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RUSH: Let’s be honest about something here.  All kinds of people… Everybody lives their life in a different way.  Some people live their lives hoping never to be noticed.  Some people live their lives embarrassed of their shadow.  Some people live their lives constantly in stress.  Some people live their lives constantly in a self-conscious state.  Some people live their lives hoping nobody notices them.

Other people live their lives as though that’s the only one they’ve got and they’re gonna get the most out of it every day, and they don’t care what anybody thinks about it at the time. They’re gonna live the fullest life they can, and they’re gonna have as many experiences in life as they can — and, on occasion, they’re gonna cross moral boundaries.  On occasion, they’re gonna skirt the edges of propriety.  But that’s just how they have decided to live.  Their view is they only get one and they’re not gonna squander it, and that’s how I would describe Trump.

We’re talking about someone who has led and is continuing to live what I would call a full life.  The guy doesn’t take a day off.  He doesn’t take an hour off.  The guy — from the moment he gets up after four hours of sleep — is go, go, go, go, go.  He is doing everything he can to enjoy his life every day.  He’s trying to experience as much as he can every day.  He’s being who he is.  He has a personality that rubs some people the wrong way.  Other people glom onto it and admire it.  But Donald Trump is, I think, very illustrative. He’s a great example of the uniqueness of all human beings.  It is said often, “Boy.  There’s nobody like Trump.”

There’s nobody like you, either.  There’s nobody like me.  We are all unique.  All human beings have baggage — some of it real, some of it manufactured, most of it due to self-consciousness.  Most people live their lives totally concerned about feelings, thoughts, and opinions of others.  Donald Trump doesn’t.  He really doesn’t, and that’s one of the great differentials in determining Trump’s life or comparing Trump’s life or people like Trump to others.  And it takes all kinds.

There’s not a right, there’s not a wrong — other than if you want to, you know, draw the moral boundaries and start making judgments of when people pass them.  Trump has clearly crossed moral boundaries over the course of his life, as have we all.  But most of us do not live public lives.  Donald Trump not only lives a public life, he wants to live a public life.  He’s living the life that he has chosen, and he’s trying to make the most of it each and every day.

I’ll tell you this: Given the life that Donald Trump assembled and was living prior to announcing his candidacy for the presidency, he didn’t need any of this.  Donald Trump was trucking along just fine at 67, 68, 69 years old.  He didn’t need any of this.  He was doing what he loved.  He was doing what he wanted to do.  He had his circle of friends.  His business of humming.  There’d been ups and downs in business.  He had fixed it, however that happened.  He decides to run for president for I think totally legitimate reasons.

He’s worried about the future of the country.  He doesn’t see anybody else dealing with it as he thinks it needs to be dealt with.  So he sets that life aside, runs for president, but then lives that life as he’s running for president — and the life he led prior to it now has come under the microscope.  The private life that he led, to the extent that it was private… When I say “private,” I mean simply it wasn’t a public life in terms of holding elective office.

Everything that Donald Trump has done in his life is now under the microscope, under the microscope of several journalistic organizations which are trying to use anything and everything they can to disqualify Trump as a public figure based on his previous life.  That’s all that’s going on here — and they haven’t found anything, so far, that voters think disqualified Trump. And that is driving them crazy.

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