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RUSH: Yesterday I told you that I didn’t want you to repeat this to too many people. I didn’t want the deep state to hear about it, didn’t want you calling other shows. But the point I made was that all of this hysteria that we saw yesterday and the day before is actually causing more and more people to turn to Donald Trump. This hysteria is irrational. It’s scary to watch the media and all of these official Washington types melt down like this. It’s frightening. Well, the Today show sent a reporter out there to real America. They went to Kenosha, Wisconsin, to find out hopefully how many Trump voters are abandoning him.

MORGAN RADFORD: When he kind of backtracked those statements today, did that surprise you?

MAN #1: Well, he did get some Republican backlash on that, and I think they just didn’t hear the whole story before they started coming after him.

MORGAN RADFORD: Some voters in red states are praising Mr. Trump’s approach to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

MAN #2: What they’ve been doing in years past, being enemies with him and just not talking to him or anything hasn’t worked. So why not try something new?

MORGAN RADFORD: In Kenosha, Wisconsin, a county that flipped from blue to red in 2016 many here say the president is still their guy.

MAN #3: I’m totally in support of him.

MORGAN RADFORD: And why! Why are you so supportive?

MAN #3: Because he’s an entrepreneur. He’s a businessman, working-class person’s president. He’s trying to make this country great again.

MORGAN RADFORD: Do you support the president?

WOMAN #1: Yes.

MORGAN RADFORD: Do you continue to support him despite —

WOMAN #1: Yes.

MORGAN RADFORD: — this week?

WOMAN #1: Yes!

RUSH: They’re shocked. It was a nightmare. They went out there hoping to find a bunch of Trump voters ticked off and ready to abandon Trump. So here is Hoda Kotb, anchorette on the Today show, reacting to this report with the infobabe.

KOTB: You talked to those people, obviously. They weren’t concerned with the backlash but were they concerned with the Republican backlash against the president?

MORGAN RADFORD: They were not, Hoda! In fact, they doubled down because they said their allegiance is to the president. In fact, they said they were upset with their elected officials because they feel like they were not getting [sic] the job they were sent there to do. They were not completing it because they weren’t standing behind the president a hundred percent.

RUSH: This is why — and I told you yesterday — that the odds are not just the hysteria from yesterday and the day and the night before, but the cumulative effect, the never-ending hysteria, the never-ending Trump is causing the end of the world, Trump this or Trump that. It’s irrational. Particularly the people that do not watch the media every day, and they tune in and see this? The odds are that this is going to backfired, and NBC found evidence of it, and you could hear that both the anchorette and the infobabe were very shocked, taken aback, and disappointed by this.

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