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RUSH: Remember the details we had for you yesterday about this tech writer named Sarah Jeong? She’s from The Verge, which is a tech blog, and the New York Times has hired her to be on their editorial page. She is a person that’s openly written of her hatred for “white people,” particularly white men.

We read some of the tweets that she wrote. Let’s see. For example… She’s Asian. “Dumb…” (sigh) You can’t even read these without coming up with substitutes. “Dumb [butt]-f[—]ing white people, marking up the Internet with their opinions like dogs p[ee]ing on fire hydrants.” She didn’t say “peeing.” Remember, the New York Times has hired this babe as an editorial page contributor and editor, and she openly hates white people and has written of her hatred for white people. Openly.

“Dumb [butt]-f[—]ing white people, marking up the Internet with their opinions like dogs p[ee]ing on fire hydrants.” She also said she can’t stand talking to Republicans because all she can see is vomit coming out of their faces. “Oh, man, it’s kind of sick how much joy I get from being cruel to old white men.” There are other examples of this. So the New York Times doubled down on their support for this babe and claimed that it was just a bunch of people, white people, too uptight and didn’t get the satire.

There isn’t any satire here. It’s pure hatred.

Now, don’t misunderstand. That doesn’t offend me. It’s not what bothers me. What amazes me is that you ought to see the leftist media coming out and defending this. They are defending this. They’re referring to every attack on this woman as BS, and they’re circling the wagons around this woman and claiming that all of the people criticizing her obvious hatred for white people just need to shut up and go away, that she’s a minority.

“She doesn’t deserve to be held to this kind of standard,” blah, blah, blah, “and anybody who has a problem with her is just nothing more than a BS loser and so forth.” Now, turn this around, and imagine if the New York Times had just hired somebody who openly hates Koreans or Asians and had written any number of insulting things about Koreans and Asian women, and here come the left defending her and attacking those who would dare get into racist and mean-spirited, bigoted attacks.

They would demand that the New York Times fire this racist that they had hired. But in this case, it is stunning — and the place that she came from, The Verge, they have their own editorial team. “Online trolls and harassers want us, the Times, and other newsrooms to waste our time by debating their malicious agenda. They take tweets and other statements out of context because they want to disrupt us and harm individual reporters.

“The strategy is to divide and conquer by forcing newsrooms to disavow their colleagues one at a time. This is not a good-faith conversation; it’s intimidation. So we’re not going to fall for these disingenuous tactics. And it’s time other newsrooms learn to spot these hateful campaigns for what they are: attempts to discredit and undo the vital work of journalists who report on the most toxic communities on the internet. We are encouraged that our colleagues at the New York Times are standing by Sarah in the face of feigned outrage.”

So you see, she can run around with impunity and she can write all kinds of racist garbage about white people — her hatred for them, her open hatred — and we’re supposed to sit there and take it. If we fight back against it, we are engaged in some sort of destruction mission to destroy newsrooms all over the country. It’s amazing. In their arrogant condescending way, they think they’re entitled. They should be able to get away with any characterization of any political enemy they have, especially if their disagreement is simply rooted in race.

If their disagreement… A whole group of people, white people, this woman hates them! To respond to this and claim the New York Times is better than this, has no business hiring somebody with this kind of hatred? They circle the wagons and claim that it is us trying to destroy the New York Times newsroom. No, it’s the Times that’s doing that, and they’ve been doing that on their own for quite a while. These are the same people that are searching Twitter.

There’s a campaign going on now. Major League Baseball players are having the tweets that they sent out as teenagers examined. They’re looking for any racist tweets. They’re looking for any bigotry. They’re looking for anything anti-gay. They’re looking for anything anti-lesbian, anti-trans — and if they can find it, they’re plastering all over Twitter and they’re trying to get the baseball teams to fire these star players based on things they might have tweeted eight or nine years ago.

But yet they come to the defense of this woman who is on the editorial board at TheVerge.com, now going to the New York Times. I just find it… This is worse than hypocrisy because the hypocrisy is obvious. But the attitude is, “You have no right to condemn who we are. You have no right to condemn what we say. We condemn you! We condemn what you say! We can wipe you out. We can try to eliminate you and Fox News and anybody else, but don’t you dare — don’t you dare — attack us or we’re going to come for you harder than we ever have.”

That’s their attitude.

So now you’ve got all these so-called great leftists — sensitive, Millennial journalists — coming to the rabid defense of an avowed, anti-white racist that’s just been hired by the New York Times. I think one of the things that makes all of this possible is her target. It’s very fashionable in Millennial circles and in journalistic circles to have a huge hate for white people. The hate for white people is concomitant with the support for illegal immigration, support for massive government welfare for all minorities.

The problems in America today are all due to white people and the white majority that existed from the founding of the country. And since that is one of their fundamental beliefs, this woman coming along attacking white people? In their world, in their perverted world she’s absolutely right. She’s simply carrying the spear. She’s doing the work for all of them by saying the truth, that white people represent the biggest problems this country has ever had and we can’t solve our problems until white people are playing a much more diminished role in our society.

So all hands on deck to applaud Sarah Jeong for having the courage to attack the power structure that has ruined this country from which the left is now trying to save it — and that’s what this is. Now they’re openly admitting that their purpose is to destroy capitalism and to support socialism, even though the socialist leader of Venezuela, Maduro, has come out and acknowledged it’s a failure. Socialism is a failure. It won’t matter to these people.

Their arrogance is such that nothing is a failure until they’ve done it and failed, meaning the right people haven’t tried socialism yet. In all of the 4,000 years of recorded political history on the planet, nobody has yet been born sufficiently endowed and capable to actually implement socialism and make it work. Obama was the guy, remember that? He was the one we’ve been waiting for, whatever that phrase was, and where did that get us?

It got us dovetailing right in the opposite direction of where we needed to go. “Newsrooms Must Stand Up to Targeted Campaigns of Harassment.” I mean the New York Times every day gets to lie and cheat and distort and impugn Donald Trump and anybody else they want to, and nobody is supposed to push back against it. The New York Times has a free rein destroying anything and anybody they don’t like.

But let somebody come along and suggest the New York Times may be engaging in inappropriate behavior and look at the outraged reaction to it. It has to be, folks… It has to be that the belief here is that white America is the root of all evil in America. White America, the white power structure from the days of our country’s founding is what’s wrong. It’s why there’s such inequity. It’s why there’s such disparity.

It’s why there’s such a wide gap in incomes and lifestyles. It’s why we always go to war. It’s why there’s racism. It’s why there’s bigotry. It’s why there’s sexism. It’s white people and Christianity. This woman, Sarah Jeong, is considered a warrior in the effort to eliminate the dominance of the white majority. To me, it’s just plain, old sick. It goes so far beyond hypocrisy.

Now to the president and the government shutdown over the building of the wall. The president was on the program on Wednesday, and I asked him about this because he said he was thinking about shutting down the government before the midterms in order to get funding for the wall. I asked him if he was still thinking about doing it beforehand. He said maybe, but a lot of people suggesting I should do it after the midterms. But whatever, we’re going to do it; we’re going to get the wall.

If it takes a government shutdown before the midterms, after the midterms, we’re going to do it. So the argument has then boiled down to this: If you do a government shutdown, or if you try one, after the midterms and the Democrats win the House, what leverage is there? What value do you have to get the Democrats who you’ve just seen take the House vote to authorize money for the wall? They’re never going to do that.

The objective here has to be to keep the House. It has to be, which it is. So now the question becomes how to do that. And in that discussion, if you’re going to talk about shutting down the government, do you do that before the midterms and do you make it a part of the strategy to keep the House? Now, in the Republican side of the things, there’s a knee-jerk reaction which is, “No! Nooo! You’ve gotta stop talking about a government shutdown! We lose every time! Oh, my God, stop talking about it.”

That’s Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan. It’s practically anybody in the Republican leadership. The truth is you would have to look long and hard to find any real evidence that government shutdowns have hurt Republicans. The media line is that they have. The most famous government shutdown in our lifetimes occurred in 1995, the budget battle that we had with Clinton. That was the budget battle where the Democrats were accusing Republicans of starving kids because they were having draconian cuts in the school lunch budget.

None of it was true. There weren’t any cuts in the school lunch program. There were actual increases. But it didn’t matter. The Democrats were running this. And they had little grade school kids supposedly writing letters to members of Congress saying, “Dear, Mr. Congressman, I will starve if I don’t get lunch. I can’t learn if I don’t get lunch! I understand you want me to starve. (sniffling) I don’t want to starve, I want to learn. Please, please, please don’t take my lunch away!” Signed Little Johnny in New Orleans.

They send these things off, and the Republicans said, “What are you going to do? The media is covering a massive letter-writing campaign from a bunch of 8-year-old Little Johnnys in New Orleans and Fort Collins and everywhere else.” The bottom line, though, is, after that budget battle — which the media proclaimed the Democrats and Bill Clinton a massive win — because it did shut down. Clinton had made a deal. People forget about this.

Clinton made a deal with all federal government workers to essentially agree with the shutdown and he would make good what they lost including — and I’m not kidding. He would make sure they all got their Thanksgiving turkeys. Even if it wasn’t for Thanksgiving, they would be reimbursed. So Clinton promised them that whatever shutdown there is, it’s not going to ultimately hurt you. They were more than eager to go along with them, government workers, big-government types.

The Democrat Party is that. The fix was in. Mr. Newt ran the Republicans at the time and was really feeling their oats in the 1994 elections, and so the government did shut down. There was no harm to anybody other than Larry King every night on CNN had the sleigh ride concession owner at Yellowstone National Park. Every night he was on there talking about how much money he was losing because the park had closed.

The concessions had closed. He couldn’t take people on sleigh rides. There wasn’t any snow anyway. We’re talking September, October. There’s no snow out there. Every night he was on TV. What about the ’96 midterm? What about after that shutdown? Republicans gained seats. Even Bill Clinton won re-election, the Republicans gained seats. They didn’t lose any seats in 1996. They didn’t really suffer any electoral damage.

But they did in the news cycle. The PR buzz, the news cycle made it look like the Republicans had lost everything. The American people hated the Republicans because the American people love government and they hated the Republicans for shutting it down. But where it really mattered at the polls it didn’t hurt at all. Now, fast forward to this year and why Donald Trump got elected.

The wall and what it symbolizes — shutting down the border, gaining control of the border to make sure the only people getting in are those we want in — that got him elected. Does that group of people that elected Donald Trump, are they still there? Are they still part of the Trump coalition? Are they still energized? Are they still planning to show up or are they disappointed? Are they unhappy that Trump hasn’t done it yet, hasn’t gotten it yet? Those are all the questions being asked.


RUSH: No, I’ll tell you what gets me. I can’t count the number of times that the Drive-By Media have run campaigns against this program and others — like Hannity’s TV show and so forth — claiming that everything on these programs are hate. You guys can count as much as I can the number of times that anything we say that they disagree with, they chalk it up to “hate,” and they have positioned themselves as people that don’t hate anybody.

No, they have all the tolerance and compassion and love. So here they hire a woman who hates white people, and there is a natural blowback to that and they can’t believe it. We’re just supposed to sit aside and let this hate be hired and be published by the New York Times. What happened at being against hate? What happened to thinking hate is poisoning our culture? That’s what gets me about these people.

As I say, it’s more than hypocrisy, folks. There is an arrogance and a superiority about these people that literally claims they have freedom and rights to do and say anything because they are the dominant order and anything other than that, anything can be done in the world to destroy them. Meaning us. (sigh) The disparity, hypocrisy, what have you is just… I wish I had a better way of explaining how angry this really makes me.

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