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RUSH: Portland, Maine. This is Bob. I’m glad you called, sir. Welcome to our program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. First-time caller, longtime listener.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Yeah. I was just wondering, alluding back to what you said earlier about how the Democrats really don’t have anybody that’s electable. My wife brought this up to me the other day. What do you think about them at the last moment, as a dark horse, putting in Michelle Obama, where —

RUSH: You know, I go back and forth on this.

CALLER: Do you? I wonder if the… (crosstalk) Okay. I was just wondering if, you know, the ghost government, you know, if they can still — like Obama, can still — kind of control a situation (unintelligible).

RUSH: Oh, see, I think that’s it. I am convinced that The One wants back in. I think The One is sitting there seething over the dismantling of his agenda and the Trump verbal assault on it every day. But he can’t run again. And they got the Michelle book out there. It sold very well. That will tell them that she is immensely popular. If they are thinking about it, there is no way that they’re gonna get in this soon.

They’re gonna let these people eat each other up and spit each other out, beat each other up because this is gonna happen. You can’t avoid this. Every one of these candidates wants the nomination. Some of them, no, they’re not gonna get it and they’re doing it for other reasons. But there are enough people in this race that really want it. And enough of them who really think they can get it.

In order to survive this, they’re gonna have to tear down their opponents, and that is gonna cause damage. It always does. This is one of the disadvantages the out-of-power party has as an incumbent president seeking reelection. They cannot avoid beating themselves up. And in this case they all hate Trump so much, and they think everybody hates Trump so much that they think this is the year they can all win it. I mean, I’m telling you, they’re delusional in this regard and many others.

So they’re gonna be ripping each other apart, and in some cases they’re gonna be doing lasting damage in terms of presidential-electability. And after enough of that happens, the Obamas will survey the landscape, they will not pull the trigger and get in if they don’t think it is a lock that she would win. The last thing the Obamas can afford is for Michelle (My Belle) to get in there and not win.

Now, how do you guarantee yourself a lock? You go back to the Russians like Hillary did and try to redo this and conspire with them? How do you do it? Obama himself said it. It would be very difficult to rig a presidential election. But there are days I think it’s automatic that she’s going to and other days, I can’t explain why, that I don’t. I think that they’re gonna be happy becoming hundred million dollar net worth plus people and living the life which is what leftists actually want to do.

The leaders in leftist movements are really basically very lazy after they’ve accomplished their objective. Let the worker bees go out and produce everything and they live off of it. And I think the Obamas may be in that circumstance. But it’s just too soon to say. But let me ask you this. Let’s examine this hypothetical from the standpoint that she does get in. Do you think she can win?

CALLER: I don’t think she can. But it’d be a lot closer than the others they have up there. I think a lot of people on the other side would feel a little bit more comfortable than the nut jobs they have going now. ‘Cause she hasn’t really spoke a lot. And everyone else who’s been out there speaking look like —

RUSH: Well, that —

CALLER: — a bunch of idiots.

RUSH: That’s a good point too. That’s the old Colin Powell problem that he had when he was toying with the idea of running for president. He was sitting there with an approval number in the high seventies back when he was secretary of state and all that. And he wouldn’t even identify whether he was a Republican or Democrat because he knew once he did that, that approval number would plummet. And he loved, as a denizen of the swamp, the high approval number.

He knew that the more issues he took positions on, the number would come down even further. And that’s a good point. Would Michelle want to sacrifice this high approval — these people care what people think of ’em. And I just am struck by what I saw in a story. I’ll share it with you. A lot of Bernie Sanders supporters say if Bernie doesn’t get the Democrat nomination they’re gonna be so mad this time they’re gonna vote for Trump.


RUSH: One thing to keep in mind that if Michelle (My Belle) does pull the trigger, whatever she pulls to get in there, the money would immediately shift to her because everybody on that side would think that Obama and Valerie Jarrett are gonna be back in running things and she’s gonna be a figurehead stand-in.

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