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RUSH: Since we’ve talked about Sarah Jeong and the fact that the New York Times has hired this woman and that she is an absolute, proud hater of white people — and she is being assisted, promoted, and backed up. The New York Times has openly, proudly hired a person for their editorial operation that hates white people and feels justified in hating white people!  Anybody that seems to think there’s something wrong with that is being attacked as racist and sexist for being critical of Sarah Jeong!

She’s being promoted!  Her white hatred is being promoted!  I explained in the first hour what the meaning of that is and why that is and why she gets away with it and why all the left gets away with it.  But there’s another side of this, and it’s becoming a… This story is starting to build and acquire momentum.  It’s about a woman named Elizabeth Heng.  She is Cambodian.  She’s a Republican.  She is the Republican challenger seeking to be elected in the 16th District of California, which is basically Fresno.

She just had a four-minute ad, a four-minute video taken down on Facebook.  Facebook took it down because it is “hate-filled,” among other things.  The hatred in this… There isn’t any hatred in this ad.  She describes how her parents got together during the regime of Pol Pot in Cambodia, which was genocide.  In describing the genocide of Pol Pot, a communist leader, she offended Facebook!  It is hate speech to attack a communist leader!  They took her video down, her four-minute ad.

The woman is exactly what this country needs.  The woman is exactly what California needs.  The ad describes the nightmare circumstances in which her family came together and had to escape Cambodia.  In the primary in June, she came within a few thousand votes of beating the seven-term congressman, Jim Costa.  This district in 2016 went heavily for Hillary, as most districts in California did.

The seat that she’s trying to win — the district — is “safe blue,” meaning the Democrats own this seat like Joe Crowley supposedly owned his seat in Queens until Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came along. Except Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a socialist and Elizabeth Heng is not.  She is a brilliant Republican and conservative.  She’s the opposite of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and she is the opposite of Sarah Jeong.  I want to play for you segments. I’m not gonna play the whole four-minute ad, but I want to play for you the first 47 seconds.

Here is why Facebook took this down.  They haven’t apologized.  They haven’t rectified this.  They denied this ad space on Facebook, and it is classic of what’s happening on Facebook and Twitter.  You know, some people think (and I’m one of them) that the Drive-Bys pose a grave, great threat to honesty, integrity in the country and elections.  I think Facebook and Twitter are just as big. I think 80% of Facebook and Twitter’s executive staff work with the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party is helping Facebook and Twitter ban conservatives in one way or the other.  Here, we’ve got three sound bites in the ad that Facebook took down.  I want you to remember as you listen to this, the New York Times just hired a woman of South Korean heritage — who probably wouldn’t even be alive today if it weren’t for white American soldiers in Korea making sure the North didn’t win that war.

She has no appreciation, of course.  The New York Times has hired this woman who literally hates white people, who thinks that everything that’s screwed up is because white people have screwed it up.  That’s what she told Harvard Law three years ago.  Keep in mind that woman is a heroine to the American left.  The New York Times hires her.  This woman, this ad was taken down by Facebook.

HENG:  In Cambodia under Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge, being young and single often meant a gruesome life and likely death.  They approached my father, and in order to save his life, he said he was about to be married.  They asked him, “To whom?”  He pointed to the prettiest girl that he saw, having never spoken to her before.  The soldiers approached her, and she said, “Yes.”  They got married the very next day.  Forty-one years later, they’re still the happiest couple I know.  Great things can come from great adversity.

RUSH:  And there is a picture of her mom and dad when she describes them. They got married the very next day, “41 years later, they are still the happiest couple I know.”  We’ll put the link to the video at RushLimbaugh.com so you can see it.  That reference to Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime, genocide? That’s what got this taken down.  That’s considered hate speech.  I don’t know if an algorithm did it or a human being did it, but that’s what got it canceled.

She was critical of a leftist, communist regime.  I’m not kidding.  You watch the rest of it. There’s no reason to take this down! It doesn’t offend anybody or anything.  It’s not depressing.  It doesn’t make anybody mad, other than deranged leftists.  It’s uplifting.  It is inspirational.  You can tell, it’s soft-spoken.  It’s not belligerent or any of the sort.  By the way, when she’s describing the situation in Cambodia, there are old black-and-white images of the holocaust that took place.  That is considered promoting hate at Facebook, and it is true that being young and single meant you were wiped out.

They couldn’t feed anybody.

Pol Pot was a gruesomely evil person to begin with.

They couldn’t feed anybody. Had to cull the herd; had to wipe out the population. If you were single and male, bye-bye. That way they didn’t have to worry about pregnancy, abortion or anything else, just get rid of the sperm donors. And her mom and dad met, they had never met. It’s a fascinating story. Here’s the next segment of the ad, just to give you a bigger flavor for Elizabeth Heng.

HENG: Fresno is home. But America’s booming economy never made it to our district. Empty buildings, homeless, desperate people. Our congressional district is one of the very poorest in America. For 14 years we’ve been represented in Congress by a nice man, Jim Costa. But so little has changed. Look around. This is what we can still expect to see 14 years from now, unless we plan for a better future.

RUSH: And the pictures there are of run down, dilapidated buildings, genuine poverty and squalor, in this guy’s district, which he has run for 14 years. I’m sure that also played a role in having Facebook decide that her ad had to come down because it’s obviously hate speech against the Democrat sitting congressman to say these horrible things about him, we can’t permit that on Facebook.

And yet look at what is permitted to be said about conservatives, Republicans, white people in general. And to know that Facebook and Twitter are openly working — well, Google had an office in the White House, for all intents and purposes, helping Obama with his IT analytics and so forth and probably the same thing now with the hierarchy of the Democrat Party. But this is really, really threatening stuff, huh? This is really dangerous stuff. This is really offensive stuff that we’re getting from Elizabeth Heng, right? Here’s the next example.

ANNOUNCER: We’ve given Jim Costa 14 years to bring us a better life. Has it worked? In those same 14 years Elizabeth Heng excelled in high school, graduated Stanford, was elected student body president there, got her MBA from Yale, learned what’s wrong with D.C., helped her brothers start a very successful business, then turned her attention toward making our lives better. Same 14 years. Which person is most likely to improve our future?

HENG: I’m 33. I have the energy and drive to bring us a better future. Not just talk about it. Do it. Just like they tell you that our homes and our cities will never get better. Everyone is wrong. Great things can come from great adversity.

RUSH: Again, Facebook took that down as hate speech, provocative. It violated their precious rules somehow, which, of course, they don’t have to explain. And she tweeted out, by the way, or emailed out the actual message that she got from Facebook which explains why this dangerously provocative and hate-filled ad had to come down.

Keep in mind the New York Times has just hired, proudly defending a legitimate and genuine hater, Sarah Jeong. So you can see the ad, probably find it a bunch of places, but if you go to RushLimbaugh.com, we’ll have it there at the top of the home page or very easily accessible there.

As I say, she’s obviously conservative. She is educated and reasonable. She’s exceptionally bright, and she’s a very attractive young woman. Everything about her is appealing. Her track record and resume are exactly what you would want in anybody that you are hiring. But she believes in the United States because it saved her family. The United States was the only nation in the world to deal with Cambodia during the Vietnam War and all that, Laos and the genocide of Pol Pot.

The United States is a place she loves. She has a great and reverence appreciation for it, and everybody running for office on the left wants you to know how desperately wrong this country is and how disappointed in it they are and how so disliking of it they are and how it’s got to change and we’ve got to become more socialist, and we’ve got to get rid of the power structure that has created all of this racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia. White men. Stark, stark contrast. But the fact that that ad got yanked because it violates some precious standards.

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