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RUSH: Anyway, the Democrats are all excited about that. They’re all excited about the picture. They’re all excited about Democrat debates beginning tonight! They’re all excited about the ongoing prospect of getting rid of Donald Trump before the 2020 election and, failing that, they want to get rid of Trump at the 2020 election.

I got a flash message last night from one of the staff here. Here it is. “I worry about the status of literacy in our country. I worry about the status of overall education.” What I have here is a photo. And I don’t need to put this up. It would be too small on the Dittocam, you wouldn’t be able to read it. But it’s a mailer from the RNC to people they think are Republicans, either donors, potential donors, or what have you.

And it’s a survey. The 2020 critical issues survey from the Republican National Committee. And I have the first three questions here.

Question 1: “Are you more enthusiastic or less enthusiastic about the 2019, 2020 presidential cycle than you were four years ago?”

Question 2: “Would you consider serving as a Trump victory volunteer in your community?”

Question 3 – and this is the one I want to call your attention to. Ready for this? “Do you support capitalism and free markets or socialism and government control of the economy? Yes, no, no opinion.” What do you mean “yes, no” — how do you answer this? You got two options in the question and your options are yes and no, what are you saying your “yes” to?

“Do you support capitalism and free markets or socialism and government control of the economy?” One of them ought to be capitalism. The other ought to be socialism. They’re “yes” and “no.” They can’t possibly learn anything no matter how anybody answers this unless they choose “no opinion.” That’s the third option. How does this get past anybody?

This is the Republican National Committee 2020 critical issues survey. And this question’s kind of key because we do have people who think it’s gonna be a binary election, socialism versus capitalism, and here’s the RNC asking people what they prefer and the question doesn’t give the people taking the questionnaire an opportunity to tell ’em.

I know what happened here. The wizard that put this together thinks this way. Do you support capitalism, free markets? That’s the yes. Or socialism and government? That’s the no. Somebody with either supervisor intelligence and the ability to divine what other people are thinking — one of my skills — is the only way I can make any sense out of this. The average person, if they even open this thing and then read it are not gonna know how to answer that. So it’s worthless.

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