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RUSH: Are you kidding me? Jerry Nadler can’t read 658 pages. It would take him 10 meals. Six-hundred-and-fifty-eight pages! Is that what this thing was? Six-hundred-and-fifty-eight pages over this garbage?

There isn’t 658 pages’ worth of data because there were no impeachable offenses. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear Trump’s case denying Congress his financial records. You know what that does? That obliterates the second article of impeachment, which is abuse of Congress. If a court — in the case, the Supreme Court — has agreed to hear Trump’s claim that he should not have to produce financial documents of his business or whatever else to any of these House committees, then he’s not abusing Congress.

He’s going through the process. He’s asking a court to intercede. That whole second article has just been blown to smithereens with the Supreme Court accepting this, and it ought to be removed from the articles of impeachment. Instead, what do we get? The witnesses that Chuck Schumer wants! So what do you think ought to happen here? We got two options. Do we do a, “Wham. Bam. Thank you, ma’am,” trial — get in, get it, and get out — or do we do an elongated trial with bringing a bunch of Trump witnesses up there to testify and literally nuke the Democrat case?

What do you think ought to happen here? Well, it all comes down to how many Republicans in the Senate do you think secretly hate Trump and want to vote against him. Well, you have to ponder that. And now here’s Chuck Schumer — who said there shouldn’t be any witnesses during the Clinton impeachment — now demanding his list of four witnesses, Mulvaney, John Bolton, and two other guys. I can’t remember the other two names.

But now there will be negotiations over whether these witnesses should be called. Mitch McConnell last week said he wanted to have a “Wham. Bam. Thank you, ma’am.” Trump said, “No, I want an elongated one.” Six-hundred-and-fifty-eight pages! Do you remember…? Those of you who went to school, you would be assigned a term paper or some kind of paper, and it had to be, oh, I don’t know, 10 pages.  And you couldn’t write 10 pages to save your life.  So what did you do?

You put in a lot of reallies and commas and “I mean its.”  You stretched it out.  “Somebody made a really, really, really, really, really bad mistake.” You double spaced it. You put four spaces between the paragraphs. You had very, very wide margins — or narrow in this case.  That’s what’s happened here.  Throw some pictures in there in your term paper. Anything to get to 10 pages.  What the Democrats have done here is put together something that can be reported as, “Six-hundred-and-fifty-eight pages? Wow! Trump must have done something.”

The problem is — and I say “problem” — the Fox News poll is out, and it shows Trump’s approval is up three points while the percentage of Americans who want him impeached and thrown out of office has not changed, and that’s around 50 or 51%.  Axios is trying to warn the Democrats, “You’re losing ground on this.”  We’ve had a Democrat, Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, change parties after having a meeting with Trump on Friday.

We got John Kasich out saying, “Well, he’s just acting in his own self-interest.” (laughing) Really? Really, Kasich? “He’s acting in his own self-interest! He’s thinking about himself. He’s not thinking about party.” Carly Fiorina, who has a new book out, is all over CNN, “Trump must be impeached.  For me, it’s all about character.”  Don’t you love it when our people start talking about character as though the Democrats have any, the biggest bunch of sleazeballs?

Adam Schiff is one of these people who has yet to tell the truth about anything.  Devin Nunes is right: Adam Schiff needs to be in therapy.  Adam Schiff needs to be in rehab.  Adam Schiff needs to get some serious, serious help.  He is incapable of the truth.  He’s living the lie.  He’s not living the dream.  Everything Nunes wrote about the FISA warrant applications in the famous memo has been validated as true.

So now they’re running stories, “Where does the Devin Nunes — on a congressman’s salary — get all the money to launch these lawsuits?”  When is the last time the Drive-By Media ever asked, “Where did this Democrat pauper who shows up making a congressional salary end up leaving office in 10 years a multimillionaire?”  Where has that story been?  So I’m thinking, I could just pick a page in this 17-page summary. Pick a page, read a paragraph, and then go back to the other stuff.

Pick a page, read a paragraph, ’cause it is outrageous — and it’s not just the deep state.  It is the media. But, folks, they lied about everything.  There was nothing in this pursuit of Trump, not a single thing.  Everybody involved in this should be shamed, should be afraid to show their face in public, should be discredited.  In an old, long-ago-forgotten America, they would be.  But today, they just live to fight the lie another day.  There’s nothing to this Ukraine phone call.

There is nothing whatsoever to this, just like there was nothing to the Steele dossier. There was nothing to the Trump-Russia collusion story. There was no such thing as Trump or Carter Page being a Russian agent. There was nothing to it that Trump was a traitor, and there’s nothing in this impeachment saga. There’s literally nothing that Donald Trump has done that is an impeachable offense.  There’s nothing that is even criminal.

And one of the two articles has just been blown to smithereens with the Supreme Court taking Trump’s case in which he doesn’t want to have to turn over what you wouldn’t want to turn over:  Every financial document about your life. These lying, scheming Democrats are demanding it pull, and Trump doesn’t want to turn it over.  He’s not obstructing Congress.  He’s going through the established channels to try to win a legal fight.  That second article of impeachment now may as well be shredded.


RUSH:  Okay.  Hot off the presses, the latest poll on impeachment comes from USA Today, and USA Today says, “Those surveyed oppose — by 51% to 45% — a Senate vote to convict Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.”  There can’t be an obstruction of Congress article now.  But, anyway, 51-45 oppose a vote to convict.  It’s still outrageous that it’s even 45.  It’s purely partisan.

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