never know about it. None of it’s reported because the Drive-Bys are still obsessed with getting Trump.

And that’s all today was. That’s all they’re gonna be talking about the rest of the afternoon on cable news. Is how Trump poorly performed, Trump let Putin walk all over him ’cause Trump can’t call Putin out because Trump knows that Putin could expose him any time he want. That’s what they are reporting. That’s what they want you to believe they believe. That’s what they want you to end up believing that Trump is essentially a Russian asset, an informant, spy.


RUSH: Remember they all said that Trump was too nice to Kim Jong-un after they had the first summit meeting there in Singapore? And, by the way, I just heard Christiane Amanpour talking about this very thing, that Trump is a different guy in private than he is in public. So some of these clowns are getting it. But it ought not be that hard. It is a pattern. You got people that don’t want to see Trump for who he is, that still want to try to characterize him as something he’s not.

Now, I was gonna go to the phones now but I just got two late edition sound bites that I had asked for right as the program began. We’ve been working feverishly here, and Joe is out again today. Joe’s out. And so we got a lot of pressure up there trying to get this stuff out. We’re a little bit time crunched in getting it out as quickly as we’ve been able to.

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