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RUSH: So what explains this? I know I’ve kind of teased this, but I’m gonna get to the point. I’m gonna give you a possibility, and it goes against the grain, again, of conventional wisdom. And I always am against the grain on conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom is groupthink. I have never been part of groupthink.

I mean, it’s not that I have to try not to be part of it; I’m not. I don’t think the way groups think. I certainly don’t think the way this mob, this out-of-control, irrational, meltdown mob of the entirety of the U.S. media, Democrat Party, much of the Republican Party and the entire Washington establishment, they’re strangers to me.

I could never think as they think. But they all think it, and they all think it in unison, without even talking to each other. I think there is a possibility here that we are watching the deep state, the establishment, the media, the Democrat Party, I think that we are watching them desperately try to keep this Russian collusion conspiracy theory alive. And I think that they would have reacted the same exact away no matter what had happened in that press conference yesterday.

I don’t care what Donald Trump said, would have said, did say, didn’t say. It wouldn’t matter. This was the planned reaction. This was all set up with the announcement last Friday of the indictment of 12 more Russians that will never see the inside of a courtroom by Robert Mueller. But I think the reaction to that indictment is much different than what we have thought.

I think when Rod Rosenstein went out and announced this indictment, and then admitted that no votes were affected by this Russian meddling — that the outcome of not a single election was affected by what these Russians are alleged to do in this indictment — it caused a panic to ripple throughout the deep state, throughout the Democrat Party and the media. I think it was seen as, “Oh, my God. Mueller doesn’t have the goods!” I think these people have believed…

They’ve gone to bed every night and they’ve gotten up every morning believing that Mueller has the smoking gun — that Mueller, even if he doesn’t have it, that he’s going to say he does. Mueller has been the singular hope in which the deep state’s desire to get rid of Trump has been invested. Mueller was gonna find something. His 13 anti-Trump lawyers? They were gonna find collusion. They were gonna find something.

Here comes this indictment, and it finds nothing — and in effect, may actually signal the end of the Mueller investigation. Rosenstein made it plain: Nothing in this indictment, nothing alleged to have occurred by these defendants affected the outcome of a single election. Many people thought that the Mueller indictment announcement was yet another nail in the Trump coffin. I think it’s the opposite.

I think it was a cold shock to the system that Mueller doesn’t have anything, because there isn’t anything speaking of evidence of collusion — and then Mueller handed this case off to a division of the Justice Department where it’s never gonna be seen. This case has been tossed out. This case… Rosenstein announced that Mueller is sending this case to the counterintelligence investigative department in the justice department.

Where they do not investigate crimes! They do not investigate crimes! There are no crimes and counterintelligence investigations, and that’s where this case has been sent, these 13 Russian spy masters who have been indicted. So Mueller’s not even gonna try these guys. They’re never gonna be in a courtroom. They’re never gonna plead guilty or not guilty. It’s not gonna be… There isn’t anything except Paul Manafort rotting away in solitary confinement somewhere.


RUSH: And then Trump had the audacity at that press conference yesterday to ask everybody about the Democrat server? That’s where the hacking took place, and that’s where the collusion took place. It’s all on the Democrat side. All of this is falling apart, and the chances that all these people are gonna be exposed is causing them to panic. I have very little doubt about that. In terms of everybody being so upset that Donald Trump didn’t speak down to a Russian…?

Ladies and gentlemen, the Democrat Party in this country used to sleep overnight with Soviets and Russians. They used to be in bed with each other against Ronald Reagan. The idea that the Democrats are outraged that somebody would not treat Vladimir Putin as an enemy of America is just simply silly! It wasn’t that long ago where the Democrat Party hated the CIA, hated the intelligence community, and loved Soviet, and Cuban, and Chinese communists!

Now all of a sudden, the Democrat Party loves the intelligence community and hates the Russians? Come on, folks. It’s all made up! That’s why it’s unrealistic. They’re exaggerating it. None of this is real. There isn’t any real outrage. It’s all faux and manufactured, and that’s why they’re taking it over the top. That’s why it appears unhinged and hysterical, because it is! It’s a bunch of untrained actors trying to act the part, and they’re goin’ way overboard.


RUSH: I just received an email that indicated I need to repeat my theory again about what really explains this inexplicable behavior. I mean, stop and think really of what we have seen since the Trump-Putin press conference ended yesterday. It’s almost indescribable. And there are people who are telling us Donald Trump is not right, that he’s mentally unstable, that he’s not very smart, poses a great threat because of his unsophisticated manner.

The people leveling these charges are a making it look like they are recent escapees from asylums and that they need to be sent back. We have heard people on MSNBC claim that what Trump did with Putin is akin to Hitler murdering Jews on Kristallnacht. It’s irrational to the point that it can’t be rationally explained.

So what does explain it? Why is this unified, over-the-top, inexplicable, embarrassingly deranged — and these people do not know how embarrassing it is to watch them. They’re each trying to outdo the other. You’ll have a panel discussion on CNN with four people, including the so-called journalist host. And they’re all discussing the outrage that Trump would not defend his own intelligence people against Vladimir Putin.

And they’re beside themselves. And each guest comes up with what he or she hopes will be an even crazier, more noticeable, outrageous allegation against Donald Trump and explanation for what’s going on. I have made it clear that in terms of Donald Trump, it is very rational for Donald Trump not to trust the intelligence community!

The intelligence community of the United States, as quoted by the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, for two years, anonymous sources, deep within and former and present government officials for two years have been saying things to the media indicating that Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin to steal the election, and it’s only a matter of time before the evidence is forthcoming, for two years.

What rational human being would think he could trust these people? What rational human being would think he could trust Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Peter Strzok, or any of that crowd, Nellie Ohr, her husband, Bruce Ohr, what rational person, the subject of a search-and-destroy campaign for two years, would then turn around and trust these people to have his best interests at heart?

If you’re Donald Trump and you know that the entirety of the Washington establishment has been trying to undermine and sabotage your presidency, your election and your transition, and that they have been singularly trying to get you thrown out of office and have your election ruled invalid, why in the world would you trust any of them? That’s irrational!

It is perfectly sensible for Donald Trump not to trust these people. These are all people that worked for Barack Hussein Obama. I’m sure Trump has intelligence people in his administration that he trusts. I’m sure by now after a year and a half Trump has a group of security advisers — NSA, who knows where they are — but that he trusts them.

But why should he trust any of these people, from a former CIA member here to the former DIA member there that’s been all over cable news saying Donald Trump is a wretched example of humanity, why should Donald Trump trust any of them, and why should Donald Trump say even nice things about them?

Let me repeat an example for you. Remember all of these think tank conservative Never Trumpers, foreign policy experts — nine out of 10 of them you never knew their names — but they signed a huge letter during the campaign suggesting that Donald Trump did not deserve to be president, and they, in their righteousness and in their decency, could not see themselves, they could not bring themselves to support Donald Trump. Why, Donald Trump poses the greatest threat to diplomacy and all this other razzmatazz than anybody that’s ever run for president.

So these guys sign this letter, it gets printed as an ad, it’s all over the place, then Trump gets elected, and six to nine months afterward these same people start whining and moaning that they can’t get jobs in the administration. And somebody says to them, “Why in the world would you think that Donald Trump or anybody in his team would hire you after that letter that you wrote and signed?”

And their answer was, “Well, that was just a campaign. Everybody knows that. But since he won, we want to get in there and we want to help.” Right. So we’re just supposed to assume that during the campaign, you get to smear anybody you want, and then after they win they’re supposed to forget it.

So Trump is supposed to forget that Comey and McCabe and Clapper and Brennan are still trying to destroy him. He’s supposed to forget that. And he’s supposed to look at Vladimir Putin and say, “You are the biggest enemy I face, and I support these people that have been trying to destroy me over you? And I think you, Putin, you’ve been meddling in our elections, and I’m not gonna put up with it anymore.”

And if he had done that, then the headlines before that press conference was even over would be “Trump acknowledges Mueller investigation valid, alludes to Russian collusion in campaign.” And it would have been over. That would have been it. That’s what they were looking for. And they didn’t get it. And they didn’t get it, and they went hysterical.

So why? What’s really behind this? And I want to share with you my theory again. I think it all about the Mueller indictment on Friday. Now, the conventional wisdom was that the Mueller indictment was timed to embarrass Trump with Putin. The surface view was that here comes Mueller and here’s 13 Russians, and we got meddling, and he’s got the evidence, and he’s got the goods, and he’s charged ’em, and they’ve been indicted.

And so now Trump has to confront Putin! Trump has to confront Putin! Except Trump threw a wrench in the works and didn’t confront Putin! So now they’re panicked. Instead of confronting Putin, Trump confronted them and said: where is your damn DNC server. That’s what they hacked. The Russians, if they hacked anything, hacked the Democrat server. Where is it? Can we see what the Democrat server had happen to it by virtue of the Russians?

That’s what Trump is asking. That’s not supposed to be brought up. That isn’t supposed to be mentioned. Because, you see, all of the real collusion and all of the real crimes have taken place with Russians by virtue of the Democrats and the Hillary campaign, the Fusion GPS, and the Perkins Coie law firm and the FBI and the DOJ.

If there’s been anybody colluding with the Russians, it is Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee and everybody associated with trying to get Hillary Clinton elected.

But the Mueller indictment I think had a different effect. ‘Cause what was it? The Mueller indictment did not contain any Americans. It contained Russians who will never be tried. Russians who will never be indicted. Well, they’ll be indicted, but they’ll never be served with process so they will never show up in court. There will never be any trials.

And then Rod Rosenstein in his press conference went out and said (paraphrasing), “Just to be clear, these indictments are not proof, and there is no evidence that a single vote was changed. There is no evidence that the outcome of a single election was affected by any of this that we are charging these Russians have having done.”

I think that caused an abject panic. It is the last thing they expected to hear. From CNN to the New York Times to the Washington Post, they all expected and they all invested their last great hope on Robert Mueller. Mueller and his team of anti-Trump investigators are certainly gonna find the evidence that the Russians had colluded. Mueller was gonna find somewhere, he was gonna find somebody to say that they knew that the Russians wanted Trump to win and did everything they could to hurt Hillary. And that’s not in his indictment.

Rosenstein made the exclamation point by pointing out no Americans involved, not a single vote was affected, and the outcome of not a single election was changed by virtue of any of the activity we are charging here today in this indictment of 13 Russian agents.

Well, you talk about letting the air out of a balloon? You talk…? And then, to add insult to injury, Mueller washes his hands of the case, and he transfers it to the Department of Justice to a division where cases are sent to die. He transferred this to, essentially, a counterintelligence investigation division of the Department of Justice. Now, folks, there aren’t any trials in counterintelligence investigations because there aren’t any crimes. Counterintelligence does not search for crimes.

Counterintelligence is looking for efforts to thwart, to undermine, but it’s not a criminal pursuit. And that’s where Mueller sent the case. We’re never gonna hear of this case again. The Russians will not be extradited. The evidence against them will not be seen or forthcoming. There won’t be any trial of these people. Thus, there will be no trial and no testimony where Donald Trump was the targeted “intendee” of the aid. This was it. In fact, many people looked at the Mueller indictment as pretty much the end of the investigation.

If this is it? No Americans in the indictment? No collusion? Just a bunch of supposed hacking? And of what? Well, the Democrat National Committee network. What was left out of the indictment but that everybody has seen exposed by Devin Nunes in the House investigation, Republicans were also attacked. They were attempted to be hacked. But the Russians didn’t get into the Republican network — and we’ve known that. It’s just not mentioned because the Mueller investigation is reputedly only against Trump.

So it could well be that we’re watching the news media, the Democrat Party (one and the same), and the whole Washington political apparatus trying to desperately keep this collusion conspiracy theory or narrative alive. And they may have been put in this position Friday when Rosenstein announced that the Mueller investigation of Trump-Russian collusion was over, for all intents and purposes, and no American identified, and no collusion alleged. I think that no matter what had happened in that press conference yesterday, they were gonna have the reaction that we’ve seen.

No matter what. The odds are that Trump would have said something even if it was just one sentence that would allow them, in their minds, to have this kind of genuinely embarrassing, over-the-top, deranged reaction to something. These people are acting like they’ve really lost something. They’re not acting angry. These are people who when Barack Obama was willingly allowing this country to be undermined, when Barack Obama was giving enemies the nuclear weapon (chuckles), like Iran, they weren’t concerned about that.

They didn’t care that Barack Obama was facilitating the Iranian nuclear program. They wanted to give him an award for. So the idea that these people at CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post are outraged that Donald Trump didn’t stand up for America? (Snort!) When’s the last time they did? These people are acting like they’ve lost something, folks. This is a panicked, childish, childlike reaction to you’ve had your heart set on something for two years or longer, and you know you’re gonna get it.

You keep thinking every day you get up, that’s gonna be the day that you’re gonna get it. But you’re gonna get it. Each day comes and goes, and you don’t get it, but the next day you’re gonna get it. You’re gonna get it. “We’re gonna get it! We’re gonna get it!” You’re so confident that you’ve got all your buddies on TV talking about how you’re gonna get it. You’re gonna get Trump. You’re gonna get Trump. You’re gonna get collusion. You’re gonna get proven.

It’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen before the midterms! A big, blue wave. It’s gonna happen! (pause) On Friday, Mueller announces that they’re not gonna get it. They are acting like they have lost everything in the world that matters to them — and I think they have. Getting Donald Trump, maneuvering and engineering Donald Trump out of office, finding a way to reestablish themselves as the people running this country? It didn’t pan out the way they thought it was going to pan out.

Donald Trump is still there. He’s still mocking them. He’s still characterizing them accurately, laughing at them. Donald Trump does not act afraid of them or intimidated by them. It just isn’t workin’ out the way they’ve all assured each other it was gonna work. The texts between Strzok Smirk and Lisa Page, “Tell me… Tell me… Tell me he’s not gonna be president.” “We’ll stop it. He won’t be.” That’s what they’ve all been doing. “Tell me we’re gonna get rid of him.” “We will. I promise you.”

From Gloria Borger to Christiane Amanpour to Wolf Blitzer to all of their guests: “Don’t worry!” In the greenroom, they’re saying, “Don’t worry, we’re gonna get rid of him! It’s gonna happen. Don’t worry, we got him. Mueller’s gonna have the goods; something’s gonna happen. We got him.” At no time have they asked, “Do you think we got the American people with us?” Because they don’t care. You see, that’s one of the benefits being in the deep state.

You don’t have to care about the American people because in the deep state, the American people don’t matter. “They’re just a bunch of boobs anyway. They matter at election time, but not for very long because, you know, elections are the one thing we can’t control. We can’t keep doing this without control over everything.” They’re acting like they’ve lost something that was important to life itself going on.


RUSH: That’s, by the way, just my theory on the Mueller indictment and how it relates to the panic, the childlike behavior, the obvious conclusion that these people are all acting like they have really lost something or had something taken away from ’em. They’re not mad. Folks, they’re not. Nobody could get this mad, because Trump didn’t! He didn’t sell out his intelligence community. He didn’t promote Vladimir Putin over them. This is all exaggerated and made up. Let me tell you something.

If I actually believed that Donald Trump was selling out to Vladimir Putin, I would have been leading this charge. You wouldn’t have had to wait for CNN or anybody else, if I thought that’s what was going on. But I don’t… I know Donald Trump and I know what I saw yesterday, and I know that there are two events. There’s the private meeting that went two or three hours that was longer than expected (we haven’t seen a shred of news about that) and then there was this public press conference.

The Drive-Bys had an express intent for this press conference. No matter what Trump said or did or what Putin said or did, this was gonna be the planned, strategic reaction to it, under the guise of news narratives.


RUSH: Bill in Reston, Virginia. Hey, Bill great to have you. You know, I was in your backyard on Sunday. I was at Trump National out in Sterling playing golf Sunday afternoon.

CALLER: That’s within five minutes of my house.

RUSH: I probably drove through your neighborhood to get there, then.

CALLER: Probably did. Let me tell you, after 25 years of listening, it’s a complete honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Hey, why isn’t Rosenstein being looked at the as a traitor? Trump’s overseas, he’s in the middle of important meetings with allies and with Russia, and he drops these sham indictments that could have been told to him privately. They could have been held off for weeks or months ’til after the summit. Basically he just undermined Trump to blow up the summit.

RUSH: Well, to tell you the truth, Rosenstein met with Trump in the days ahead of his trip and told him this was coming and told him on what day this was coming. So Trump was not blindsided by this. Trump was aware that it was coming. In fact, Rosenstein’s at the White House today. Rosenstein was spotted going in the White House today. Now, Sarah Sanders said, “No, no, no, he’s not meeting with the president. He’s up here on a regularly scheduled thing.” But he’s up there. He’s in the White House.

This is not a surprise to Trump. But at the time on Friday nobody knew this. So your conclusion would be understandable. Nobody knew that Rosenstein had briefed Trump on this before it happened. So here the indictment drops. Rosenstein with his big pronouncement right before this program began. Not just on Friday, but right before this program began! I had to broom what I had intended to discuss in the first half hour/45 minutes to talk about that. I didn’t know that Trump had been briefed until later in the day.

But again, this indictment or these indictments and the Rosenstein press conference… Let me repeat something, a point that I made yesterday about this — and Andy McCarthy wrote a column about it. Rosenstein admitted that the people charged in this indictment are presumed innocent! Like everybody accused of a crime in the United States under the terms of our Constitution, you are presumed innocent until you’re proved guilty — and these defendants have the same presumption.

Well, by the same token, if people mentioned in the indictment are presumed innocent, what about people not mentioned, such as Donald Trump? So Rosenstein made it plain that Donald Trump, as a result of this indictment, these indictments, was also presumed innocent. Then when you look at the indictments, you find that at no time is there any allegation these people coordinated anything with the Trump campaign or with Donald Trump. And in his press conference Rosenstein made a point to point out that not one vote was changed or affected by what these defendants did.

And no election’s outcome was affected by what these defendants did. That means the media and the Democrat Party are Wile E. Coyote at the bottom of the cliff, and Robert Mueller just rolled a boulder off the cliff on top of their heads. So the presumption of innocence for named and unnamed people — and Rosenstein admitting that no matter what we got on these guys, whatever they’re charged with, they didn’t affect a single vote that we can find. There’s no evidence! We’re not alleging, we’re not charging that a single vote was changed or the outcome of any election was affected.

Folks, that’s a nuclear bomb compared to what they were expecting from Mueller! And they’re looking at this the same way you did, “My God, this is great. We’re gonna get these indictments announced when Trump is on the way to meet Putin? Oh, my God. We got him. We got him!” They’re all thinking they got Trump. They didn’t even read the indictment full-fledged. They didn’t pay attention to what Rosenstein said. They thought, “Oh, my God. This is nirvana!”

And then it slowly hit them sometime, somewhere that there’s nothing in these indictments that’s gonna get anywhere near Donald Trump even tangentially. That had to be a gigantic letdown. Then you got Rudy talking about this could be the effective end of this. I mean, if this is what Mueller’s charging — and then, folks, don’t forget. This is really crucially important. Mueller then washed his hands of the case. Mueller and his team are not going to try this. Well, isn’t gonna be a trial. Meaning there will not be evidence. Meaning there will not be cross-examination. Meaning these Russians will not be asked how much they worked with Trump, how closely they know Trump.

That’s not gonna happen because these are PR indictments. Mueller knows there’s never gonna be trials. These guys are not gonna be extradited. You know something else? There’s something else I have to throw in this. When this all come up yesterday in the press conference, when Vladimir Putin promised, suggested that Mueller and his team are welcome to come to Russia to continue their investigation, I mean, that’s an open door! The Democrats and the media, “Oh, my God. Putin says we can –” And Mueller doesn’t want to go through it?

So if you’re really investigating, I mean, if you’re giving it everything you’ve got, if you’re trying to find every morsel of evidence that Trump and Russia colluded, and Vladimir Putin says, “Hey, why don’t you come here? We’ll let you investigate here.” Now, don’t misunderstand. Everybody knows that Putin’s not really gonna let anything happen, but nevertheless Putin opening the door and our guys, “No. That’s okay. We don’t need to come to Russia that’s, no, no, no.” Well, how about coming to Russia just to serve these indictments with the alleged defendants, how about serve ’em process? “Well, no, no, no.”

They don’t expect these guys to be extradited. They don’t expect these guys to ever show up in America and face trial. And so the case has been sent to the Justice Department and the counterintel division where there are not trials because counterintelligence cases are not criminal. And this has always been a counterintelligence case. No crime was ever specified to Robert Mueller when he began this.

The Democrats, the media, the deep state, they have been on the come for two years or however long Mueller’s been doing this and maybe six months additional. Year and a half they have been waiting on the come. They just know it’s happening. They just know the evidence is there. They just know Trump colluded. They know that Putin did. They know Hillary was supposed to win. And Trump somehow, working with the Russians, screwed Hillary out of the election. We know we’re gonna find evidence of it. It’s out there. It’s out there.

They’ve been all these nameless, faceless people from the intel division, all these sources, all these people telling the media this and that and assuring them that they’re gonna get the goods, and then nothing ever, ever came of it. And as time went on, people then started to learn how it was the Clinton campaign and Mrs. Clinton herself that was colluding with Russians and that she wrote or commissioned the Steele dossier.

We know so much we were never supposed to know. And so the Mueller special counsel arrangement serves as a cover-up and a distraction from where the real criminal activity in this case always took place. It’s just my theory that this indictment blew up in their faces. Because the original reaction to this was, “Oh, my God. This is it. We’re gonna get Trump now. Mueller drops these indictments a couple days before Trump’s supposed to meet Putin.”

They were celebrating. Can you imagine the parties they had this past weekend? They were unable to contain themselves. They thought the moment had arrived they’re gonna get Trump. And then it slowly dawned on ’em that no, that’s not what the indictment says. And so the last gasp, the last great hope was to take this press conference and turn it into something that it wasn’t and to try to make the American people think that they’ve elected a traitor, a treasonous traitor. And they can’t sell that.


RUSH: Okay. Now, folks, it’s time for the piece de resistance, the coup de grace. I want you to turn your radio up. I want you to stop what you’re doing, unless you’re driving, and I want you to listen very carefully to this, because it’s time for the cherry on top of all this.

In attempting to explain why this hysteria, this over the top, completely irrational, childlike, unhinged, delusional, deranged, unified reaction from virtually everybody in Washington, D.C., including a bunch of Republicans who are normally on the Trump team, what explains this? It’s clearly not that they really think Donald Trump sold America out to Vladimir Putin, because he didn’t. It’s not at all what happened.

So what does explain this? Well, in addition to everything I’ve shared with you, the indictment bombing out, not being what they thought, the inability to prove their collusion case and the reality here that there isn’t a case to be proven, what actually happened in this presser, Trump responded to the media setup question about Russia interfering by talking about servers.

They asked him about interfering, “What did you tell Putin? Did you tell Putin to cut it out?” And what does Trump do? He starts talking about the Democrat servers. And then he explained his legitimate victory in terms of the Electoral College. He said that he won the election, it was legitimate, and nobody helped him, and he threw it right back in their face and then said, “Where’s your server? Why doesn’t the FBI care what’s on that server?”

And then he handed it over to Putin. And Trump said, “He has an interesting idea. I’ll let him tell you about it.” Now, these two clearly might have had an agreed-upon behavior here, because Putin then offered two proposals. He offered the Russians named in the Friday the 13th indictment. He told Mueller’s team, “Come interview them here. I will make them available to you.”

He offered the Mueller investigators a chance to come talk to the very people they indicted in Russia. And since Russia and the U.S. have an extradition treaty, Putin suggested that Mueller go through channels and ask to have them sent to the U.S.! Every bluff was called here, folks! Putin invites Mueller and his team over to actually interview the guys he indicted, then alludes to the possibility that Putin would send them to face trial.

But then Putin and Trump pulled the pin out of the grenade and threw it right in the press corps. Vladimir Putin then said that America should help Russia investigate the U.S. intelligence community having funneled $400 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign via Bill Browder. You remember when that came up? Four hundred million. Putin said, “I don’t know. It might be legal. It might not.”

But Putin alluded to the fact that America should help Russia investigate the intelligence community having found a way to get $400 million to the Clinton campaign. These two Putin ideas, just add them as the cherry on top to the hysterical reaction. These people run the show, the media, the deep state, they’re in charge of events, they were there to embarrass Trump, and Putin was supposed to help them.

Trump was the target, and it turned out they end up being laughed at. And all of this, as far as I’m concerned, explains this hysteria that we have seen since yesterday afternoon and it continues into today. And now a brief time out, you can turn your radios down if you want and go about your business, but I wanted you to hear that, folks, because this is absolutely part of it.


RUSH: I want to run through this latest example one more time — and again, I’m gonna ask you to turn up your radio. I mean, turn it up really loud so that it gets your attention. Of course if you’re driving, you can’t devote full attention to this, but do what you can because I think the real question here why all of this hysteria… It’s not because they think Trump sold the country out to Russia and didn’t defend the intelligence community. That’s not what this is, because that didn’t happen. Now, Trump did say that he respects the intel community.

“But Putin’s been denying it here, and, you know, he was very forceful about it.” And they say, “He’s mocking them! He’s telling us that he doesn’t believe his own intel people over Putin” and so forth. But this don’t really think Trump is selling the country out. They’re frustrated they can’t stop Trump, and now they’re at their wits’ end. So now Trump is treasonous, Trump is a traitor, Trump is worse than Hitler, Trump’s this and that. They’ve lost all perspective and sense of proportion here, and I think that I know why.

I think I know why they really believe that Trump is this dastardly guy, ’cause I think they believe that Trump colluded with Putin in this press conference. When you review the things that happened that nobody is talking about — and remember when this thing starts, the Drive-Bys are convince (and they’ve been convinced for two years) they’re gonna get Trump. And they’ve got the Mueller indictment that dropped on Friday, and they haven’t… You know, they’re on the verge of figuring out what they really means.

But they’re not there yet because they’ve got this presser and they’re gonna nail Trump and they’re gonna finally get Trump to admit that the Russians did have something to do with that election. And that’s all they need! Just one morsel of Trump acknowledging that and they are off to the races with, “Trump colluded.” But Trump foiled them! Not only did Trump not acknowledge even Russian meddling, he turned it around on them by asking them about the Democrat server and where it is.

Because that’s where the hacking took place and why don’t the Democrats want the FBI to see that? But it was later in the press conference that the press had its lunch handed to ’em. Trump responds to the question about Russian interfering by talking about the servers and then he describes his genuine election victory and gives Electoral College detail. That is to exclamation point the fact that he won. He talked about the Electoral College victory and how sweeping it was. It could not have been because of any collusion.

He drove home the point that he legitimately won this. So that’s an insult, that he’s confronting them, he’s denying them what they want. And then, he handed things over to Putin. He said, “Putin has an interesting idea I’ll let him tell you about.” Now, there’s all kinds of camera shutters clicking and room noise and media getting ready to shout questions, and it wasn’t readily available that Trump said that. But he said, “He has an interesting idea,” Putin does, “I’ll let him tell you about.”

Putin then, as if in a relay race, picks up the baton — and in what has to have been an agreed-upon procedure, Putin offered two proposals. He offered up the Russians named in the Friday indictment. He told Mueller’s team — he looked in the camera’s eye and he said to Mueller –“Come on over and interview them here. Come investigate in Russia.” Since Russia and the U.S. have an extradition treaty, Putin suggested that Mueller go through channels and ask to have the Russians sent to the U.S. Putin said, “Yeah, I’ve heard about that; I’ll look into it.”

He’s mocking them. They’re mocking the whole thing! Trump and Putin are mocking, and this is why they think Trump sold out America. Because Trump is working with Putin in a press conference to embarrass the Drive-Bys. That’s what’s got ’em so bugged. Not that Trump sold out the country to Russia and not that Trump sold out the intel community. It’s that Trump and Putin were working together to undermine the media in the media’s effort to destroy Trump! Trump says, “Putin has an interesting idea. I’ll let him tell you about it.”

Which means Trump knows it’s coming, and then Putin says two things, “Hey, Mueller, come here. Come to Russia. Investigate the people you’ve charged here. I will make them available — and then if you want to extradite ’em, go through channels, and we’ll see if we can make it happen.” Well, that’s not on the agenda! Mueller doesn’t want these people extradited. Mueller doesn’t want to charge these people. He’s handed the case off to the counter-intel division. Then Putin drops the second bomb, pulls the pin out of the grenade, and said that America…

(paraphrased) “Since you people are so interested in investigations, America should help Russia investigate the U.S. intelligence community having funneled $400 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign via Bill Browder,” and he throws George Soros’s name in there. So if you’re the American media and you are hell-bent on getting Donald Trump — and you’ve been trying to convince the American people for two years that Putin and Trump to steal the election from Hillary — and if you’ve believed every day that you’re gonna get Trump somehow, some way…

You’re on the verge. You become smug and you’ve become arrogant, and you have become condescending. You are convinced that Trump is toast, is just a matter of time, and then this press conference comes. And this press conference was gonna be the place that all of this was exposed and Trump was gonna be exposed and shown to have been the beneficiary of Vladimir Putin rigging the election for Hillary Clinton to lose, and what happens? Trump throws the baton to Putin. Putin says, “Hey, Mueller, come over here, investigate all you want.

“We might even help you get those guys back to America,” and then says America should help him — Putin and Russia — investigate the U.S. intelligence community having funneled $400 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign via Bill Browder. Putin has two ideas; both of them mock the media. Trump appears in on it by suggesting, “Putin’s got a couple of great ideas” and passing him the microphone. This is what got ’em. They just are beside themselves.

They’re looking at Trump and Putin, and they’re seeing these guys teaming up against the media, and they can’t believe it! It’s an outrage! It’s a personal insult! In their world, Putin and them are supposed to be aligned in getting rid of Trump. In the media’s world, everybody’s supposed to hate Trump and want to be done with him. This is why they’re saying treason. This is why they’re comparing this to Kristallnacht and all these other outrageous things, ’cause what they saw was Trump and Putin (laughing) throwing some hand grenades into the press conference.

I’m convinced that this hysteria has to have some explanation — and it isn’t, again, that Trump sold out the United States to Putin and dissed the intelligence community with his answers and so forth. It’s that Putin’s not playing. Putin said, “I didn’t even know Trump was here when you say he hired the prostitutes to urinate on the bed. I didn’t even know he was here. Trump wasn’t anybody then. Trump wasn’t even a candidate then! There are all kinds of famous Americans come through Moscow. How am I supposed to know Donald Trump’s here?” That didn’t play well.

As far as the media’s concerned, Putin was supposed to have known Trump was there and was supposed to have tried to undermine and sabotage Trump. And here’s Putin saying, “I never heard of the guy. I didn’t know he was here. I can’t be advised of everybody running through town. Everybody wants to come to Moscow, stars, A-list, B-list celebs. Trump wasn’t even a candidate then.”

Nothing went their way yesterday. Then you throw the Mueller indictment, what it actually means on top of it, and some of this may take on a different aura. We may be the verge of getting to the bottom of it, ’cause I will guarantee, the one thing, as we have seen, you do not laugh at liberals. They can never be the butt of a joke.

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