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RUSH: Now, I want to move on with what was originally planned to do today with Plugs. If you’re just joining us today, I’m not gonna replay the sound bites. But ABC Good Morning America did a standard Republican hit piece on Joe Biden and his son. They exposed everything about Biden and his under-the-table deals for his kids in Ukraine and with the ChiComs. It’s the kind of report that they reserve when it’s time to take out Republicans. So I have evolved a theory.

The theory is that the media — which I have long contended actually is the operational brains behind the Democrat Party — has determined that they’re gonna vet the Democrat field. They are going to determine who the Democrat nominee is, and for whatever reasons that we can speculate — we’re pretty close to it — that would be, I think they have decided Plugs can’t win. I think they have made the determination that Biden’s a lost cause for a whole host of reasons.

So today begins the process. Now, it may well be that I’m wrong and they could be doing this just to do it and be done with it so that they can say later on, “Hey, we haven’t been biased in favor of Biden. Look at that piece we did in the middle of June. We really creamed him!” But this went far, far deeper than just do the story to get it out of the way story, because this is the kind of thing… You couple this with Joe doubling down on his defense of segregationists.

Now imagine the Democrat debates and here comes Kamala Harris and Cory Booker not only on the, “You really want to sit here and tell us that you think that there were good people on both sides back in the civil rights days?” They’ll accuse him of being exactly like Trump. “You’re no different than Trump at Charlottesville!” That will be the end of it for Plugs, and Plugs will say, “What do you mean, Trump at Charlottes…?” “You’re saying there’s good people on both sides! You’re saying there were good people in the segregationists, in the civil rights days!”

“I’m not saying that! God bless it. My God. Why don’t you stand up and…? God, no way, I’m not saying that.” “Yes, you are — and then what about these dirty deals for your kids? My kids don’t get those kind of deals! The only reason your kids did is ’cause you played off being Obama’s vice president.” Can you imagine this stuff in the debates? Once ABC does the report, it’s fair game for the other candidates to just launch full speed into this stuff. So what can Plugs do?

This is where we come into play here at the EIB Network.

Remember Operation Chaos. Operation Chaos was an effort to save the Hillary Clinton candidacy in 2018. For those of you who weren’t here then, let me briefly explain it to you. In 2008, the Republican nominee was John McCain. He wrapped it up way early. There was no drama left in the spring/late fall of 2008. We knew who the Republican nominee was. So there wasn’t any news, there wasn’t any drama. But the drama was there on the Democrat side because everybody thought Hillary was gonna be the nominee until the young, strapping, well-spoken and — as Biden described him — very clean Obama.

As Biden said, “Finally, we got a clean, well-spoken black guy in our party!” Oh, that’s another one! (chuckling) Wait ’til they go back to that in the debate. “You still think President Obama’s clean and well-spoken for a black person, Mr. Biden?” It’s what he said. So, anyway, everybody thinks that Hillary’s gonna get it. But Obama’s coming along, coming on strong, and time is running out. So since Republican primary votes didn’t matter anymore, I, on this program, suggested — just to keep this race going, just to keep the Democrat primary going.

I suggested that in remaining Democrat states that were open, that registered Republicans, register Democrat temporarily so as to be able to vote for Hillary — and you know what? It happened, and it might be that Operation Chaos actually led to Hillary winning Indiana. Operation Chaos was so successful, George Clooney included it in a political movie he made. I can’t remember the name of the movie. But it was a trilogy, three different parts in it, and the first part had to do with how petrified the Democrats were with Operation Chaos, because it worked.

The whole point of Operation Chaos was just to keep the race going so that Hillary would have a chance at least into the summer. Hillary acknowledged Operation Chaos, and she was out there saying, “Be careful what you wish for, Rush.” So now Plugs Biden finds himself in a similar circumstance. It appears that the big guns of the American media are arrayed against him. Now, so far, it’s just ABC News and Good Morning America, but I’m telling you, if you missed the first hour, they pounded Biden and his kid and the scandals.

Everything you know about it because you’ve heard about it on conservative media for months, they did it. And then the New York Post Page Six has done a story about an Arkansas woman suing Hunter Biden for knocking her — uh, getting her pregnant. (chuckling) I almost said that. For getting her pregnant, two weeks after he marries some babe in South Africa. So I do believe the media is… (interruption) Yeah. The Ides of March was the Clooney movie. You should rent that if you haven’t seen it or stream it or do something.

The first third of the movie is Clooney paranoid about Operation Chaos. Ha! Anyway, so it may be time to save Plugs, because if they’ve decided Plugs can’t win, what could be better for us? So the thing you have to realize is Joe Biden is a throwback. He’s an ancient guy. He’s 77 years old. There’s no way that he can cover that up. He should not fight that. The first thing he needs to do — and this is within the context of the Democrat Party, and I’m just gonna demonstrate to you my understanding of them by my suggested course of action for Plugs.

The first thing he should do is apologize for his white privilege. The next thing I would have him do is apologize for his cisgender identity and privilege. He’s had it really easy in life going through it as a natural-born man. He hasn’t had any confusion. Life for him has been binary. He hasn’t been confused by all these other options and choice. Like he never had to question which bathroom to use. He never had to face that kind of pressure.

He needs to apologize for that. He needs to apologize for his lack of rage. The left wants to see candidates who hate Trump and say they hate Trump in so many words. They want the emotion; Plugs hasn’t shown it. He’s gotta show it. Then he’s gotta apologize for the state of Delaware. It’s his state. He’s gotta apologize for Delaware’s affinity for corporations and tax shelters. You know how many people register their corporations in Delaware to escape taxes and identity and so forth? Plugs has gotta apologize for that.

Plugs is… Delaware, his state, is totally there in service to capitalists. This can’t work. He’s got to diss Delaware. He’s gotta make Delaware apologize — and if they won’t, he has to apologize for them. And then he’s got to somehow apologize sincerely and seriously — he’s gotta make it work — for tweeting out that embarrassing picture of his Obama friendship bracelet. That… (sigh) He’s gotta apologize for being insecure. He’s gotta apologize for even doubting that Obama likes him.

There’s only one possibly way Biden could be forgiven for all of these transgressions. He’s gonna have flip on reparations, and that’s gonna put pressure on his other segregationist belief. The perceived segregation gaffe will lead to a demand that Biden flip on reparations. And he’s gotta get rid of this issue. He can’t have that hanging over his head. And if there’s anybody to flip-flop, it’s Joe Biden. He can pull it off. Now, I’m not through with advice. There are other things.

He’s a throwback. He should not fight it. He should embrace it. He’s 77 years old. He’s old. His politics are tired. He’s never had any independent success running for the presidency on his own. He’s accused — accurately, properly — of being a copycat, a plagiarist. His campaign should not and cannot run from that. They need to let Joe be Joe. They need to keep him an authentic, unwoke gaffe machine that runs on spit, polish, and elbow grease.

That’s what Joe must do — and to do that he’s gotta reach out to retired, octogenarian ad writers. He’s gotta go back and get people who wrote ads for political candidates back in the seventies and the eighties. Every TV commercial for Joe Biden needs to be in black and white, before they invented color. He’s not a colorful guy. There’s no reason illustrating this with color commercials. Black-and-white TV commercials, nostalgic, noir. Put all of Joe’s ads in black and white.

That’s how Joe sees things anyway. I’m just bouncing off what I see the Democrats saying. So embrace this stuff! Embrace your weaknesses, embrace your strengths, and acknowledge them. Using a catchy slogan like “Joe’s got pep in his step!” “Tippecanoe and Biden too!” Doesn’t have to make sense. Just make it feel like Joe’s been around a long time because you can’t deny that. Have him show up as a mummy one day at a fundraiser.

It’s things like this that might help.

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