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RUSH: Now, I mentioned how frustrating it is to be sitting around while — this has been a pretty active week. It’s not been what I would call a slow news week by any stretch. I’ve been chomping at the bit. This may sound strange, but I went through the show prep routine every day. I did everything but come in and do the program. I may have varied the times that I was working, but I still did it.

But not having the three hours to come in here and discuss things every day, all these things build up, and I haven’t had a chance to discuss them. And perspective changes. For example, I’m watching people now discuss the fact that Rudy Giuliani says that the Trump legal team is gonna argue any subpoena that Mueller issues for Trump to appear, that they’re gonna take it all the way to the Supreme Court.

And while I’ve mentioned this before, this is not news, it really hit me this week how outrageous again this whole investigation is, how unjustified, how unwarranted, how totally misdirected it is. It is more than a hoax. It is something that is so destructive to what’s going on in the country today, it is an out-and-out lie. Everything associated with this investigation, including this whole mess that the Russians meddled.

The entire meddling, the entire collusion, every bit of working with Russians to affect the outcome of the election in 2016 took place between the Democrat Party, the Democrat National Committee, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and her paid employees, including Fusion GPS and a bunch of corrupt people at the FBI.

Donald Trump and his family didn’t collude with Russia at all. In fact, the Trump Tower meeting, I wouldn’t be surprised, if when all of this comes out, that that thing was a whole Democrat Party setup, that the whole thing was a setup like planting the spies in the Trump campaign was a setup, not to find the Russian spying or Russian meddling, but to create some!

I think the Trump campaign was minding its own business, and they get this phone call, “Hey, we got somebody from Russia, got some dirt on Hillary.” Don Jr. says hell, yes, we’ll take it. The whole thing was a setup. You watch before everything is all said and done here, that’s even gonna be as much a setup as the dossier was.

Here’s Robert Mueller, the supposed dean of honor and integrity in Washington. If that was true, he would have shut this down after the first month, and he would have changed his focus, and he would be investigating Hillary Clinton, and he would be investigating Fusion GPS. And he would be investigating Christopher Steele. He would be investigating Strzok. He’d be investigating Bruce and Nellie Ohr in the FBI. He would be investigating McCabe. He’d be investigating Brennan. He’d be investigating Clapper. He’d be investigating Comey.

If he really wanted to get to the criminal behavior and activity and the real efforts to upset a presidential election and stack the deck against a candidate, he would have been investigating the Obama DOJ. He would have been investigating the Obama FBI. The problem is, Mueller is part of that. And he’s not gonna investigate himself.

This whole thing is nothing more than a gigantic smoke screen distraction to prevent the scenario I just detailed here. And to look and hear Giuliani say, “Yeah, well, they’re gonna subpoena us. We’re prepared to fight that subpoena all the way to the Supreme Court.” I’d throw this back in their face. Look where we are. We start out with Mueller being appointed special counsel because of the very, very worrisome fact the Russians might have impacted the outcome of the election.

And what’s Mueller doing? He’s talking to porn stars, he’s talking to New York City madams, he’s talking to fringe lunatic people who’ve known Donald Trump for 25 years. He’s not investigating any Russians. He’s not interrogating any Russians. He’s indicting Russians he knows he’ll never meet. We start out with the Russians meddled, the Russians colluded, they worked with Trump to steal the election. And in order to find evidence of it, Mueller is talking to porn stars and madams, and people are not laughing at this, and Mueller somehow hasn’t lost his own sense of integrity and honor?

Really, we’re looking at porn stars for evidence of Russian collusion with Trump, we’re looking at New York City madams? Name is Kristen Davis. I know you’ve heard me talk about this, but having three days this week of not being able to talk about it, just do nothing but absorb this and watch it and look at, the absurdity of this has hit me even harder.

And then you add to it Brennan finally having his security clearance taken away. This guy has been single-handedly working to overthrow a duly constituted presidential election. John Brennan may be among the leaders of this so-called silent coup to overturn the results of a presidential election! There’s no way the guy should have a security clearance! The guy poses a singular threat! Attempting to overthrow a duly constituted president, refusing to accept election outcomes.

But let me try this another way. The whole point of Trump-Russia collusion was what? That Trump is Putin’s puppet. Right? That Trump engaged in some kind of activity somewhere, including in Russia, that Putin has the goods on, Putin has tape, Putin can destroy Trump. They’ve also said that Trump’s businesses are nothing without Russian money. They’ve put out there that the only reason Trump’s businesses stayed afloat is because the Russians financed and underwrote Trump business activities. And they want Trump’s tax returns to prove this.

Okay. Add all that up, and what do you get? You get Donald Trump owned by Vladimir Putin. You have Vladimir Putin literally running Donald Trump, capable-of-blackmailing him. In this case, Vladimir Putin would be the president of the United States essentially if he owned Trump the way they’re trying to tell us he did. Okay. Then tell me something. We know that Putin poisons people that don’t do things the way he wants them done. Putin poisons critics. Putin poisons people who fail in their jobs as assigned by him, former leader of the KGB.

The Clinton-Steele dossier who, by the way, you know what now? I don’t even think Steele wrote it. You know who I think wrote the dossier? Nellie Ohr working for Fusion GPS and the FBI and her husband, Bruce Ohr. She is a Soviet apologist expert of many, many years. I think that dossier — they’re sloughing it off on Steele, but I think that dossier may have actually been assembled and put together in the FBI. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

But we’ll go with Clinton-Steele just for the purposes, because she commissioned it, Fusion GPS hires Steele, they pay for it through that cutout law firm, Perkins Coie or Coie, whatever. The Clinton Steele dossier was what? It was dirt on Trump. And what was it for? It was to destroy Trump. Right? Now, before we knew that the Clinton campaign had anything to do with it, everybody believed that that dossier was the result of Russians either presenting factual or made-up dirt on Donald Trump. For what purpose? To take him down.

That means Vladimir Putin was trying to destroy Donald Trump. Doesn’t it? The Russians, Russian agents, Russian intelligence people provided the information, the stories, the golden showers thing, just one of many things, that proved collusion. Right? Russians did this despite Putin’s decision that Trump would be his puppet? Why in the world, if Trump was Putin’s puppet, would Putin want to destroy Trump?

If Trump was Putin’s puppet — which is what they tried to tell us and some in the media still do — if Trump was Putin’s puppet, then what the hell was Putin doing assigning his various agents to put together a dossier that would destroy Trump? If you ask me, if Donald Trump is Putin’s puppet, then Putin must be furious with his Russian operatives for doing what they did. What we’ve heard about Putin, such failures, such misbehavior could earn those Russians a death sentence with just a drop of polonium-210.

I mean, who in Russia would be stupid enough to defy Putin? Putin wants Trump, right? This is what they told us. Putin wants Trump in there because Putin owns Trump. So a bunch of Russians start working to destroy Trump? How does this make any sense? I mean, the media narrative, the stories they’ve tried to tell us. These both can’t be true. Putin owns Trump, Putin wants Trump so Putin can control Trump, Putin destroying Trump. Those two don’t go together.

We know that Putin bought off Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state. If Russians were helping with the dossier to take down Trump, Putin gave the green light, right? Why would Putin want to green-light something that’s gonna destroy his puppet, somebody he owns? These people can’t keep their stories straight.

Beyond all that, just the very nature of this investigation is such an abomination, it’s surreal. It’s Alice in Wonderland kind of stuff. And don’t doubt me on this. Many, many people in this country, the American people know this and think this exactly as I’ve just laid it out. It doesn’t make any sense. They know exactly what’s going on here, which is why Trump has not been hurt by any of this. ‘Cause nobody believes that this investigation is legit. Nobody believes it’s real, except deranged leftists who, once again, think the system is what’s wrong when they lose elections.


RUSH: I checked the email during a couple of breaks here. There’s not really confusion, but people are asking a couple of things about my monologue, slash, rant on Mueller. Let me try this a different way. We start out with the scary premise that the Russians affected the outcome of the election.

Now, look. Don’t misunderstand. This is all bogus. I’m just telling you what they told us, the people responsible for this, the James Comeys, the McCabes, the Clappers, the Brennans, all these clowns including Mueller and all these people in the FBI, and the media. They told us our election may not have been legit. The Russians may have tampered. The Russians may have meddled, the Russians might have info on Trump. Trump might be Putin’s puppet.

Look. If that’s the case, why would Putin’s people create a dossier to destroy Trump? None of this holds up. But that’s not even my point. Here’s Robert Mueller. He is the epitome, we’re told, of honor in Washington, is he not? The epitome of dignity. There’s nobody more dignified. There’s nobody more sophisticated. There’s nobody more honorable. There’s nobody more honest. There’s nobody more decent. There’s nobody better. There’s not a better human being in all of Washington, unless it’s Richard Ben-Veniste. A little side joke.

Okay? So Mueller puts his team together and it’s nothing but a bunch of Trump-hating Hillary donors, two of which have to get fired after it’s discovered that they are Hillary donors and lovers and Trump haters, and that’s Strzok and Page. They would still be on the team if those texts had not been revealed. Mueller didn’t get rid of them because he wanted to. Mueller didn’t get rid of them because they were conflicted. He got rid of them because he couldn’t hide their conflict anymore.
Yet he is the dean of integrity, right?

So the Kremlin and the Russians and Putin are investing all of this intrigue and all of this meddling and upsetting the outcome of our elections. They don’t want Hillary Clinton to be elected, yet they’re destroying Trump? We’re told that the Russians wanted Trump elected. Everything about this is aimed at destroying Trump from the Russian side of it.

Now we’ve got the Steele dossier which we’ve come to learn was a totally bogus POS. It’s a piece of crap document. And it’s been used by people who know it’s a POS document to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign that renewed three times. And where are we now? Robert Mueller has indicted a bunch of Russians that will never see the sunrise in this country, they’ll never see a courtroom. He never intends them to.

No, Robert Mueller is now investigating a Trump lawyer by the name of Cohen, except he’s not. He passed it off to the Southern District of New York. Now Mueller wants to investigate porn stars, Stormy Daniels — oh, wait. No. That got passed off too. Now he’s talking to a New York City madam by the name of Kristen, the most honorable, the most deeply integrified guy in Washington, D.C., the epitome of honesty. The Russians did this, and the Russians did that, and there’s nobody that’s got a shred of evidence. And Mueller now is talking to such ancillary, distant people as Michael Cohen. Except he’s not. He passed him off.

In the process of this, while all this is taking place, we all learn and Mueller does, too, that the Hillary campaign wrote the dossier that Mueller is using to investigate Trump! This is a man of integrity. This is a man of honor. He didn’t see anything problematic. He didn’t see any meddling in the election by Hillary and the Democrats and the FBI. He didn’t see any problem with the FBI planting spies in the Trump campaign. And he persists in investigating something that did not happen and now demands an interview with the president, who hasn’t colluded with Russians on anything.

In fact, he’s the biggest enemy in the White House Putin’s had since George W. Bush and Ronaldus Magnus! That’s my only point here is that Robert Mueller, Mr. Integrity, Mr. Honesty, is at the forefront of an effort to overthrow a duly elected president! Where is the integrity and the honor in that?

And how can a man with such honor and integrity look at all of the criminal activity that’s gone on on the Democrat side, the DOJ, the FB, and ignore it, and not want to investigate it, not want to investigate Hillary Clinton and her illegal server and all the trafficking in classified data because we can’t, of course, in the process ensnare President Obama. All I’m saying is that none of this makes any sense and by the time the historians write this Mueller’s legacy is not gonna be one of integrity and honesty and all this other stuff.


RUSH: Oh, yeah, the Manafort trial. Well, that’s another joke. The Russia investigation, the Manafort trial. And the prosecutors in that case, they have bungled that. They’re probably gonna get away with it, but man. In the meantime, I gonna back to the phones. People have been waiting a long time here and I haven’t gotten to enough of you.

Jerry in Temperance, Michigan. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Great to talk to you, Rush. The reason I called is the FISA judges. They’ve been really, really silent. By now they should know that they’ve been lied to, and I don’t think there’s any judge out there that would put up with being lied to.

RUSH: See, you would think, you would think they know they’ve been lied to, but we don’t know that they know that. Common sense fails I can’t tell you how many times. I have the same question as you. If they know, if they know they’ve been lied to, what are they doing about it, or what are they gonna do, or what will they do about it? Or do they even care?

FISA warrants, many people say become rubber stamp for the most part over the years. But if what we think happened, if this dossier was primo evidence number one and if it’s totally mixed up and if the judges were not told it’s nothing more than Clinton campaign oppo research, that it was not legitimate intel, I would think they’d been livid.

I would think they would be just livid at having been lied to and used this way. Now, there is an inspector general investigation of this going on. And I’m sure the FISA judges are aware of that. So that may be where this will all be exposed.


RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number 17. This is the New York City madam, Kristin Davis, talking about Mueller and his unending effort to find Russian meddling in the election. And it started out that Mueller was gonna probably indict and arrest Trump in six months. And don’t doubt me on that. Everybody hoped and thought Mueller was gonna be able to get the evidence and get rid of Trump in six months. They can’t believe it’s gone on over a year. And now it’s deteriorated to the point that Mueller is talking to New York City madams.

So Tuesday on WNYW-TV Good Day New York, the guest is the madam, Kristin Davis.  The cohost said, “We were talking earlier how intimidating it must have been to be questioned by the grand jury,” Robert Mueller’s grand jury. “Was it” really intimidating?”

KRISTIN DAVIS:  Completely.  I mean, you’re sitting in a room — there’s no defense attorney, which is how the grand jury goes — um, with a prosecutor who clearly has a rapport with these jurors and answering leading questions.  It bothered me.  I left there feeling very sick to my stomach.

ROSANNA SCOTTO:  How did you get involved with Russian collusion?

KRISTIN DAVIS:  I don’t actually think any collusion happened. So I don’t know anything about it.  But Roger Stone happens to be one of my best friends.  Him and his wife are my child’s godparents.  I’ve worked for him off and on for ten years.

ROSANNA SCOTTO:  What did they ask you in the grand jury?

KRISTIN DAVIS:  I mean, they’re legitimately going after Russian collusion.  They’re concerned about, uh, whether or not it actually happened, tweets and things that seem to foretell of this hacking coming and whether or not we really knew.

RUSH:  Okay.  All right.  Right.  Okay.  They’re talking to a New York City madam.  I know in Rio Linda are not confused by this, but some people are. Do you know what we’re talking about here?  How would you describe a madam to somebody who really doesn’t know what one is? (interruption) What? (interruption)  Okay.  She runs who don’t like it?  Okay? (interruption)  We’re not supposed to say “ho.”  She runs a house of ill repute.  “The house of the rising sun.”  Right?  Okay.  She runs a place where guys like Eliot Spitzer pay money to have sex with women while still wearing their socks, okay?  That’s who she is, and this is who Mueller is talking to about Russian collusion?  Come on, folks!

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