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RUSH: Fox today on Fox & Friends replayed a section of the program yesterday where I pointed out that I think the Democrats are in a hurry with this impeachment thing, that they want to get this done by Thanksgiving, they want to get two articles written. They want to get an article on obstruction, Trump not turning over requested documents, this whistleblower stuff, and another article on something else.

They want to be able to get a couple of Republican votes. They’re in a hurry. They want this done by Thanksgiving. So they discussed that on Fox, basically concurring with it, some mild people adding their own thoughts to it. But the point is that we’re in a race here, we’re in a race. Barr and Durham are doing their own investigation, and it has expanded. This investigation’s going global.

You know what the focal point of it is? Italy! Italy! You know why Italy? Because there’s a very key person that was last seen there. The guy’s name is Joseph Mifsud. He’s the original guy — this is classic, by the way. In the Mueller report Mifsud is referred to as a Russian agent. But he’s not! Mifsud was one of these FBI guys along with Stefan Halper and Alexander Downer, and he was involved in the episode where George Papadopoulos was told that the Russians had a bunch of Hillary emails.

You know, Papadopoulos was told this stuff and then he was to go repeat it ’cause he was a member of the Trump foreign policy team. And it was an entrapment strategy. They wanted to entrap Papadopoulos. They fed him false information. The Russians had Hillary emails. He tells Alexander Downer, the ambassador from Australia, and then he calls the FBI, one of these feedback loops, is what it was. Well, Mifsud was one of the first people talking to Papadopoulos, and nobody can find him. He left a video, and nobody knows where he is.

They don’t know if he’s dead. They don’t know if he’s alive. They don’t know if he’s in hiding. They don’t know if he’s with the Dalai Lama. They don’t know where he is. But Barr and his investigative team are all over. They’re in Ukraine. They are in Italy.

Jim Jordan, audio sound bite number 5, on with Bill Hemmer today. Hemmer says, “As we follow the road map, do you believe that Durham and Barr can finish their work within a year?”’

JORDAN: I hope so, yeah. I think so. I hope so. We do know that the Horowitz report…

HEMMER: We shall see…

JORDAN: …is coming in soon.

HEMMER: …because we’ve got an election in 13 months. Another quick question here. Do you believe House Democrats will vote on impeachment, yes or no?

JORDAN: In the end on articles it seems like they’re headed down that road. Unfortunately, I think they made a decision before they’ve even looked at the evidence ’cause there’s no evidence to support this.

RUSH: There isn’t. He’s right. There’s no evidence to support anything. The whistleblowers have been blown to smithereens. The whistleblowers lied. And I’ve got a whole Stack on these guys. I want to get to that today.

But next up sound bite number 23. Bret Baier showed up later with Bill Hemmer on the Fox News Channel, and Hemmer said, “Okay, Bret. You have the reporting on John Durham, the prosecutor out of Connecticut hired by Barr. What can we say about the extent of his investigation, let’s call it?”

BAIER: Well, it’s expanding exponentially. Senior sources telling us that it started as the beginning of the probe to the election, and now it has expanded from the election all the way up to when Mueller is special counsel. So past the inauguration all the way into 2017. There are more agents, more resources, and it is all based on what John Durham is finding, we’re told. Durham, over time, is going to be putting out pieces of his expansive report, and remember, that’s going to collide with the impeachment inquiry and what’s happening on that front.

HEMMER: That’s right, yeah.

BAIER: Gonna have two tracks.

HEMMER: Can Durham do his work within a year?

BAIER: Yeah. The understanding I have is that they’re well down the road, they are — it’s a global investigation, and there will be pieces of it that come out once the IG is out with his report.

RUSH: Folks, this is kind of bombshell here. They kind of snuck this on us this morning on Fox, but this is kind of important. Let me run through this again. So Bill Hemmer’s got Baier on there. Baier’s obviously got sources that he trusts, is confident in them enough to repeat what he’s being told. So what can we say about the extent of the investigation? And Baier says, it is expanding exponentially as it goes. Meaning, that as they learn things, as they discover things in the investigation, it gets bigger, not smaller.

Usually in an investigation, not always, but usually the more you learn, the less there is to learn, you get closer to the end. What they’re finding, the more they learn, the bigger it’s getting. And Baier says now it’s expanded from the election all the way up to when Mueller is special counsel. So past the inauguration all the way into 2017 they’ve hired more agents, more resources, and it’s all based on what Durham is finding, we are told, Baier said.

Durham over time’s gonna be putting out pieces, which means they’re not gonna wait for a big slam dunk finale. They’re gonna release things as they learn it ’cause they know that we’re in a race here. I wanted to play this bite for you because people call here every day asking me what I think about the Barr investigation. Are they gonna learn anything? Is Barr gonna file indictments against anybody, people are profoundly interested in this. And I hadn’t heard any of this ’til I saw Baier report it today on Fox News.

So they’re gonna be putting out pieces of this report as it’s written, and that is going to collide with whatever Pelosi and Schiff are doing. That’s gonna be great, and that is what Pelosi and Schiff and everybody on that side, the Drive-Bys, they’re scared to death of this because, folks, they know they did it. They know they manufactured all of this. They know this investigation is fraudulent from the first day Obama convened it with Hillary’s participation and John Brennan.

One of the reasons they were hell bent on Hillary winning was so that nobody would ever find out what they did. If Hillary had won, all of these people from Comey to Brennan to Clapper would have been promoted. They would have been thanked for a job well done, for taking Trump out. But Trump won. Now all of this is at risk of being exposed. And they are scurrying.

Now, Bret Baier has the third book in a troika series that he has written coming out on October 22nd. He’s gonna be here on October 21st to talk about his new book and whatever else has developed on this story and whatever else is happening, period, on that date.

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