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RUSH: I wanted to, as part of the analysis that I was digging deep into in the previous hour in which I believe that the Democrats actually are signaling they want this to end or they are signaling they know it’s going to… You know, the Pelosi sound bite. (angrily) “You can’t have a trial without witnesses. You can’t have an acquittal without witnesses!” Where was this before the trial began? And then Schiff’s out there echoing it. But I’m telling you, they don’t want witnesses. They don’t want the whistleblower. They don’t want Schiff being connected to this.

They don’t want that being demonstrated or shown, and I just have thought from the beginning of the week that this was going to end by tomorrow or sometime this weekend so these Democrat candidates can get out there and try to put brakes on Crazy Bernie in Iowa. So let’s take a look at Plugs because this whole trial here, this entire impeachment is featuring a side effect that I don’t think the Democrats calculated. I think they’re really off their game.

I think they have been poisoned by this rage and hatred they have, and they’ve got tunnel vision. They’re all just 150% focused on damaging Trump, getting rid of Trump to the point they’re out of control on it, and they don’t see the ramifications of their actions. They live in a different world where the media tells them they’re wonderful and great and that they’re winning every day. The media tells them that they are triumphing every day. The media tells them they’re outsmarting everybody every day.

The media’s doing everything they can to create the illusion that these Democrats — Schiff and Nadler and all the rest of them — are running rings around everybody else when it’s the exact opposite. So, the slow strangulation of the Plugs Biden candidacy. When a political party’s most electable candidate is gaffe prone, when he is corrupt — and Biden is corrupt, and it goes way beyond just his kid and Burisma and Ukraine. When a political party’s most electable candidate is memory impaired, when a political party’s most electable candidate admits that he needs a younger and more healthy VP, which Plugs admitted this week…

Plugs admitted that he’s an old guy, needs a younger and more vibrant VP! And when the Democrats’ most electable candidate is somebody that the former boss, Obama, will not endorse, well, then things can get dicey. Joe Biden has the most grueling year of his life ahead of him. He does not have the strongest donor base. Joe Biden, by the same token, cannot finance his own campaign.

Nobody is afraid of Joe Biden on a debate stage. Now, nobody knows how things are gonna play out, but this is not exactly the killer resume that you would want for somebody to go into battle and defeat Donald Trump, especially when fellow Democrats running for president can hammer old Joe on his family that magically became wealthy when old Joe was vice president.

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