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RUSH: So I’m running a little informal survey today. You know what I found? I found that a lot of people are worn out. The reservoir of energy has been somewhat depleted. I’ve had a lot of people tell me the news today seems the same as it was yesterday, the day before that, the last month. Stories come and stories go. Emotions get revved up, and then they dial back down, and then it’s time to get revved back up again. And it’s getting harder and harder and harder to get revved up.

It’s almost like people saying that they’re being beaten down by all of this. I asked somebody. They said, “I just spent some time at the Drudge Report, Rush. If you do that, you’re gonna be convinced that there’s nothing decent and nothing good happening anywhere.” I said, “Yeah, well, that business is based on clicks.” “But, Rush! But, Rush! It’s all so negative.” I was trying to address this late in the program yesterday.

It’s easy to be negative. We all, as human beings, come by it naturally. Pessimism? It seems like we are hard-wired. Optimism requires effort, requires taking stock, requires stepping aside and stepping outside and assessing things rather than being impacted or affected by constant stream or barrage of things that in many ways are designed to tend people to the negative or to depress them.

So if you’re sitting there looking at the news today and you’re scanning the news saying, “Ah, you know, it’s not exciting. This is making me yawn,” the market’s up 300 points! It’s back over 25,000. Even that, “Ho-hum. Big deal. The market’s been up for I don’t know how long. Yeah, it goes up, goes down. So it’s up 300 points.” I don’t know. It is what it is. The caravan. Whatever the hell it is, the caravan, the mob — and we have news updates on it today. But I think what all… Let me run through the list.

The caravan seems to be falling apart in a lot of ways but the Drive-By Media is trying to keep it together. The mail bombs? It’s like it never happened. What happened to the mail bomb story? Now that we got the guy and the claim that he was a Trump supporter, that’s gone. This is exactly what Drive-By Media is, folks! It’s why it’s so aptly named. The Jewish murders at the synagogue? All the blame they could lay on Trump has been laid, and yet they continue to lay even more blame.

I’ve got an interesting little series of tweets here. The president went to a hospital in Pittsburgh yesterday where many of the wounded were treated. You know what happened? Hospital staff and personnel gave the president and first lady a standing ovation. Have you heard about this? No! All you’re hearing about is the protesters outside wherever the president goes. You’re hearing about 44,000 people who signed some petition saying, “We don’t want you here, Mr. President. We don’t want you.

“We don’t want your wife. We don’t want your Jewish-pretend daughter. We don’t want your Jewish son-in-law. We don’t want any of you here. Go away!” But Trump goes to the hospital where the professionals treated the wounded and gets a very, very warm welcome. You don’t see that reported. They continue to try to lay the blame on Trump for this, and it just wears you out. I know. People are telling me, “It just wears you out. Everyday you get the same thing. Different degrees of intensity, different details in the story, but it’s the same thing.”

Then people say, “Rush, who’s gonna win the midterms?” Folks, there isn’t a soul out there who knows who’s gonna win the midterms. There isn’t a single person out there who has the slightest idea. I don’t care what poll you look at, I don’t care what professional you talk to — I don’t care what great, brilliant analyst there is — there isn’t anybody who knows who’s gonna win the midterms. You have all kinds of people that want to impress with you how smart they are and how analytical they are, but it’s like anything else in the future: Nobody knows.

And that’s because there are so many races according to the polling data that could break either way. There are so many that are so close. But then when you say that, “Okay. Do we trust the polling data?” The polling data in 2016 was not all that hot to trot. Nobody knows. Bottom line. Nate Silver. I’ll give you an example. Nate Silver is considered a guru. Do you know why? I think it was… Was it 2014, 2012? It was one of those two elections where Nate Silver lucked into calling every state on the money.

That feat one election ago in the past, whatever it was, gave him this reputation that he’s infallible. Since that one election where he was infallible, he hasn’t come close. It doesn’t matter. Because he came close or was dead on the money when Democrats were victorious, he’s become a guru. He’s become a shrink. He’s become a psychologist, psychologist. Democrats tune to Nate Silver to stay sane when the information they’re hearing doesn’t go the way they want it to go.

I heard Pat Caddell say (summarized), “This Silver guy? Nice guy, but he’s never run a campaign. He’s never taken a single poll! All he does is analyze ’em! He’s never participated in a poll. He doesn’t have a polling company. He’s never run a campaign,” and Caddell’s point was you need to temper all these so-called experts with some reality. So a guy hits it on one election that happened to be exactly what the Democrats wanted to hear. It turned out to be true, and so he continues to be a guru, and the media continues to cite this.

Nate Silver is out there saying 86% now chance the Democrats win the House. Nobody knows. So you can’t succumb to the temptation here to go blasé and become flatline, and it’s hard. Look, I will admit it’s hard. As I say, the human emotional reservoir can only hold so much, and at some point it’s gonna get depleted. Maintaining fever-pitch energy becomes a challenging thing to do, precisely when the news every day is 98% slanted, 92% slanted against you and what you believe in and what you want to happen.

The Trump threat to end the birthright citizenship. Today, the Democrats are still mad about it. All kinds of experts are being trotted out. “It’s unconstitutional!” No, it’s totally constitutional. “No, it isn’t!” You got Republican leaders saying, “We don’t want to go down this road. This is silly. We’re all in favor of as many people getting in the country as can.” Democrats are saying the same thing. But it’s out there. It’s a starter. Nothing is gonna happen any time soon. The left is saying, “Yeah, a conversation starter is all it is.

“Trump doesn’t really mean it. He’s just trying to rile up the base.” That’s where you’re wrong. Trump does mean it, and it is about time this was changed. We have a crisis brewing. We have a crisis brewing in terms of what kind of country we’re gonna be, what kind of culture is gonna dominate in this country, and we are under assault by people who don’t like the United States of America the way it was founded.

There’s no complicated mystery to this. It’s just what it is. That’s who the opponents are. They are hell-bent, and they’re not gonna stop until they win. Now, the Mueller investigation. Look at that, all of us… The Mueller investigation is trying to come back to life. Remember I told you yesterday how many leftists were convinced that Mueller, by now, was gonna have issued a report proving Trump had colluded with Russia?

You know how many people on the left believed that and how many have been thinking all this time that Mueller was timing this release for right before the election and it was gonna happen — and if it didn’t happen, that it would be a leak or there would be some kind of indication? And yet zilch, zero, nada. The latest from Mueller is that somebody’s running a scam on him, a sex scandal of some kind. It’s so boring to me, I haven’t even delved into the details.

But Mueller is saying that people are trying to run a sex scam on him of some kind or tried to or what have you. All I know is that that’s the last thing that the left was counting on Robert Mueller having to say in the days and weeks leading up to the election. This is a big deal psychologically. I’m telling you, these people really thought… You would have been amazed see how many people. The Drive-By Media, the American left has propagandized significance portion of this population.

They have believed from the first day that Trump… From the first day they heard that Trump stole election, they have believed that Mueller has found it. They believed Mueller was gonna find it and did find it and is holding it and is gonna release it at the most opportune time, despite the fact there isn’t any evidence for it. There never has been any evidence for it because it didn’t happen. It did happen between Hillary and the Democrats, but it didn’t happen with Trump.

There isn’t a shred — there will not a shred — of evidence, and yet they’re still holding out hope. Mueller and his people are trying to remain relevant, rising from the dead, looking like Trump may answer some questions after the election. Remember the news stories about that? How many months (maybe over a year now) have there been stories about Trump will or won’t submit to questioning by Mueller? Lawyers think he should; lawyers think he shouldn’t.

Trump wants to, said the stories, but his lawyers say no way.

Meanwhile, the conversations never happened. Trump never met with Mueller, never answered written questions. They weren’t submitted. A total nonstory that both sides were participating in. The news now is that Trump might speak with Mueller after the election, might answer some questions after the election. The takeaway is that the primary weapon the Democrats thought they had to get rid of Trump and win the House and Senate has fizzled.

It’s not there. So they’re turning, as they always do, to other things. We also have the usual parade of celebrities — brain-dead, idiot celebrities — vomiting their opinions, throwing away their money. We have proven that we really are not motivated to do anything celebrities advise. It has been long established that celebrities do not move public opinion, that nobody is worried about what celebrities think or do in that sense because they don’t, and yet they persist. We now have the Oprah.

We’re told The Oprah is gonna go into Georgia and campaign for the Democrat candidate for governor of Georgia. Stacey is the name. Abrams. When was the last time The Oprah was a factor in an election? Can anybody tell me? (interruption) You think Obama’s first victory was timed to The Oprah? You think she was helpful? I will admit that she didn’t hurt, but you think if Oprah hadn’t been out there doing what The Oprah was doing, that Obama would not have won? (interruption) Okay.

Obama would have still won, despite what The Oprah was doing. How about Barbra Streisand? Barbra Streisand is out there. She’s trying to gin up the anti-Republican vote by promising to move to Canada if the Republicans hold the House. Think anybody cares about that? Other than the people saying, “Go ahead! Move! It’s gonna motive me to vote Republican.” And how many people on the Democrat side say, “Oh, my God, we can’t lose Babs! Oh, no. We can’t have her move to Canada. We gotta vote Democrat.”

How many people think that’s going to be the way people take their vote? And yet it makes the news! It’s a big deal that Barbra Streisand, who nobody cares about, might move to Canada. How many Democrats over the years have threatened to leave the United States if they lose the next election, and after they lose the next election, they stay! And nobody ever does a story, “Barbra Streisand — who promised to move to Canada after Republicans held the House — has decided to stay in her Malibu compound. No explanation given.”

How many times do you see that story? And now Kanye. Kanye West says he’s tired of being used. He’s getting out of politics. He can’t handle it anymore. The Drive-Bys are writing that story up as though Kanye’s ticked off at Trump. That’s not what Kanye’s ticked off about. Kanye’s ticked off at Candace Owens. She’s from the Turning Point USA group, and she’s got an issue called “Blexit.” It’s blacks leaving the Democrat Party.

She’s got a very effective movement called Blexit, which is designed to get blacks to finally abandon the plantation, the liberal plantation and leave the Democrat Party. Anyway, Kanye says that his words and deeds have been somehow appropriated for this cause when he didn’t grant permission. So he says getting out of politics, that it’s not about Trump. Of course, the Drive-Bys are saying it’s Trump, but was Kanye West gonna ever matter? No offense to Kanye West, but was Kanye West ever gonna turn out a lot of votes for Republicans and Trump in the first place?

(interruption) You think so? Think so? Well, the media obviously did, too, because they’re really celebrating the fact that Kanye is getting out thinking he’s been used, saying he’s been used. I have my doubts about that. But then again, as a celebrity myself, I’m not smitten with celebrities. As a celebrity myself, I don’t care. You know, I am not… There’s a word for groupies that go overboard with celebrities. I can’t use the word. It’s the F-bomb. I’m not one of those. A lot of people are, and I don’t know about the impact that Kanye had.

If you think so, we’ll live with it.

The polls. Nobody knows what the polls are saying. The polls are weird, they’re off base, they’re up, they’re down. Republicans gonna… The point is, folks, nobody knows what’s gonna happen, and there’s nobody who knows who can tell you, although they’ll try to make you think they know — and I admire some of it. Many people are doing what they can to try to keep everything and everybody fired up and engaged and motivated. And I’m all for that.

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