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RUSH: I had a bunch of people over the weekend asking me a pretty interesting question. “Rush, this Sarah Jeong babe that the New York Times has hired that’s running around and has made a career out of broadcasting her hatred for white people, particularly white men, why is there no reaction to this in the media? Why is there no reaction to it anywhere but on the right? Why does it seem like it’s no big deal?”

That is an excellent question. It’s an excellent question. I’m gonna have the answer for you. I know the left. I’m the mayor of Realville. This is the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced anti-leftist, anti-media, and conservative studies. It’s an excellent question and the root of the question goes back to none other than — dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut — the Reverend Jackson. When the Reverend Jackson was running for president back — when did he do that? It was the ’82, ’83, somewhere around then. (interruption) He was in the ’84 Democrat primaries, that’s exactly right. And back then — by the way, greetings. Rush Limbaugh here. Telephone number, 800-282-2882.

I just want to touch on this because I’m gonna expand on this as the program unfolds. But the answer to this, the Reverend Jackson was out spewing not quite the same anti-white stuff that Sarah Jeong is, but it was then said as a defense when he did start going in that direction, that it was impossible for the Reverend Jackson or Al Sharpton to be racist because they were minorities, they didn’t have any power.

So any minority could utter anything they wanted, and it would not be bigotry, it would not be sexism or racism or misogyny or whatever because they didn’t have the power to do anything with it. So if the Reverend Jackson, or take anybody, if any public African-American politician wanted to talk about their hatred for white people, fine and dandy, because that person had no power to do anything about it. The only people that had any power — and this argument still holds today — are white men. And so white men are the ones who are shackled, can’t say, can’t do anything. But anybody else can attack them with impunity.

This is the thinking on the left. And when you look at Sarah Jeong — grab sound bite number 1. Let me just give you a classic example here of this woman. This woman used to work at The Verge, which is a tech blog and website. She’s had a number of different jobs. She’s Korean. She hates white people. She literally hates them. She proudly hates them. The New York Times has hired her maybe because she hates white people. And it is said that it’s impossible — she’s not being racist; she can’t be. She’s a minority. She doesn’t have any power to do anything with her hatred. Therefore, her hatred is justified and understandable.

So her hatred of men is not even called racism, or hatred of white people is not even called racism, because it ia rooted in lack of power, which is her grievance. This is a common view, and it’s not new. As I say, this thinking I first became aware of it during the Jesse Jackson presidential campaign. He ran in the Democratic primaries. He was up against, you know, Mondull and Gary Hart(pence) and a bunch of other stellar characters.

I was in Kansas City at the time because that primary got started in ’83, then I moved to Sacramento in 1984. But that whole argument got started then, and it has survived, and to one degree or extent to another to this day. And on the left it has been widely accepted. And that’s why Sarah Jeong’s tweets, speeches, statements don’t even cause a ripple on the left because everybody agrees with her.

I mean, the left’s problem, if you want to try analyze what’s wrong on college campus, Twitter and Facebook suppressing free speech and so forth, attacking conservatives, it’s all rooted in the fact that they consider themselves powerless and that the only people with power always have been and to this day remain white men. And if you add Christian to that, then you add to the hatred they have.

They believe every problem they have, every problem they cite comes from the white majority from the days of the founding of this country. And so anything that can suppress the white majority or hold it to account is perfectly fine and permissible. It is also why African-Americans who join with the white majority — i.e., conservative African-Americans — come under really intense assault. They are viewed as insincere traitors, Uncle Toms or what have you.

But here. This is Sarah Jeong. This is October 27th 2015, Cambridge, at Harvard Law. She’s a lecturer. She was brought in — I think she’s at law review there. She was lecturing at Harvard Law. She has a book out at the time called The Internet of Garbage. This goes by in 15 seconds, it doesn’t take long, but here it is.

JEONG: Everything is implicitly organized around, um, how men see the world. And not just men. How white mean see the world, um, and this is a problem. This is why so many things suck.

RUSH: All right. Now, that was applauded at Harvard, at Harvard Law. It was not criticized. It was not held up for ridicule. It was not even discussed. There wasn’t any profound disagreement with it. And there isn’t! There isn’t anywhere you go on the left. Whether Facebook, the people that moderate those places and ban conservatives via shadow banning, everything uttered by the majority — i.e., white Americans — is considered hate.

Anything that is in opposition to what leftists believe is hate. So if they believe that the white majority is the root of all the problems that everybody in the country, in the world are experiencing and suffering, and therefore any assault on them is permissible, any language used to describe them is permissible, any action taken to get rid of them is permissible.

If you understand that, then I think you’ll understand much of what is motivating the American left today — the drive to socialism, the so-called white privilege that’s under assault on college campus where white students are being told that they’re guilty just because they’re white. And they start agreeing; and now college courses are demanded to be taken on white privilege.

This is really the rooted of all of it. And I don’t mean to say it’s a small thing because of that; don’t misunderstand the tone of my voice. It’s a very serious thing because it’s leading to any number of anti-constitutional, anti-free speech actions taken by Facebook and Twitter and the Drive-By Media.

And, by the way, this is also, I believe, where the foundational belief in socialism among the left and Millennials happens to reside. I mean, if you’ve been taught (and thus if you believe) that white people, particularly white men, are the reason everything sucks — and white men gave us what? White men gave us all this prosperity and they gave us capitalism, but what else did they bring? They brought all the racism, the sexism, the sexual disease. They brought guns from Europe! Remember when that was part of the multicultural harangue back in the early nineties and everybody was laughing at it?

Christopher Columbus was being taught as the scourge because he and the white Europeans brought pestilence. They brought syphilis, they brought horses, they brought guns, and they kicked the Indians off the land. That’s the root of this hatred. So anything having to do with the white majority is to be disavowed and blown up and discredited (including capitalism), because white men have arranged everything for them, for their benefit, and they have excluded others to the point that no other minority has anywhere near a fair shot or opportunity.

It’s all bogus, it’s BS, but this is what they believe, and this is why, when you have these radicals like Sarah Jeong just hired by the New York Times… The New York Times has admitted they want a white-person-hating employee on their editorial board, either writing editorials or hating them, and it’s why all of her former employers think that it is bigotry itself to point out her bigotry. “She can’t be bigoted!” they say. “She’s a minority. She doesn’t have any power to do anything with her hatred for white men.

“White men still have the power to deny her,” in their world, and this is what we are up against. This and many other things, obviously, but this is the root of it. I was glad people were asking me the question, because sometimes I wonder how much of the stuff we discuss here ends up filtering into the mainstream because we are the mainstream in most cases.  But I was glad there were so are many asking about it. There’s a lot of things that are branching off of this too.  Facebook is on a tear.  Twitter too.

They’re both on tear to deny as many conservatives as they can leading up to the midterms.  Twitter and Facebook are totally in bed with the Democrat Party.  But the original question:  “Why is there not even a ripple of anger with what Sarah Jeong said?” Because everybody thinks the left is opposed to bigotry and hatred anywhere, and they’re afraid that if this woman comes out and starts exhibiting it, it’s gonna taint all of them — and there was no reaction at all.  In fact, the primary reaction on the left was to attack those who were pointing out her bigotry.

It was to attack them. It was called bogus.  It was called an attack on journalism, an attack on a minority woman.  So for the purposes going forward, racism today is not about — in their view, not strictly… It’s not even a racial thing.  It’s all power.  The only racists are white Americans, primarily white men.  As I say, add “Christian” to ’em, and you’ve got real trouble.  That’s where the only racism can exist because that’s where all the power resides.  No minority can be racist.  No minority can be bigoted.  No minority can be prejudiced.

In fact, they’re all justified in their racism and bigotry because they are simply responding to the oppressive, tyrannical power wielded by white people in America.  Now, I realize that many of you in this audience are white and wondering, “Where is all this power?”  You’re trying to figure out where do you go to get it, because you don’t think you have any.  You’re just as under the thumb as anybody else is.  I’m not suggesting it’s valid.  I’m trying to explain that this is how they think and this is what is informing or animating this current wave of literal ignorance and idiocy.

But I’ll tell you, it is a problem, because there is an all-out assault on free speech, conservatism.  Anything opposite liberalism is under assault, and it’s designed to be destroyed.  It is happening right before our very eyes.  What amazes me is that this kind of thinking, this kind of talking, this kind of believing is supposed to sweep to a massive congressional win in November?  This is what’s going to garner a massive amount of votes and install Democrats in the House and the Senate in this blue wave?

This is attracting a lot of support?  It’s energizing a lot of people to go out and vote?  That just doesn’t compute.  A burgeoning, growing, strong economy raising the standard of living doesn’t matter? It’s not relevant? It doesn’t count in terms of elections anymore?  This is what we’re being told.  Leveling the international trade playing field, increasing the number of people at work, raising wages, bonuses being granted, 4.1% GDP and climbing?

All of that is now said to be irrelevant because socialism is the answer.  But, anyway, none of those things I just cited — which have traditionally been magic in getting out the vote. Today we’re told, “That doesn’t matter.  People don’t feel it! They don’t believe it. They hate Trump. People aren’t gonna vote for Trump.  They hate Trump and are gonna vote for this socialism, this coming socialism.

“They’re gonna vote for this continuing assault on the power structure of America to get rid of it.”  This what’s kind of unnerving.  So when I hear everybody talk about a guaranteed blue wave, I say, “Really?  “That literal hate-filled bigotry and racism is spawning a majority movement?  Every Democrat in America is signing on to this?  Every Democrat has gone over to this dark side of things?”  I don’t know.  It doesn’t make sense.

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