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RUSH: We’re gonna start in Kennard, Indiana, with Scott. Great to have you, sir. Glad you waited, and hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush! (silence)

RUSH: Hello.

CALLER: (unintelligible)

RUSH: Yeah, how are you doing out there, Scott?

CALLER: Just an Indiana country boy trying to get by, that’s all.

RUSH: Well, I wish you the best in that.

CALLER: Well, I’m gonna try to be brief. I’m gonna try and make my point. My point is, I’m 57 years old. I’ve never voted in my life. I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat. I’m not an independent. I’m just a guy trying to make 40/50 a year, and all these people with all this money? Nancy Pelosi has got to know in the back of her mind she is not gonna win this. They’re overwhelmed. They’re outvoted. Automatic. They’re gonna sit there and listen to her crap and then they’re gonna say:

“No, it’s over. He’s been exonerated. Nothing’s gonna happen.” But my point, my logical point is, it is possible for her to turn enough votes in doubt? Like I told your interviewer — he’s a very nice man — it’s like the guy that lives down the street and all your neighbors are talking about him saying, “Oh, I heard he did this and I heard he did this,” but you’ve never seen him do a damn thing. So that’s the doubt that she’s hoping that will put enough votes in her pocket later to get somebody in there on her side.

RUSH: You know, I… Hang on a minute here, Scott. I need to ask you a couple questions, and, if you don’t want to answer, you don’t have to.


RUSH: So please don’t misunderstand.


RUSH: You said that you’ve never voted.


RUSH: You are… How old did you say you are?

CALLER: I’m 57.

RUSH: Fifty-seven.


RUSH: You haven’t ever voted. You’re not Republican, Democrat, independent. Just trying to make 40 or $50,000 a year.

CALLER: Yeah. I’d like a new truck.

RUSH: Why is that relevant to the point you’re making? You’re trying to say, “I’m not even a political guy and I see that this thing is an absolute joke; it’s even got me ticked off and I’m not even a political guy”? Is that your point?

CALLER: I think so. Just an average guy’s observation. I’m not for either side. I do believe that a lot of the people that voted for Trump were not necessarily Republicans. They just knew that Nancy — I mean, Hillary — had no business being (crosstalk).

RUSH: I totally agree with that. No, no. I’m just — and then you mention Pelosi in this. So you think Pelosi is not even interested in people like you?

CALLER: I don’t think so. I don’t think a bit. Another wild idea is, what if she does get him kicked out and then goes after Pence? What’s her position?

RUSH: Well, that isn’t gonna happen Neither is —

CALLER: Okay. I think it’s crazy enough.

RUSH: Anyway. No, okay, look, I appreciate the call. I think… You know, the way people think and the way they speak has always fascinated me. Here’s a guy who listens to this program, so he’s obviously engaged, even though — and we’ll take him at his word. Anybody can call here and say anything. We’ll take him at his word for the purposes of the brilliant point I want to make here. He’s 57. He’s just trying to make 40 or 50, which implies he’s not yet making 40 or 50 — or may just be there and is trying to hold onto it.

In other words, he doesn’t want much. He’s not greedy, just trying to get by. He’s neither Republican, Democrat, not even independent. Yet all of this is souring him on things and he makes the observation that, “Hey, look, a lot of people that voted for Trump are probably like me, haven’t voted before or haven’t voted in a long time, not necessarily Republican.” I think that’s absolutely true, and then to throw Pelosi in here and to say, “She doesn’t even care about people like me”? (chuckles) That’s dead-on right. This is nothing about the American people.

You are so right about that, Scott. This is all about them. They’re taking all of this time over in the House of Representatives where they could be working on things that would help you make your 40 or 50, that can help you maybe have a health care situation that you could manage. Look, folks, some people look at government that way, and they exist. So I’m just gonna address it that way, okay? Your House of Representatives, the people and place that you think is looking out for you, they don’t even care about you.

All they care about is themselves and their own political agenda, which is get rid of Donald Trump, which means overturn the election of 2016. They’ve got no reason to get rid of the guy other than the fact that he beat them. So here’s a guy — taking him at his word — who doesn’t vote, is not all that involved. Some of you might say, “Well, then he’s not worth listening to! If you don’t vote, you’re not invested.” Not for this show’s purposes. His take on this is fascinating to me. I’m taking him at his word because it’s people like this…

I guarantee you, not only does Pelosi not care about this guy, neither does ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC. They don’t give a rat’s rear end about guys like this. It’s all about advancing their agenda, whatever time they can take spending on this, whatever money from the treasure they can appropriate to use for this purpose. He is exactly right. The American people are the last reason the Democrats are doing any of this, the American people at large.

Now, obviously the Democrats have to placate and satisfy the lunatics in their base and give them a circus. But they’re not nearly as big as they would like to lead you to believe. So I think this is all pretty fascinating. He has no desire to get rid of Trump. You heard him say, “Just like the guy in your neighborhood. Everybody’s talking about him, but you’ve never seen him do any of the stuff that people are accusing him of doing.”

People haven’t seen what Trump has done here. They haven’t proved any of this Russia stuff. Put this in perspective. For two years, people like Scott in Indiana heard that Trump stole the election working with the Russians, colluded with them, might have been a traitor, and that Robert Mueller was gonna finally reveal the truth. And when the moment of truth comes it’s a big, fad dud. So the starting point is they haven’t been able to prove Trump did anything and they don’t stop trying to get rid of the guy.

I think what this may indicate is yet another bit of evidence of how literally out of touch these people in Washington, the Democrats especially, are with the American people — and they have no sense of how they’re being seen. They have no sense how people in this country see them. And if you are going to perform, if you’re in any way a performer — and that’s what these clowns are doing, they’re putting on a show — you have to have a degree of empathy to understand how you’re being perceived, to know whether it’s working or not.

They have no clue that it isn’t working in terms of public opinion — and in fact, it isn’t. Here’s the latest on this. This is from Gallup. Gallup! Are you ready? It’s from yesterday. “Gallup Poll Shows the Republican Party Firmly Behind Trump as He Faces Impeachment — Ninety-three percent are opposed to a conviction and removal in the Senate, and 51% of Americans overall agree,” and I think it’s higher than that. I don’t know.

The approval polls and all that, when you take the individual groups in the polling data of their overwhelmingly support for Trump, it’s a mystery how he doesn’t even get to 50% in the presidential approval polls. Anyway, Gallup says that Trump’s approval rating is 44%,” a number that has held steady in recent months. Forty-six percent of Americans say they would like senators to vote to convict Trump and remove him from office.

“Fifty-one percent say no. Trump’s impeachment figures are sharply divided along partisan lines.” The bottom line is that the Democrats have not convinced the public that Trump should be tossed. The media hasn’t convinced them, and I’m sure it grates on ’em, but they’re not even… Folks, they’re not even aware how they’re being seen.


RUSH: Randy in Tulsa. It’s great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Mr. Limbaugh. Longtime listener since the mid-eighties, and this is the first time I’ve been able to call, and I just wanted to say I enjoy your show.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: So what I told your screener was I think that this effort by the Democrats to impeach the president is actually working greatly to his advantage in that, one, it’s showing their true colors. But, two, they’re so busy in concentrating all their time and effort into the impeachment, they’re almost ignoring the work that he’s doing and he is able to push forth his agenda, his policies, his trade agreements, his judge appointments, everything, and they’re not putting up much of a fight because they’re too busy trying to impeach him.

RUSH: Well, on the judges, yeah, on balance, you’re right. They did delay the signing of the NAFTA replacement for a while, but your overall all point is that they’re so focused on this that he pretty much — it’s not that he has free reign. He’s having trouble getting legislation passed. He would love to have reformed Obamacare by now.

CALLER: Oh, correct.

RUSH: And they’re standing obviously in the way of that because it’s part of their presidential campaign. But why else do you think, aside from that, do you think it’s helping him in other ways? Beyond the Democrats showing their true colors, the Democrats show their true colors every day. It amazes me that we still have anybody that votes for ’em.

CALLER: Well, in just my small part of the world, my wife and I have a very diverse family and a very diverse group of friends, a lot of strong liberals, a lot of liberal friends who are good friends. We can always agree to disagree. But just in my small world I know of two staunch, lifelong Democrats who have actually switched affiliation to the Republican Party and will be voting for President Trump this term.

I don’t know how widespread that is, but for these two to convert, I have to think the number of actual Democrats or liberals who are converting over because of this fiasco they’re doing, I think that number’s gotta be huge. And I think that President Trump is not only gonna win reelection, but that he will win in an almost a Reagan-Mondale landslide.

RUSH: A lot of people think that. You voted for him in 2016?

CALLER: I did. I voted against Hillary.

RUSH: Okay. I noticed the hesitation there. So you really were not a pro-Trumper, you just didn’t want her anywhere near anything.

CALLER: That’s absolutely correct, sir.

RUSH: But now you’re all-in?

CALLER: Oh, absolutely. I was an independent when I voted for President Trump, and I have changed my party affiliation as a registered Republican and I’ve always been a Republican.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: But when President Obama was elected, I changed it to independent, but, yeah, my wife and I both held our noses and voted for President Trump not knowing what to expect.

RUSH: Right. Well, what was it that you held your nose about? What about him were you queasy about?

CALLER: The same thing that the libs are complaining about now, his lack of presence, if you will. He’s so different than anything we were used to. Even myself — and I’m, you know, pushing 60 — just so different than anybody we were used to, just did not know what to expect from him. I didn’t want, you know, an Apprentice producer being the president. But we have both been just extremely impressed and very proud to say that we did vote for him —

RUSH: Yeah, see, I think there is a lot of this out there. And it’s untapped knowledge. The Drive-By Media, the Democrats — you know, folks, in one sense — and I think this is — I said this shortly after the election in 2016 and I think it’s still true. I think the Democrats still don’t know why Trump won. I think their arrogance is such that they tell themselves, we don’t need to know why he won, he’s not gonna win again, we don’t need to know.

And I think part of it is they don’t want to know why he won because then that would require them to find out why they were rejected. But they still haven’t figured it out. And it’s compounded by their obvious belief that they think all this impeachment stuff, they think everything they’re doing, they act like they are representing majority opinion in America. They are so out of touch, it’s baffling in a way, they’re professionals.

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