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RUSH: Hey, before we get back to the phones, I need to do something here so that I make sure I get it done and don’t let it lag. I want to show those of you watching on the Dittocam some photos. Now, we’ll have these photos sent to RushLimbaugh.com so you’ll be able to see them there if you’re not watching the program on the Dittocam.

First, let me see the picture of Greta Thunberg. We have the picture of Greta Thunberg on the cover of TIME magazine as the Person of the Year. And there it is. Is that not a wonderful picture? Greta Thunberg, TIME Magazine cover — wait a minute. How did Biden get — Joe Biden’s whispering into her ear? How did Joe Biden get in that picture? Joe Biden is whispering into the ear of the 16-year-old Person of the Year, Greta Thunberg. Okay. Better double-check that.

Up next, Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton’s had some work done, folks. This was last night or the night before, she went somewhere with her husband. The U.K. Daily Mail claiming that she looks newly radiant. That picture is scary. I looked at that picture, ho. What in the world is that? I said, “Is somebody Photoshopping this?”

So I thought we need a good side-by-side comparison. Could you put the next picture up? This is President Trump and Melania at the White House Christmas party. I think America made the right decision, ladies and gentlemen. That’s a much more natural and healthful looking first lady and couple. Can you put Hillary back up there real quickly just as a side by — ew. I mean, I know we’re not supposed to have these kinds of — look at that.

I wonder, did John Kerry open a Botox company or what is that? (interruption) Oh, you want to see Thunberg? Okay, one more time. Switch over to the TIME magazine Person of the Year. We’re showing this on the Dittocam for the millions who watch the program on the Dittocam. They’re members at RushLimbaugh.com. Joe Biden somehow got in there and is nuzzling her neck or ear, whispering something in there. That’s kind of, yuk, isn’t that? Ooh.

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