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RUSH: You want another shocking bit of news from last night’s turnout? In fact, let me find a graphic here. Trump turnout — and he wasn’t even contested — dwarfed the Democrat turnout in Iowa, and it happened again last night in New Hampshire. In fact, here’s a breakdown of some numbers. Trump’s record-breaking incumbent voter turnout. If you are an incumbent and you are unopposed, there’s no reason to show up other than to show your support. I mean, your candidate doesn’t really need you because he’s already got the nomination locked up.

Last night 118,774 people showed up to vote for Donald Trump, 118,774. And they found a bunch of them were Democrats, a bunch of them are stealth, they hadn’t identified them before. I mean, that number is close to what the turnout was for the Democrat candidates who were actually in a contest.

But here’s some even starker comparisons. Obama, who was running in 2012 unopposed, this is the New Hampshire primary, Obama 49,000 votes. Trump, 118,000. In 2004, George W. Bush, incumbent, unopposed, New Hampshire primary, 53,000 votes. Bill Clinton 1996, 76,000 votes. And Reagan 1984, 65,000 votes.

Trump is dwarfing every previous incumbent president so far in turnout and votes so far in the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary. It equals enthusiasm, and it equals, I think, a very energized level of support. And I think much of it — not all, obviously — but a significant percentage of it is driven by the never-ending, ceaseless hatred for Trump throughout the Drive-By Media.

I think the Drive-By Media is actually being counterproductive for their own interests. I think they are creating Trump support. They’re not hurting Trump. They are creating more and more Trump support among people who otherwise wouldn’t even be motivated to go out on a night where Trump’s election is not even in question.

But these are people that want to go back and show the mainstream media or whatever it is that’s angering them that it isn’t working. There’s so much enthusiasm for Trump out there, it’s gonna be hard to tabulate. But, on the other side, NBC News exit polls showed last night voters between the ages of 18 and 29 made up only 11% of the Democrat electorate, 18 to 29, Millennials, made up only 11% of the Democrat electorate, far below the 19% of 18- to 29-year-olds who voted in 2016.

Now, we keep being told that the Democrats have all this enthusiasm, they hate Trump, it’s just about beating Trump, we gotta find anybody that can beat Trump. Trump’s gotta go, Trump’s gotta go. The Democrat Party doesn’t care who, they’re so energized, they hate Trump, they hate the name calling, they hate the mudslinging, they hate the tweeting, they hate Trump, they hate him, they can’t wait to get rid of Trump. There is no such enthusiasm. At least it isn’t showing up in Iowa, and it didn’t show up in New Hampshire.

Bernie Sanders’ percentage of the vote that he got — I know he was only opposed by Crooked Hillary back in 2016, but it doesn’t matter. Bernie Sanders, his support has dropped off the map. He barely ekes out a win last night. He wins, it counts as a win, although Buttigieg is still leading in delegates. But the enthusiasm for Crazy Bernie is even waning. How do you explain that?

Like I said yesterday, the Democrats are offering solutions to problems that no longer exist. And, boy, is that ever true of Crazy Bernie.

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