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RUSH: The big news of the day on impeachment. The Democrats are saying that their impeachment inquiry is going to take longer than planned. Now, I am on record here saying they wanted to get this done before Thanksgiving. We’re in a race and that they wanted to get Trump impeached, they wanted to do whatever they’re gonna do.

This is not an impeachment that they’re running. It is a deception. It’s nothing more than a sham bunch of interviews in a basement, and now Schiff is not even releasing the transcripts to Republicans, not allowing Republicans in. He is simply releasing a series of lies and out-of-context statements attributed to witnesses who, when they come out and see what they supposedly said, are, “I didn’t say that.”

It doesn’t matter. Schiff leaks it, reports it, the media then amplifies it, and the American people get a totally distorted view of what witnesses are saying in this sham impeachment. Well, the big news today is — and it’s in the New York Times — that Democrats, “Well, this is gonna take much longer — oh, my God — much longer than we thought.”

And you know what the reason given is? Because Schiff and his team are learning of so many abuses they didn’t even know about. Why, these witnesses are coming in and they’re telling stories about Trump that the Democrats had no idea of. And it’s expanding the scope. That is not what is going on. It’s the exact opposite! They aren’t finding any impeachable evidence. That’s the problem!

But Adam Schiff and his band of just despicable partisans is reporting they’re learning so much. “Oh, my God. Trump has done so much. We had no idea.” This is the guy who promised everybody he had evidence of Trump and Russia colluding, and he has yet to produce it. So they’re claiming their secret witnesses are providing them so much dirt on Trump, they need more time to investigate all these new leads.

But we know that is a lie. You know how we know that’s a lie? Because if there was any new dirt on Trump, Schiff would have immediately leaked it to the New York Times or the Washington Post. There haven’t been any new crimes reported by either of those stellar fake news sites. In fact, the Democrats’ real problem is that their star witnesses are crapping out on ’em. Big time.

Their star witnesses are providing them zero evidence of any criminal behavior, high crime behavior, misdemeanor behavior, impeachable offenses. There isn’t any! There are none. Instead of coming up with dirt on Trump they’re basically supporting everything Trump has said.

We know that’s the case because not only are the Democrats refusing to release the transcripts of the testimony to the public, they won’t even release the transcripts to the Republican members on the House Intelligence Committee. That’s because Schiff needs to keep making it up, taking it out of context, the testimony of these witnesses.

The truth is there’s panic city inside Schiff’s committee room. They’re not getting anything. So now they leak to the New York Times, “Oh, my God. We’re getting so much. We may not be able to get this done by Thanksgiving.” Democrats in the media — New York Times, Washington Post — insisting the Democrats want to slow down the impeachment process in order to sharpen their case.

The New York Times says the Democrats are planning a series of public hearings in the days before Christmas — What, Christmas? Christmas? — in order to make the simplest and most devastating possible public case in favor of removing Trump.

I kid you not. That is the Democrat talking point of the day. They are delaying because they want to make their case for removing Trump even more convincing ’cause they’re getting so many new leads. It is such a crock.

Now, Steve Bannon, there’s a story in the New York Post today, Steve Bannon predicts that Pelosi’s gonna impeach in six weeks. That would be right around Thanksgiving. He is sure of it. That she’s not gonna be able to stop herself. She’s not gonna be able to help herself. She is so focused, he said, Bannon says she is so focused she’s gonna do this.

The New York Times, Washington Post: Nope, not gonna make it by Thanksgiving. Too many leads, too many new crimes they have discovered. No time to investigate them all before Thanksgiving, so goes tale. They don’t have anything.

Meanwhile, Trump is outperforming them in fundraising, and there’s internal polling on the Republican side suggesting that this impeachment thing is losing ground among Democrats and independents and don’t think that Schiff and his buddies, Pelosi, haven’t seen that data.


RUSH: Yeah. Right, like they’re serious. The New York Times says that the Democrats are finally gonna hold their first public hearings on impeachment during the run-up to Christmas. That’s when everybody will be paying attention, right? Sure! Right up to Christmas. That’s the same time they chose to pass Obamacare with no Republican votes, when nobody was paying attention, right up against the Christmas holidays.

In fact, the Senate passed Obamacare on Christmas Eve! Now, how many people do you think were paying attention to the United States Senate on Christmas Eve? I’m telling you, you could count the number of people on a couple of hands.

Just to review, the big blockbuster of the day comes from CNN: “House Democrats are facing a time crunch to quickly wrap up their investigation into allegations President Donald Trump abused his office in pushing Ukraine to probe his political rivals.”

The fact is that Schiff has moved off of Ukraine. Trump releasing the transcript of that phone call effectively wiped out Schiff’s plan to use that phone call as an impeachable offense. The transcript’s been released. The whistleblowers, whatever they say and regardless how many there are, have been rendered irrelevant.

So Schiff has now resorted to just literally making things up, folks, with testimony that Republicans are not allowed to be present at and Republicans are not being allowed to read the transcripts of whatever it is that Schiff’s committee is doing in the basement in a room in the House of Representatives.

So the upshot is that CNN says the Democrats now want to wrap up their inquiry before Thanksgiving but the witnesses are giving them so much new dirt on Trump that they need more time to investigate. They were trucking, man. They were moving. They were on schedule. They were gonna get this done by Thanksgiving. But now, so many witnesses are giving them so much new evidence, it’s massive, folks, there’s no way they can get it done by Thanksgiving.

The truth is the witnesses are supporting Trump’s version of events. Schiff is literally lying in the leaks that he’s giving to the media about what these witnesses are saying. He’s taking a sentence here and a sentence there out of context, releasing it as a whole thought. It is criminal.

Now, they voted to censure House — well, the Republicans proposed censoring Schiff. It went nowhere. That wasn’t gonna happen with the Democrats controlling it. The media still has its work cut out for them. They can oversample Democrats to get polls that claim most Americans support impeachment. But they can’t skew the results enough to claim that most voters support removing Trump from office.

Now, listen to this. The New York Times says that their latest poll found registered voters in swing states support the impeachment inquiry by a magical 50 to 45%, but — I know numbers are hard to follow when you can’t see them, so I’ll do my best here to make this easy to follow. The New York Times’ latest poll, registered voters, 50% of swing state voters support impeachment, 50%, magic number. Forty-five percent oppose. However, the 50% that support the inquiry oppose removing Trump from office by 53 to 43.

This is why the Democrats are now saying they need to extend the proceedings. They need to give more evidence. They need to come up with more stuff. They don’t have enough. They haven’t come up with enough to convince even their own people that they poll that Trump should be removed. You know, it’s a big leap. “Do you support impeachment?”

“Hell, yes, I do. I support every investigation.”

“What about removing the –”

“Well, I’m not so sure about that, now.” So they got 50% registered voters in swing states say, “Yeah, inquire, look into it, investigate.” But 53 to 43% of those people oppose removing Trump. Remember that Fox News poll last week, 51% supported investigating and removing and then it was discovered that the Democrat oversample was so outrageous that if you normalized it the number was 44%, not 51%?

So the Democrats magically now say they need more time because they’ve got so many more leads. The fact is they haven’t made the case to people. And there’s nobody opposing ’em. They own the media. Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, whatever they say is whatever gets reported and amplified. And even despite that, 53% oppose removing Trump from office.

So the Democrats have to give their media buddies more time to convince people that Trump has committed some crime. In fact, the New York Times even admits if you read long enough, deep enough into this story, the New York Times admits the Democrats haven’t been able to move the needle despite all of the hysteria in the last couple of weeks. They basically come out and say that. Schiff and Pelosi have been unable to move the needle.

So is anybody curious why? Because if you look at this as objectively as you can, if you watch the media, you would be convinced that the majority of the American people would have no other way to believe that Trump is guilty of everything in the world and has to go because that’s all the media coverage is. I mean, sun up to sundown, the media coverage is how Donald Trump is a criminal, an ogre, a reprobate, an undesirable, a deplorable, you name it. And still in the New York Times poll, even 53%, “We do not support removing him.” Gotta be a reason.

Ronna McDaniel, the GOP chairwoman: The pollsters were wrong in 2016 and they’re wrong now. Our internal data shows that in the last week support among Democrats for the coup, the impeachment of Donald Trump, has dropped a full 10 points. Now, for those of you, “Rush, she’s gotta be making that up.” No, no. What would be the point of making this up? To lie about this, I mean, this could come back and bite you in any number of ways.

“Internal data shows in the last week support among Democrats for impeachment, for the coup against Trump, has dropped a full 10 points.” I think more and more Americans are seeing this for what it is, and the Democrats and the media are not calculating that, they’re not factoring it. They think they’re convincing everybody. And then they look at their polling data, and it doesn’t square with what they personally believe.

While all this is going on, try this headline from The Daily Wire. “Trump Destroys Fundraising Records, Rakes In $300 Million For Re-Election Campaign — President Donald Trump is presiding over a ‘money machine’ and now has the most well-funded re-election campaign in history, according to fundraising numbers released last week.”

Politico, the left-wing Politico, reports “that Trump and the Republican National Coalition have raised more than $300 million, and the President alone has $158 million cash on hand to kick off his re-election bid, more than any other sitting president at this point in his campaign,” including Barack Hussein O.

“The numbers have Democrats worried, and at least one strategist told [Politico] that, ‘[t]he resources he has will be put to work anywhere and everywhere that he feels like he can scare up electoral votes, and Democrats will never catch up.’”

You know why? They don’t have a nominee yet! All the money going to the Democrat Party’s being disbursed among all these different candidates. The Democrats don’t have a prayer of raising the amount of money Trump has, don’t have a prayer of catching up.

But now the real question here is, if Trump is this hated and this reviled and if the media is right that so many Americans want him gone, how in the name of Sam Hill is he raising so much money? And a lot of it is coming from individuals donating $200 or less. It’s not a big bunch of corporate money coming in.

So how is this happening? Well, I have my theories. I think the people that elected Donald Trump are still out there, and I think the people that elected Donald Trump have been joined by other people who didn’t in 2016. And I think more and more Americans are beginning to wake up or awaken to what Washington really is, what the Washington government really is, which we will explore in due course as the program unfolds before your very eyes and ears.


RUSH: Three-hundred-thirteen thousand brand-new donors in the last quarter all giving $200 or less. These are people that did not donate in 2016, 313,000 donating $200 or less as part of the $300 million quarterly haul which the Democrats can’t compete with. Now, how many of those people do you think the Drive-By Media finds in their polling? I would say not very many.


RUSH: Very quickly, grab audio sound bite number 23. One of the biggest idiots in the House of Representatives is a man named Eric Swalwell. And he is an idiot. He’s a dense idiot. But of course he’s a Democrat, so he is a brilliant young future Democrat star. But he’s an idiot! “Rush, do you have to use such coarse language and describe him?” I know, we can’t say “lynch” and we can’t say this and we can’t say that, but if somebody’s an idiot, they’re an idiot.

This is one of these guys that’s been running around claiming he’s got evidence that Trump colluded with Russia! That didn’t happen! There isn’t any evidence! Why is he not an idiot? “Rush, please call him a liar. It sounds a little bit less harsh than to say he’s an idiot.” Okay. He’s a liar. I’m gonna play you a sound bite from this guy. This guy is such an idiot, he doesn’t know what he’s done in this sound bite.

He admits — this the guy right along with Schiff that’s been claiming he’s got evidence Trump colluded with Russia. You know Adam Schiff has been maintaining this for going on two and a half years now and has yet to produce the evidence? How does this happen? I don’t blame you if you’re frustrated and wonder what can Trump do, what’s the defense for people routinely lying about you? How do you defend against it? You’re a public figure, you can’t sue ’em, what do you do? You have your team fight back joining you on it.

The battle here is for the hearts and minds of the American public, not a judge, not a jury, not a courtroom. This is what politics is! This is what pushing back looks like! It was always gonna be messy. You get in the arena, for crying out loud. You don’t win this stuff outside the arena. Anyway, that’s a sidetrack. I’ll get to that in a minute.

This happened on CNN today with the infobabe Brianna Keilar, Eric Swalwell, California, ran for president. He was one of the 23 original. He lasted one debate. He knew he wasn’t gonna win, never intended to win. He wanted to get some money in the form of campaign donations! He wanted to get a little national TV exposure. Whatever question he was asked, his answer was Trump colluded with Russia.

So here’s the question from Brianna Keilar to Eric Swalwell. “House leadership was hoping to have a vote on impeachment by Thanksgiving, but now we’re learning that timeline could slip. This could get closer to the end of the year, maybe even later. Who knows? How concerned are you about this timeline sliding?”

SWALWELL: Even suspects who confess to crimes in America are entitled to a fair hearing. So he’s gonna get a fair process. He actually could make this go faster if they would cooperate and send people rather than refuse to have them come in. But we’re gonna give him a fair hearing. We’ve heard from the president. And, Brianna, in many cases the most important facts, you know, come out at the end of an investigation. Here, this investigation starts with this call record where the president, in his own words, asks the Ukrainians to investigate his political opponent. So, you know, that may be, you know, the bombshell here.

RUSH: Wait just a minute. What happened to Trump-Russia collusion, Swalwell? I thought that was the slam dunk. I thought that was the gold nugget. I thought that’s what you guys had. Swalwell is admitting that this is all they’ve got, that this phone call is the bombshell. “You know, the phone call, the president in his own words asked Ukraine to investigate his political opponent. That may be, you know, the bombshell.”

How many bombshells have you people told us that there have been? Now it’s the phone call? The transcript of the phone call was released. There is no bombshell in the phone call. They’ve moved beyond the phone call, by the way, Swalwell, in case you haven’t noticed. They’re now trying to get people in the Trump administration to come up and testify so that Schiff can lie about what they are saying.

Fair process, Swalwell? Republicans are not permitted in your hearing? Republicans are not even permitted to read the transcript of what the witness are supposedly saying? And you call this a fair process? And you notice this little, “Well, even suspects who confess.” There are some Democrats running around trying to say that Trump has confessed to this when he released the transcript of the phone call.

I’m not gonna beat the dead horse. I just wanted to play this to show you that even one of the originators of the Trump-Russia collusion admits it was never anything, that the bombshell is a phone call that in 2016, 2017, 2018 they didn’t even know was gonna be made. They’re telling us that Trump should not have been elected, the results should have been overturned, that Trump should have been impeached for two and a half years before this phone call even happened. Now the phone call is all they’ve got.

So what have these two and a half years been about, Swalwell? “I wish Trump hadn’t used that word lynch. It’s so bad. It’s so, oh, my God. I wouldn’t use that word.” Once again, folks, you don’t have to defend Trump if you don’t want to, but why the hell do you not join the fight against the Democrats and what they’re attempting to do to this country? What more do you need to know than they are trying to overturn the results of an election? What more do you need to know?

“Well, Rush, you know, be very careful because if they succeed in this the Democrats better be very worried because it’s open season. The Republicans could do –” The Republicans are never gonna do anything like this! The Republicans are never gonna try to overturn the results of an election! The Republicans are gonna let whatever Democrat gets elected all the judges he wants. They’re gonna let him have all of his appointees.

The Republicans are not gonna violate the Constitution! The Republicans are not going to try to reject the will of the American people! That’s the difference between us and them. If the Democrats get away with this, the correct answer is not, “Well, it opens the door for the Republicans to be able to.” The correct answer is, elections don’t mean anything anymore. All it takes is one time. If the government is allowed, simply because they don’t like the result, to wipe it out, to simply pretend it didn’t happen and to punish the people that had the audacity to win, then what possible future election that they lose will stand? All you have to do is let ’em do it one time and sayonara, folks. That’s where we are.


RUSH: Back to the phones we go to Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. This is Maria. Great to have you with us, Maria. Thank you for your patience. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. This is a great honor for me to speak to you, Mr. Limbaugh. I’m a big fan.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: My question: Does Donald Trump have any legal recourse to defend himself? If everything is done behind closed doors and none of the president’s lawyers or Republican committee members have access to what’s going on, don’t you have the right to defend yourself in America —

RUSH: This is nothing more than politics right now that they’re calling impeachment. But there’s no official impeachment that’s taking place. This is one of the reasons why. If there were an actual voted on impeachment inquiry, then all that you say would be required by law. Every damn bit of it would have to take place in public, including little Pencil Neck’s hearings.

But this is just politics. This is nothing more than Adam Schiff and his Democrats renting a basement room in some fleabag hotel and having the power of the government behind them to demand that people in the Trump administration come talk to them. And then after they talk to ’em, Schiff and his buddies are making up what they’re saying. They’re not letting anybody in. They’re not letting any transcripts be seen. And then they call the media with lies and out-of-context sentences of what these witnesses are saying.

This is just pure politics. As such, Trump has to fight back with political means, not legal. He doesn’t have any legal recourse yet. First Amendment, free speech, political speech specifically, Schiff can say whatever. The American people decide here. This is where the arena of ideas matters, and this is where these battles are decided is at the ballot box. That’s the design. And this is not gonna change so long as they don’t have an official vote on impeachment.

CALLER: Might I say one more thing?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: If you’re listening, Mr. President, we love you. You’re a good, honest, decent man. You’re doing a great job. Keep fighting, keep your chin up, keep fighting those bullies. God has your back, and we do, too.

RUSH: Thank you very much. Beautiful, Maria, beautiful sentiments. The president will hear about it. Of that you can be sure.

CALLER: Thank you, Mr. Limbaugh.

RUSH: You bet. I hope you have a great rest of the week. That’s Maria in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. You know, it’s a good question because it does point out all of this is nothing more than a political smear job right now.


RUSH: Well, the bottom line is Trump’s gotta hang tough. You ask what he can do. He’s gotta hang tough. I think if he gets another week or two, these people are gonna have to sputter away.

Folks, they don’t have anything, I don’t care what you think watching the media, they don’t have anything. They never have had anything. No collusion. The phone call is nothing with the Ukrainian president. They don’t have anything. All of this is a bunch of smoke and mirrors. And do not think otherwise.

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